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I know there are a lot of geocachers who are L.E.O. Moving this to the general forum for a wider audience.


As far as me, my dad is a retired police Capt. and my brother is a newly retired police Sgt.


I took the test the same day as my brother and he came out 3rd and I came out 6th. He was hired and I watched him working weekends and nights. I had passed the physical and psych test (how'd I manage that?) and when they called me in, I saw what my brother was doing and said, "that's not for me". Hey, I was 21 years old and hitting all the clubs on weekend nights and having a blast. The idea of working on those wild weekends didn't appeal to me at all, so I turned the job down - twice.


Well now my brother is 45 years old and retired (full medical benefits for life and 80 percent salary) and I'm still plugging along in the work world, when I could have been a couple of months away from retirement. Ahhhh, the stupidy of youth.

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:huh: If my wife catches me messing around on this computer when I supposed to working on her laundry room, I will be involved in a battery investigation . . . .as the victim!! (You'd think when they get older they develop a sense of humor but they don't)


I served a total of 33 years on a department in Indiana with 18 sworn officers. I retired and became a director of a Teen Court for 1 1/2 years and I now am the Bio-Terrorism Coordinator for our county. Someday I'm going to retire again.

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;) My hats off and my complete respect to you DOC & Jail people. I used to just arrest them and get rid of them. You guys had to live with them!!! Anyone who thinks your not really a part of law enforcement needs to pay a visit to your work area!!


Keep up the good work.


That goes for Probation officers too. Our adult probation officer in this county have to make house calls on their charges. We have one of the largest meth problems in Indiana and these PO's are going to their home "unarmed". Keep in mind the bad guy knows that if their caught dirty, they are going back to jail. I was part of an effort to get at least the PO's who make house calls armed but it was turned down by the judges and others in the county because they were worried about the liability situation. As my grandaughter would say . . ."Whatever" . . . . :huh:

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Captain - Airport Police Officer/Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter plus all the bells and whistles that go along with the titles, 15+ years on the job. Officially used the GPS on the job for the first time last month documenting an accident.


PS - used to live in Coburn, Mt. Nitny ROCKS (careful when it snows, hard to stop)

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34 yrs civilian LE (fed and state). Also retired military (total 26.5 yrs) - 13.5 yrs of that as Army MP and USAF & ANG Security Forces (retired SF cmdr).

Will retire from civilian LE at the end of the year. Enough is enough. It's like what the cat said after making love to the skunk. "I didn't have as much as I wanted but I had more than I could stand."

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I been a volunteer FF/Emt for a rural fire dept for over 17 years and still love doing what i do. I have tried to become a paid member but due to my hearing problems that i can't but i still do the training and exercises that i need to keep current and still can help my community out. Since i am the other end of our coverage area i am the only medical help around for at least 10 minutes till the calvary comes. I have been geocaching for about 7 months and enjoy it so much that my wife thinks i'm crazy.

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Don't forget corrections cops! I served 4 years as a Military Police Corrections Specialist in the US Marine Corps + 7.5 with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

8 1/2 years working in the jail, supervising "bad guys." My father grandfather and great grandfather were cops. I stuck with the correctional side of law enforcement due to Socal's hostility towards law enforcement. :laughing:

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14 years as a CalArNG 95Bravo with 4 years AGR guarding our illustrious Governor at the time.

2 years part time duty as an asset canine handler for Homeland security.

I have a lot of respect for the officers who put themselves in harms way on a daily basis.

A young friend of mine who was a motor officer was shot when he stopped at a liquor store to get a 6pack after shift.

Unfortunately it was being robbed.

Didn't have a chance.

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