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  1. Is there any way to transfer a book mark listing from one user to another?
  2. I never thought of it that way. People dying = more caches... Awesome!! Count me in for that event. How about places where people have been murdered or suicide locations?? I know of few bridges. Better yet, there's a place here in Peru where a guy threw himself in front of the train, that would make a great hiding place. There isn't a line we won't cross in geocaching, forget about respect and all that crap, I gotta game to play here. Note to moderators - the above is an attempt at sarcasim in order to make a point. Geocaching at road side memorials shows no tact or respect and will give this game a bad name if allowed to continue.
  3. This log entry from of these caches says alot: I'm thinking about starting a new series in cow pasters, there are piles of great hiding places out there.
  4. TACKY!!!! I wonder if we should leave an informational card on geocaching in case Denise gets bored.
  5. I have a pretty strong opinion on hiding caches and playing a "game" at crosses that mark someone’s death along roads and highways. I think it's tacky at very least, I'll keep it at that. I have been wondering how the overall geocaching community feels about this. If ya'll think it's ok then I'll shut up. I wonder if the family of the deceased would approve??
  6. Because some learn from their mistakes. This game is in danger if we don't start using some common sense. How many caches need to be blown up by the bomb squad before we get the message? It really doesn't matter if the cache is in New York City or Wabash Indiana, people poking around and being "stealth" creates negative attention. We can hand the police all the geocaching brochures we want to but that is not going to stop them from getting called out by concerned citizens. Guess what happens after the cops get so many geocaching related calls?? They ban geocaching in that area. It happens all the time, just read the articles that are posted right here in these forums. I know that everybody plays this game differently and numbers are important to some. I'm ok with that as long as the "numbers game caches" don't put the sport in jeopardy. Now is the time to start promoting quality.
  7. It appears mother nature is about to unleash her furry on us this week. 16 inches of snow makes it quite intersesting for GEOCACHING in INDIANA. Better head out now and stock up on bread (beer) cuz the white stuff is coming..... Good luck Shy on the event this weekend.... I'll be there if my Ranger can make it...
  8. Your kidding right???? Groundspeak has lots of guidelines that aren't followed. If proof is required then lets start with proof of permission. I do respect you folks who take the company line however, maybe you can be a reviewer some day.
  9. Why does everyone keep saying "This is not the place"? I beg to differ. This thread is for Indiana Geocachers to chat about geocaching related topics. You would be a fool to think it will all be positive all the time. Sure the complaint should be addressed through the proper channels, maybe it has, but don't you wanna know about what's happening in your backyard? Several folks were asking why Gecko made a sudden departure and the question was simply being answered.
  10. I aggree completely This is going to keep on happening if people don't start using some commen sense. Must we have lame micro's every 500 feet? The NUMBER seekers will be the downfall of this game. We even have a "Stealth Required" attribute, seriously folks start ignoring these stupid park and grabs and start promting quality instead of quantity.
  11. Shouldn't it say "Deleted by moderator"??? A nice day to all Indiana Geocachers
  12. This is not the reason for GG's departure. See the logs for "Childs Play" if you can. Although I think all the evidence has been destroyed. This is a shame. Take care GG......
  13. To all confused Hoosiers out there who call themselves Bears Fans. Might I suggest you go GEOCACHING in INDIANA or possibly even ILLINOIS on Sunday and skip the big game. I would like you all to have a reason to celebrate and maybe finding a GEOCACHE or two will provide that to you.
  14. I guess 14 is your limit then??? I, for one, will start reviewing your posts daily for the all usefull information you provide...
  15. As a hider I wouldn't oppose to someone logging the find again, play the game as you want. I have never deleted a log. As a finder I have done several caches numerous times simply because I like the area or the hike involved however I never log anything I've previously found...maybe I should, I'm not real sure.
  16. Am I invited for dinner???? Shoot me some coords. I won't save any for my death bed, I promise. Amen
  17. I have a bad habit of simplifying things too much and for that I apologize but I would like to make one simple point. If a geocache is there, then I can be there.....right? Permission has already been granted, that is if we as the cache hiders are following the rules. If "the rules" say I can't be there at night then I simply don't go at night. Is there a rule is place that I am unaware of that says you have to complete a cache is a certain amount of time or can I take as much time as I want to fully enjoy the area? Or how about a rule that prohibits me from carrying certain gear with me? Or better yet, a rule that says I must keep moving at all times. Is resting enroot to a cache site against the rules?
  18. There are alot of Colt haters here in Indiana, I'm not real sure why. Are they confused? Who cares, I hope they keep talking trash because that is fueling the Colts this year. I almost feel sorry for the Bears, their going to rolled up and smoked in the bowl.....
  19. Are you sure you don't care about your numbers??? If the OP was simply asking if finding 100 caches in 1 day was possible then yes should have been the only response. Jumping on someone for expressing their opinion is BS. A valid question was asked: Why would anyone want to find 100 in 1 day? Sure it would be fun for you if NUMBERS were your goal but we all know that geocaches are put in "cool, scenic" locations. It you ran in and out to quickly you would miss out on all that. I think that is valid to this thread. Please spare me and don't post the little dude eating popcorn......
  20. This ones got a few puzzles in it but if you after the long hike and terrian it fills the bill. The Journal has been dubbed as the hardest (but doable)cache in the midwest. It's well worth the trip.
  21. I will bow down to you if you can get GG's blood pressure up. I would put money on him sloving the codes within hours of publishing. I'm pretty sure he has a team a NASA geeks and a basement full of computers working for him full time.
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