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  1. You know you're a Geocoin addict when... You purchase a fire/water proof safe for your business papers but end up using it to store your geocoins.
  2. We just ordered 3 more. We did an Add to cart, then used the back arrow to Add to Cart again (after that one, our checkout basket showed 2. So we did a Back again and got another. These coins are really awesome! I know, I know, we are from Texas. But the satin silver (our favorite finish) has a slight gold tint that is unreal. Thank you! Thought I tried that but obviously didn't as this method did work. Sometimes the simple solutions are the ones that work. Ordered my 3.
  3. Unable to order more than 1 coin, using IE 7 or Firefox, the combo box is blank.
  4. Looks like the Geo_Bandit is getting around, CA and now PA. Grabbed the mail this afternoon and my wife asking if anything good came, I replied no, just bills and advertisements, how wrong I was! In the middle of the pile was a black mailer, the likes of which I've never seen. Thank you very much Geo_Bandit, nice mailer, cool looking stamp and a great looking coin.
  5. I think you are one of the two that I didn't get to trade for yet. I will have to check when I get hoome from work. I will also check for 1's and 6's! Received your email, reply sent with address, please send me your address.
  6. I opened the remaining 40+ coins I have and found all the low numbers but #006, I'm hoping it was traded with someone and not given away, as was giving away coins, pathtags, and geotags to all the kids I saw. I've sent emails out to a few locals I traded with looking for #006, let you know if I receive any replies.
  7. If anyone I didn't trade Keystone minis with at GCF is interested in trading, contact me. It maybe early next week before I get back to you, and mail them out as I'm leaving for a weekend camping trip on Friday.
  8. Only one actual bid, and the deadline is in 3 days, Tuesday, September 30th?
  9. Very nice, grabbed a few of these myself, really like the back of the coin.
  10. Ordered mine, been waiting for these, are these going to have an icon?
  11. Some remaining personal geocoins, GCF geotags, Keystone group project and lots of older geocoins to trade.
  12. Great looking coin, my bid was passed by rather quickly .
  13. Great story, love the coin design, bought a few.
  14. We have some special directions for you from the airport to the hotel, just make sure you have a full tank of gas in your rental car! We will line the driving route with geocoins using them as reflectors. Seriously, most of the driving directions from the airport to hotel will tell you 45 minutes, but in reality you are looking at 30 minutes, all highway driving. (taxi drivers say 30 minutes drive time)
  15. The GCF08 Committee is prepared to offer vendors storage space and delivery of items to the event location. Please contact Dresseldragons, TMOCM or Pghlooking to make arrangements
  16. Congrats Dave and the Redwings, great series.
  17. All I can say is NICE geocoin! Glad my geocoin friends were thinking of me when they ordered this one, might not have seen this thread and would have missed out.
  18. Happy Birthday Karma! Hope you had a great day.
  19. For some reason, I was expecting to see the Yime signal in the sky. ... Give him some time and you might see the Yime signal in the sky. Congratulations to those receiving coins today.
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