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  1. I would like to cast our vote for NYCacher. One reason (and this is just one, there are more) being that our caches are receiving immediate attention. Last night I submitted a new cache at 7:17PM, it was listed at 7:36PM, just 19 minutes later. Way to go NYCacher! Thanks for your work to help feed our obsession.
  2. We are also experiencing the same problems here in Rochester, NY area. I know of 6 of us not getting the notifications (probably more, just haven't asked others yet).
  3. On your way up to Seattle, be sure to check out "Room with a View" cache - GC74C3 (subscriber only) on the lower coastline of Washington state. Out of the over 1100 caches we have done (some across the country also - we live in NY) it is my #1 all time favorite place that caching has taken us. Amazing view of the Pacific, a Lighthouse very close by, and a great area to explore that it seems no one realizes is there.
  4. My votes: Best Personal: JoeFrog Best State: New York Best Other: Groundspeak Volunteer Best Trackable: Moun10Bike v3. Most Valuable: Moun10Bike v3 Best Shape: LFD geobone Best Charity: Pennsylvania Black Nickel
  5. Ok, let me get this straight... If I make a cheap unofficial Utah coin, you would make an unofficial Peppermill 6-Pack coin for me? That would be great because I can't afford to make my own personal coins right now and would LOVE to buy a couple from you! Can you make them trackable?
  6. I don't have a coin of my own... but I will trade you my 1st born, I can email ya a pic if you want
  7. Yo ho ho.... Got our coin #255 yesterday. What a great time we had playing this game! Thanks and happy holidays mateys!
  8. I have the number 001 Wheely coin, thinking about putting my kids thru college with it
  9. Got my coins, love both of them. Thanks for all your work!
  10. I love the opportunity to get one of your geobones... I recently sent one of my USA geocoins Peppermill 6-Pack's 2005 USA Geocoin to someone in Austria for him to place in a cache there and have it travel the world. And last night, I placed a new cache here near home with a 2nd one of my USA geocoins The Good 'Ol USA in it with the goal to travel the USA. Hope they both keep traveling!
  11. may still be able to get some on shop.geoswag.com go to the nielsenc 2005 geocoin tab
  12. Got mine today... awesome! Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the list... I'll be able to sleep better tonight now
  14. will you be posting names so we can verify our orders got in ok before the invoices come out?
  15. Don't they deserve to get their 2 each?
  16. Payment sent for my 1. They turned out great, thanks!
  17. OMG... love this coin. I'd like to be on the waiting list for 2 also (if there is one). Thanks.
  18. I would like to order 2 silver, 1 bronze if posible please. Thanks!
  19. Never mind... problem fixed.
  20. Captain C ... my sons and I met you and your family when we came to Pennsyvania from NY to help Herbie TB in the start of the Cannonball Run race last year in March. We crossed paths with you, and you picked up Herbie and helped him along to Ohio for us. (Never forget the nice, great cachers we meet along the way) We hope you get better real quick and get back out there caching soon.
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