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  1. Brilliant minds and all that jazz, I had 2 picked out locally to attend this weekend. dadgum, I haven't been to an event since GWS was in Bell Buckle, TN I really have been away from it ;(
  2. I've relocated to the Hillsboro NH area and will be moving to Milford in a couple months, looking for someone to go caching with. I've been kind of slacking with caching over the last couple years but, it's time to get out more again. I'm open to urban or rural, have a car that is great on gas, and a bit of experience. I've always found it more fun to cache with someone and my girlfriend works when I can usually get out so, let's talk and go get some caches. I don't care if you're young, old, male or female, just love to cache and have some free time.
  3. First off I'd like to offer our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Stuart Anderson. My heart sank reading about it yesterday. I do however have a question, not to minimize anything about this, I'd like to know if this is the first known death of a cacher while caching? Our thoughts are this, there is nothing you can do that doesn't involve some risk, and with the millions of caches that have been logged, I've not heard of a death involved. Yes, some cachers are harder than others both in difficulity and terrain but if this is the first death, we should all count our blessings. Please be as safe as you can while you're out there.
  4. Iceburger

    PQ problem

    got em, thanks a bunch.
  5. Iceburger

    PQ problem

    I set up 3 along a route queries about an hour and 1/2 ago.... do you think they will generate with in the next couple hours? we heading out from MA back to TN and want some for the trip thanks
  6. Broken toe (tie your sneakers when downhill hiking), and Chiggers (I'd rather the broken toe again as opposed to chiggers). Nancy my caching cohert and fiancee ended up with lyme.... other than that, no issues
  7. Do you know if this works for ape coins also? I'm trying to transfer one now and keep getting the message We could not find the listing from the code you provided. when I try to do this through the /adopt page. Any help?
  8. Depending on where I'm going... and what I choose to carry that day... but usually, it is a smith & wesson 642 snubnose .38 in my front pocket, or my smith & wesson .40 cal auto in a paddle holster or in the back pack (only in backpack when doing long long hikes). Again, be sure you know your local laws and also be sure you know if your caching trip is going to bring you over a state line! You can't be too careful.
  9. Sorry to hear about your situation and hope you're doing perfectly well now. I always cache with a friend or 2. 99% of the time one of those friends is a Smith & Wesson, 38 snubnose. I understand most people would be against this but, to me when caching either urban or rural there's too many wacko's out there. Again this is just my opinion and how I choose to do things. If you are going to arm yourself be sure you know your local laws, and also be aware of caching trips where you may end up "out of your state" as most permits are only honored in the state issued. Also, if you choose to go this route, be sure you take some time to learn about what you're doing. There are a lot of good courses available to assist. Good luck and hope you cache happily ever after !
  10. I currently have a bug, my backpack that I log in and out of every cache I visit. I use it to track my caching miles.
  11. I belive the Aztek is build on some of the same parts as the GM minivans (one being the Chevy Venture)... hmmmmm should I wait till we atleast get the windshield dirty first? I'd hate to break a prefectly clean peice of glass ..... No really Anyhow we still would have bought it with this issue being know, we do love the ugly thing. I'll start looking for an antenna today. Thanks.
  12. Hi -- We just purchased a new cachemoblie, not an SUV but a UV (ugly vechile) it is a pontiac Aztek. It is everything we wanted in a new car but it is ugly as sin. Now that we have that aside and I won't get slammed for it There is one major issue, my gps reception in the vechile is horrible. I literally have to hold it out the window to get anything. Any thoughts? Could this be caused by the dark tinted windows (though the windshield is normal)? Could it be caused by the onstar antenna that is built into the windshield? I have a mount on the dash of my s-10 pick-up and get extremely good reception all the time. But in this car there is NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING. I understand we can buy an external antenna for it but, was wondering if there was something else going on before I made that $40.oo investment. Thanks for any light (reception) you may be able to help us shed on this. Iceburger
  13. cheaperthandirt.com 6 packs of the smaller ammo cans 30 cal... for 19.97 plus shipping, 50 cal for 5.97 each plus shipping
  14. I've dropped about 15 lbs caching this summer. Though I still have another 45 or so to go before I'm happy, caching has been a big help. I'm out on the trials and driking water instead of in front of the tv, watching the ball game and pounding beers Nancy (the team in team iceburger) has also developed some wrinkles in the bum of her pants thanks to caching or from her walking with her butt tightened up (I have a tendancy of poking her in the butt with my trekking pole as she's ahead of me) hehehehehe
  15. Totally happy with my first hide.... It was my 2nd that I would have done different.... (lazy lazy lazy here...) I would have hid it somewhere that the terrain wasn't a 3.5 rating Other than that, I'm very happy with all my hides so far
  16. My reasoning for wanting to know who was watching was to see if the "watchers" were other local cachers. There is a few of us in my area that are trying hard to bring more people to our area to cache, so for me it is kind of a marketing survey, wanting to know if it is locals or more distant people watching
  17. Having a TB Retreat (fancy hotel hehe) in my backyard, I see nothing wrong with this, though some may disagree, I feel free to nab any of them that I can move along and do so. I also see no issue with picking up bugs at caches and putting them into my hotel. BUT, I will also move along any that have sat there too long. I agree that the key word here is Travel, so go for it.
  18. Actually doing one of the night caches during the tournament last weekend, I could not shake the feeling of someone / something lurking near by... hehehe and I chalked it up to it being 3:30 am and in the woods alone.... SPOOKY
  19. In that case, it sounds like a good idea to a new feature to me....
  20. Hi there, [begin disclaimer...] Forgive me if this has been asked and answered in the past but, I searched and couldn't find it..... [/end disclaimer] I was wondering if there is a way to see who has one of my caches on their watchlist? Thanks in advance..... Iceburger edited for typo
  21. Amen thrak, welcome aboard the good ship TB
  22. I've just gotten my first 2 usa coins in the mail today Other than being psyched about it, I have a question.... I have a TB hotel placed in my back yard, would it be acceptable to leave one of the coins in the hotel, and ask that it is left there? I would love to always have a coin there for visitors to log. What's your opinion? thanks
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