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  1. Great hike today I had so much fun sharing some of my hiking world with all of you. Fun weather, locked gate and all. Thanks for coming over to my area.
  2. Just to be clear on the meeting spot - are we meeting at 47 29.236 - 120 24.654? YES
  3. Looking at the aerial, there appears to be some old jeep roads we'll be following that criss-crosses the service road. I don't think this is in any hiking book. We will follow a hiking/biking trail at first then join up on the old road that they gated off so we can't drive on anymore.
  4. No parking permits needed for this hike.
  5. Don't forget it is the begininng of cherry season. Our cherries aren't ripe yet but they are picking in Mattawa so cherries are available.
  6. Check out Super 8, La Quinta, Travel Lodge, and/or Best Western. I don't know much about the local places but my one of my brothers stayed at the Travel Lodge, the other Super 8. Leavenworth prices are going to be higher.
  7. I have two areas in mind for you all. The one I would like to recommend is "Wedge Mountain" This hike is only about a 3-1/2 mile round trip hike but it is quite steep and the path is sketchy in places. At the of Wedge Mt. you look down on a spectacular view into the Enchantments snow lakes area. But it just snowed up there a couple of nights ago and I don't know if it will be snow free in a week and a half. The elevation is about 6200 feet. The other area is not so steep but will be close to seven miles or more depending on how many caches you want to go for. This is in the Twin Peaks area of Wenatchee. First cache will be "Fairest View" GC294H5 and seven or more caches along the way. (depending on your energy) Take your pick.
  8. Count me out to far away and don't want to go over Stevens. We finally received some snow last night continuing on today. Think I will find a place close to home and give it a try. Have fun.
  9. Okay, I am watching the weather. If the pass isn't to messy I will try to be there. If it is not a good day for driving over I may just have to give it a go closer to home.
  10. Have never snowshoed but wanted to. Maybe this is my opportunity to go for it. Don't know if have endurance for that long though. Seriously thinking of giving it a try though if you will have patience with me.
  11. Oooops haven't posted in here in so long forgot how to delete my mistake
  12. Congratulations Prying Pandora It was a Blast! (in more ways than one)
  13. Patudles


    I find it is still through tears that I try to write this so I will go ahead and do so. I enjoyed all the times spent caching and visiting with Brian. He gave so much to each event, cache machine, WSGA Board, tours of caches in his home town. Brian was a special friend, always willing to help. I will never forget the look on a ladie's face as Brian, Lucy and I emerged from the bushes near her picnic table after stealthily finding a cache. I just wish I had given him a hug when I last saw him. He loved hugs and I will forever regret not taking the last opportunity I had to give him one. A hard lesson learned.
  14. Going to Alaska at the end of July.
  15. Have a great trip and don't do what I did. On the night of the midnight chocolate extravaganza, I forgot it was going on and when I left the poker table went back to my stateroom and went to bed. See if you can find my favorite totem pole (and you do have to take the bus tour in Ketchikan). I am looking forward to see all the totem poles. I think the bus tour in Ketchikan is what I will do there. And I must not go to bed early on the night of the chocolate extravaganza! Thanks for the warning. It is now less than a month to go.
  16. Thanks, Passage is booked and we are leaving Vancouver on July 31st.
  17. Wow, your infor is pure gold. Thank you. I was wondering about that tram ride. I am looking for inexpensive things but must see things to do. Everything is soooo expensive that I can't add to much more to my trip plus I am taking my 80 yr old mother with me who just had a complete knee replacement in May. We plan on taking the Cat trip up Tracy Arms, and one of the railtrips in Skagway so Juneau and Ketchikan we plan on not taking as expensive tours. So your help is very much appreciated. It is good to see there is something in each port close by. If you have any other words of wisdom for me on this trip please email it to me. This is my first Alaskan cruise. Also my first big cruise. Thanks again
  18. I am possibly taking a cruise through the inland passage in July or August. Ports of call will be Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Tracy Arms. Looking for help with a few easy to grab caches while visiting the areas. Don't know what my sightseeing agenda is yet in these ports. Any help would be appreciated. Also are there anyway of sightseeing in the ports without taking the expensive tours at all of them?
  19. CONGRATULATIONS MrGadget#2 on 3200 finds.
  20. Cool, I was wanting to go for a hike Saturday and this just fits the bill! Since Mt. Marsh was archieved I no longer have the oldest cache in the state. Must fix that. See ya at the TH.
  21. Way to go Koolz Also - Great article written by Navigatorz in the Wenatchee Outdoors. http://www.justgetout.net/wenatchee/ Maybe someone can insert a link. I don't know how.
  22. Congrats to both you and Navigatorz who reached 2600 last week on our HTOM.
  23. Still thinkin about this hike, I guess I am a maybe. For April I would like to suggest Blythes Bounty and Bythes Crater. Been wanting to get to those two caches. I don't know if a person could get Upper Goose Lake at the same time or not.
  24. CHINOOK, warm strong winds at my house. Temp outside tonight in the 60's.
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