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  1. Thanks much appreciated, I was thinking it would be better to keep them unregistered since they're going to stay in the display and not travel.
  2. We've recently ordered and have starting our collection of geocoins, travel bugs and other trackables. These will not be released into the wild, for they will never be seen again. My question is, since they are going to be placed in a coin display on the wall and on a desk, should we go ahead and register them or leave them unregistered? I know registering them will show or prove ownership, but they're not actively traveling.
  3. Awesome. Thank you. I didn't think I could but making sure. I have a gmail account. I'll set it up that way. You've been more help than support.
  4. I would like to know if this is possible and if it is, how? I contacted support and they said it could be done, but I can't find anywhere in the account setting that will let this happen. They were rather short, and very unhelpful. I would like to have the cache log notifications of my caches sent to my address and another address. Any of the cache notifications as in a Find log, DNF log, and any thing else. Can this be done? Not talking about the Instant Notification Service, I've got that setup already. Just need the multiple email notifications from our owned caches sent to more than one email. Thanks in Advance, Tim - AO
  5. Or they could just get one of these as I have. For short People
  6. I can say that this short person (5'6" ) does and will put the cache back as close to the same exact way that I found it, not matter how high and/or how much cover it has on it. If I got it from that place, its going back in that place. Don't worry, not harm taken. Also sorry about that bad day at work, I know how that can be. Speaking if short people, found someone shorter that I. He was 4'3" and wow what an attitude when I pulled him over for running a stop sign.
  7. I'm not against the MO caches, but as with airmapper it is sometimes kind of annoying because I can't view/find them. (No big deal I'll get over it) Although I do think that they have their place, not only as just a little extra perk for the PM's that are here, but to keep the activity around them low, a special FTF prize and other such things as that. Ultimately it’s the decision of the cache owner to make it members only no matter the reasoning behind it. As for Arrestableoffense, I have no problem with them, and I do plan on becoming a PM in the future. So that solves the problem.
  8. My Avatar is my cache buddy. Murphy is a Yellow Lab that keeps growning at almost 80lbs as of right now, and only 10 months old. Edit: wording
  9. Ah, thanks Prime. Didn't know that. Going to sign up as a premium member so I can do that. Thanks again. Arrestable
  10. I think the changes are a good thing. Just finished reading them.
  11. I haven't been caching very long at all, but for finds that I do have, I am proud of. I like the micros for nothing but the thrill of the hunt. To me a cache is a cache no matter the type or size.
  12. I like the idea, and...... Also like to see the watch list to be organized with the distance in miles from your home coordinates. Like the Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates.
  13. You might also try these pages. It took me a few times reading them before they really made sense. WAAS Description Map Datums Garmins, What is WAAS Hope this helps Arrestable
  14. Welcome to the addiction. I’m still a new geocacher also, and still learning all the time. I’ve had questions about my GPS and geocaching, I’m also sure that I will have more to come. Everyone here is great, and was very informative when answering my questions. It is true that geocaching and the forums are very addictive. I’ve not logged very many finds, but I plan to. Although I am reading the forum posts on a daily basis. hope you have lots of fun, and happy caching. Arrestable
  15. Read the posts in this thread. The instructions are here.
  16. Thanks El Diablo, I just ran on to this thread. I think I'm going to try it. Arrestable
  17. Looked at your site and really nice work El Diablo.
  18. Wow, didn't know that. Thanks for bringing that up Rev. and thanks for telling me DWM. Glad I asked.
  19. he mentioned how above - Sorry, I missed that one. Guess my glasses were dirty. Na, I just wan't paying any attention. Thanks CC for letting me know. Arrestable
  20. Ok, I have to ask. What will the DEET do to the plastic grips?
  21. After keeping up with this discussion, I have noticed one thing. In one of my professions (Emergency Medicine) there are different levels. First Responder, Basic, Intermediate, Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic are the levels in the state of Oklahoma. Trust me its not off the subject, just stay with me on this one. Once a person reaches a level above any of the first level they (they, meaning some of them) tend to think that they know more, are better at what they do than the other medic, and/or are just plain disrespectful because they are higher licensure. Once a person is of a higher licensure they still must start with the basic skills and treatments as if they were a First Responder or Basic, etc. All treatment, on all patients starts with ABC’s no matter the level of license, and some don’t do it. They start with all the glorified treatments, cardiac monitor, IV’s, Drug therapy, etc. Even an Advanced Paramedic still has to start with Basic skills then work their way up. Well they should, lets put it that way. What I’m getting at is everyone had to start some where, and no matter how long you have been doing it, or what level you are, you still have to start with the basic principals of if first. This is the same for Geocaching. There are guidelines that should be meet, and followed no matter how advanced the person is. If you find that a person is not following or they are omitting some of the guidelines, please try helping them out first, this may make a better cacher. Seriously, not saying anyone here is this way, but this is the way it seems by reading the posts. I know that I can’t see the sarcasm or the grins behind the text that is being typed in the posts. Just to say that reading them, that’s the way it’s coming across. Just remember that we all had to start at the geocache bottom. The more we cached, the more we learned, and the more cachers that we meet the more ideas we get. I’m by far the one to ask for any advice on Geocaching because I’m still a new kid around here. Honestly, I’m not pointing any fingers or laying blame on anyone. This is just my perception of the topic. Now lets put the coffee on and sit around and talk about it instead of bickering at each other or about each other. After all we are all in this together to have fun. Now, that was my one serious episode for this week, back to my regular self. Oh yeah, I’m sure there are some spelling and grammatical errors in this somewhere. Please just correct them as you read. Arrestable
  22. I would loved to have been there for that one. Edit: wording
  23. I love it; I have been telling all my family about it, well the ones that I've explained what geocaching is. I'm also like CompuCash, I want to know how you done it. Very creative. Arrestable
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