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  1. Why not consider the 400t over the 300? I am in the same boat .. looking to upgrade from my 76csx .. not sure if the 300 or 400t would be the best bang?
  2. We have been asked for the date of our 2009 CITO event for the local Parks & Recreation Dept. As we try to hold it on the "official" date, just checking if it has been announced yet. AuntieNae
  3. Why not start in Colorado .. then move out to other locations? I think it would be really awesome to learn more and meet up with others who enjoy EC's AuntieNae
  4. G.U.I.L.T. Grown Up Idiots Looking for Tupperware I saw that on a sweatshirt at an event once ..
  5. Does anyone know where you can buy the toy Jeeps that look like the Jeep Travel bugs?
  6. Sure could use a few more candles ..
  7. Looks great! I can tell you AuntieNae The Tapps Messa Gr8 Eyes are all correct!
  8. Sounds soo awesome. All I got was a "hey dear, I need to do a maintenance run on one of my caches" and the cache just happened to be in a formal garden so I sorta knew what was up. AuntieNae
  9. #118 arrived safe and sound in Wisconsin yesterday! Very nice! AuntieNae
  10. I thought this was a neat design .. count me in for 2 coins that I never received too.
  11. Yeah, got one .. time to go back to sleep!
  12. sweetlife, The Tapps & I are also members of this coin club. We have not seen the December edition yet but I am sure they will be awesome like last years Holiday version.
  13. As an owner of the first coin in this series, I wanted to say they are worth the cost. They are very special and handmade. I am still enjoying mine and look forward to this second! AuntieNae
  14. We have been very good. So good, we mailed out 2 envelopes with geocoins the past 2 days. No trades, sort of a "Pay it Forward" thing. One of our receipients has already posted in this very forum but has not received our package yet from the tracking number I have. Our other had been a regular here in the geocoin forum but recently posted he was sick. Special thanks to someone else here in the forums who was able to track down his address for us. We so hope our little gift provides some holiday cheer. And, we are helping a friend host her first geocaching event next week. AuntieNae & The Tapps P.S. I need to edit this to say both we mailed to have posted in this very forum.
  15. I think I am the geocacher that started the "stamping pen" thing. A local stamp vendor came into our office one day and I immediately knew how handy that could be! It is a standard pen that the side flips out a self inking stamp.
  16. AuntieNae Would you include my 11 year old niece, Messa? It is too late for her to be on the computer now.
  17. I just saw your post .. come on over to www.wi-geocaching.com .. say hello in the new members forum and you will find others from your area quickly! AuntieNae Waukesha WI
  18. Please do. I am a totally Garmin person but my fiance is a total Magellan person. He loves is Meridan Color and does have the Explorist XL. BUT, if a better unit came along ..
  19. Still no reply from the seller? Add me to the list of those burned.
  20. You can with virtual caches .. so I do not understand why the earthcaches are different.
  21. We too are being asked for the date for 2008. Any answers yet?
  22. You can add us to the list: AuntieNae .. Milwaukee WI 53221 The Tapps .. Waukesha WI 53188
  23. The Tapps & I are coming .. with personal coins .. and will trade. His are hot off the press, so hot off the press we have not activated one yet .. Staying at the Best Western AuntieNae
  24. Me too, me too Please count AuntieNae & The Tapps in. We each have personal coins and would be interested in a trade if that is an option. The Tapps coins are hot off the press and I got 'em. AuntieNae
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