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  1. Created mine a couple of days ago... CX12E6. There was a cache in the park which is how I found the place a few years ago. Since it has been archived and I don't live nearby, I thought it would be a great place for a photo challenge.
  2. I heard about this treatment a couple of years ago and it does seem to work. If I can't take a shower, I just wash the areas that have been exposed when caching. Most dish washing detergents have degreasers, so any brand should work and it's a cheap, easy solution.
  3. I have IE8 and have found the same thing happening.
  4. Seems to be a time delay. I quit working on it for awhile. Just went into it and could view the second page.
  5. I am creating a new bookmark. When I got over 20 listed and try to look at the second page, I receive a "500 - Internal server error". I can view the first page with no errors. If I look at a second, third, etc. page on an older previously made bookmark, I do not get the error and it lets me view the pages.
  6. This has already been reported in a previous topic. They are working on the problem!
  7. Will be happy when this one gets fixed... glad to see it's being worked on
  8. koikeeper

    PQ problem

    Thanks for the update!
  9. Just received my pocket query!
  10. Mine was a newly created pocket query not a scheduled one.
  11. Anyone else having problems with their pocket query not running? I have been waiting for over an hour! Usually it runs within a few minutes after submitting.
  12. Same here... can't figure out what it's sorting by!
  13. Ditto... mine aren't running
  14. Created a new pocket query this morning... did not receive yet... using AOL.
  15. Not running for me either... ran 2 pocket queries and nothing arrived through AOL. I am getting other emails. Had to manually download everything
  16. I just ran a new pocket query and it works now! THANK YOU
  17. How many caches are in your pocket query?
  18. My ID numbers were 2790949 & 2791259.
  19. Not sure what time The Lilypad opens for business, but remember that it's only 8:20am here...so if they didn't know about the problem, I'd guess no...not yet. Oops, forgot about the time difference... so what are The Lilypad's hours
  20. It seems to be a size issue. I created another pocket query for only 100 caches and I got both files. When I created another pocket query for 500 caches (which is what I originally did), I only received the one file. Is anyone looking into this?
  21. Hmmm... someone changed something I used to test software, so I know how that goes...
  22. Sorry, I didn't describe the problem correctly. I received a zip file but it only had one file in it. It normally has two files. I got the file for the caches (gpx) but I didn't receive the one for the additional waypoints (-wpts.gpx). It would be the file for parking coordinates and any additional coordinates. The last one I ran a couple of days ago was fine.
  23. Just ran a pocket query and did not receive the waypoint file with the zipped file. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  24. Thanks for all your suggestions... I'm looking forward to doing them
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