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  1. I've been geocaching since 2002 and my finds are insignificant to those of some of my geo friends, but I have enjoyed each and every geocache that I found and hid. I play the game the way I want to play the game. Things have changed a lot over the years... there's just so many micros now as compared to when I first started playing.
  2. No. You don't need a smart phone. Any camera phone will work (discussed previously in this thread). Or is that is not convenient, email the QR to GO@SPARQ.IT. They will return the e-mail with the decoded stuff (whatever is encoded in the QR). As an interested bystander in this converstation, I would welcome an official ruling on this.... would this 'officially' considered to be required to use special equipment?
  3. This downtime was announced and scheduled to update Red Hat on the server.
  4. As a Mason I can assure you that we are not a secret society... instead we are more a society of secrets. If we were a secret society why would we mark our Lodges and wear fraternal jewelery?
  5. No the site isn't acting-up. If you will email me at jeffj@notachance.com with what you want your password to be I can change it for you.
  6. Here is Alabama's first cache: Trussville Civitan - Alabama's First Cache Happy geocaching!
  7. I found these pictures on the Archaeological Society of South Carolina's web site: Here's the URL to the pictures: http://www.assc.net/default.aspx?pid=11#Ch...hly%20Fieldtrip How dare these archaeologists walk around in a cemetery while socializing and taking pictures What's the difference of them smiling and enjoying themselves while visiting a cemetery and geocachers enjoying themselves?
  8. What's wrong with being happy? I am so sick and tired of politcal correctness. Why does the majority always seem to have to pander to the minority? Leave the smiley as it is.
  9. I own two Earthcaches and the ad was only on one of mine... and now it's not on either
  10. I was one of the people that converted their locationless cache to a waymark and got the email telling me that I would receive 6 months of premium membership for free. However, yesterday I was billed my monthly $3 via PayPal. When does the 6 months for free actually happen? It's no big deal, I'm actually just curious, not griping or fussing.
  11. http://www.sanluisobispo.com/mld/sanluisob...al/12710107.htm
  12. I'm scared to ask how much this is going to cost me and Dana
  13. Most of the waymarks placed in my Airports category have been pretty vanilla with just the required pics and a one or two sentence description but here are two where the person placing the waymark used a picture and extremely detailed description of the airports: Jack Edwards, Gulf Shores Alabama Foley Municipal Airport
  14. Shhh.... don't let 'em know about the 'treasure room'
  15. As a Mason... I wonder how you could pretend to be one of us... do we look different than others?
  16. Deputy Sheriff for 'bout 15 years.
  17. I have an eTrex Legend and a Sportrak map for sale. The eTrex works perfectly and is in great cosmetic shape. It also has a carrying case. The Sportrak map performs flawlessly and has always been kept in a case but does have a few dings around the edges. Both units would come with mapping software. Anyone interested before I eBay 'em? If anyone would like to buy 'em as a package and pay via PayPal I'll pay the shipping cost (continental US).
  18. Well... one new hard drive later... about 50 repaired tables on 4 MySQL databases and we're back up and working... thanks to everyone for their patience. I'm now gonna close this thread. See ya on alacache.com
  19. Alacache.com is currently dead It appears that I have a hard drive that is slowly dying and because of this may have affected the database. I host many sites on the server and only a couple have been affected. I hope to have new hardware installed this evening and hopefully we'll be back online then.... I apologize for the downtime
  20. It's quite possible they were used by a survey crew or for marking a new, proposed trail..... or maybe aliens are marking landing sites deep in the forest
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