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  1. score = RND(-1000000,1000000) or score = ChileHeadScore()
  2. I have the same problem with using FireFox 2.x on Mac OS X 10.5.2. What I did to solve it is when attempting to do the second download to the GPS and it tells me it can't find the plug-in I make sure the pop-up window is still the active window and hit the F5 key which causes that window to refresh and then it can find the plug in. Then just click the button to send the second waypoint to the GPS. Seems silly to have to do that though.
  3. (1) I don't cache while carrying my laptop. (2) I'm not connecting an unknown device to my laptop.
  4. I'd say the log notified the owner. But, if you wanted to follow up with a separate friendly e-mail, then that'd be okay too. At least there wasn't poop inside the cache like what happened with one of mine. Now that was an ammo box that I just outright replaced. Yuck.
  5. In rechargable AA NiMH batteries of the low-self-discharge type the most common and best received have been the Sanyo Eneloop and the Maha Imedion. Get yourself a quality charger by Maha or LaCrosse and you'll be all set. One site that has a lot to look at is http://thomasdistributing.com/. I don't have any association with this site other than having purchased a few things from them over the years.
  6. No, you don't have to. I cached from 2003 through 2007 without any maps on my old eTrex Venture. When I bought a new eTrex Vista HCx I also decided to get street maps and topo maps. I've used both here and there and they've been nice to have, but since I only find 40-50 caches a year and do some hiking and a little canoe paddling I don't make heavy use of my GPS. Definitely not "required".
  7. I'd like to be able to set my find count to a different random number every day. As may be obvious, I don't really pay any attention to the number.
  8. In my experience so far in working with parks departments, trails committees, etc in my part of New York State, the above statement is correct. Easements are usually fairly specific, and each and every one can potentially be different, which makes it difficult to apply a one-size-fits-all type of conclusion when evaluating them. Some trails development around here has used a fairly standardized easement agreement, but they're still not all exactly the same.
  9. No problem. Was just wondering 'bout the frequency. I'd have to agree that most cachers should probably find some before hiding their first cache just to get an idea of how the game is played. No guarantees though. Cheers!
  10. I have to ask, how is two incidents an epidemic?
  11. Sounds to me like someone local who doesn't like what geocachers are doing in that area (e.g. using the park or using the access road).
  12. There's the New York Geocaching Organization http://ny-geocaching.org/ which has attempted to be a state-wide group with local regional groups, but it is mostly made up of folks from the Buffalo area with some representation from Rochester, Syracuse, and the Southern Tier.
  13. Pretty much all of the portable devices I have run on AA format batteries, and I use low-self-discharge NiMH batteries for just about everything. Very handy!
  14. I heartily agree with what has been expressed here with regard to knowing how to handle wildlife encounters with the least amount of fuss and muss to both the animal and yourself. Walking away from such encounters without an altercation happening is always the best outcome. As was said elsewhere, your brain is a tool too -- be sure to use it! Warning shots or shooting to wound are almost never a good idea. Every bullet you fire you own -- along with anyone/anything it strikes. Using a firearm is the use of DEADLY Physical Force, and should only be used with the full understanding of what that means and with the full intention of using it. In most cases warning shots or shooting to wound are not valid uses of DEADLY Physical Force. Television, movies, books, etc have done great harm to the seriousness and responsibility that goes along with using a firearm. Such people should not be operating firearms. I am actually appalled at the lack of training required to own, carry, or operate a firearm -- especailly pistols. While many people do get some training there are also lots who do not, and there are way too many folks who get their pistol permits with no serious consideration given to the responsibilities and duties of carrying a pistol. There are so many good training courses available I do not understand why so many folks do not take them.
  15. ...and understand the seriousness and responsibility of it -- I completely agree. Recently took a firearm safety class (a good idea even as a refresher now and again). A woman in the class said she wanted to get her pistol permit so she could carry one in her purse for self protection, but that she'd never use it and would only carry it so she could tell someone she had a gun if she were accosted. Another fellow who was going to apply for his pistol permit for self protection said he'd only shoot someone to injure them. 100% clear cases of people who should not carry a firearm because they do not understand the seriousness and responsibility of doing so. It is called "DEADLY physical force" for a darn good reason.
  16. I don't think you can go wrong with either a Maha or Lacrosse charger. I have an eight-cell Maha charger that I like very much. For batteries I have switched to using low-self-discharge (LSD) NiMH batteries because I got sick of having my rechargables lose so much of their power when just sitting around. If you use up your rechargable batteries more frequently than I do then regular NiMH batteries would do you fine.
  17. Definitely meet with them in person and be pleasant. Discuss the park, how much you enjoy visiting, and the good things you've heard other people say about it -- basically, inject some socializing aspects into the conversation. You'll have to find out why "it's not allowed". Their original statement of the issue may not be all there is to it -- there may be an underlying issue driving the stated issue. One thing that often comes up is the dreaded liability issue. Geocaching isn't any different than folks coming to the park to have a picnic, hike, walk, jog, bike ride, play frisbee, etc.
  18. If the park folks already know about the geocaching hobby and there are concerns (it sounds like it from this follow-up post you made), then work with them to understand their concerns and find ways to dispell them or solve them. There are often times concerns over geocaching because of misunderstandings or lack of information. Don't be hostile or overly defensive. It's more of a diplomatic situation, so be a diplomat. Let them get all their burdens and concerns out on the table. By sympathetic. Offer explanations or solutions. Raging against them won't win you anything.
  19. Here is a brochure from the Geocaching University web site: http://geocacher-u.com/content/view/19/54/ Many municipalities allow geocaching in their parks and on their trails without the need for overly complex policies, procedures, or permits. I have worked with three of the towns around where I live and they all have a simple policy that states geocaches are allowed in their parks and on their trails. I took the time to make friends with them and explain geocaching to them. They even have my home phone number and can call me at any time if they experience any issue with regard to geocaching. It's going on four years now and I have never received a call for help. Geocaching is a fun, outdoor recreational activity on par with walking, hiking, running, biking, etc. In fact, you could look for a local hiking or orienteering club that may already have established good relations with the specific park -- it's called politics and can go a long way to establish your credibility (just don't be obnoxious about it). If the specific park in your case has areas off limits to the general public due to endangered species or due to inherent dangers in the area (e.g. steep gorge walls), then they may want to have a simple policy that requres all cache placements to be reviewed as to their location so as to avoid those areas. Personally, I don't see what value is added in issuing actual permits for the placing of caches.
  20. Also, the search never returns more than 21 names in the dropdown list. Try searching with the string "Team" and only 21 names are returned even though there are way more names that start with "Team".
  21. I do agree that for the vast majority of cases getting lost, being unprepared, and the other issues you listed are far more likely to happen than many other problems. Firearms do not cause trouble. Firearm operators acting in an irresponsible or illegal fashion often cause trouble. If I'm peacefully carrying around a hammer on my belt, then I'm not causing trouble. If I attack someone with it, then I am causing trouble and the hammer itself didn't actually cause anything.
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