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  1. Okay, I'll bite ... Specifically what problems or "unsubstantiated claims" do you think would call for FTC or other regulatory agency's action? Yep, but I won't bite. Read my whole comment and the referenced thread instead of taking it out of context. I'm not here to battle with words. I referenced problems that have been acknowledged repeatedly on DeLorme's own forums. The one thing I regret is not mentioning the problem with the DeLorme plug-in and corrupt cache pages ... you can read about that here. That thread is about the current BETA and is 44 pages long. Could you point to/quote what you are talking about? Don't forget that it is still in BETA.
  2. Yes! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry3889639
  3. Replied to ya over <---- http://forum.delorme.com/viewtopic.php?p=111729#111729
  4. For those that have a PN-20, check out the Public Beta
  5. Select Menu while you are on the Geocache Waypoint Page
  6. Unusual?………..no, not really……..historically predictable for Delorme. THEY have decided that you don’t need a bigger screen. THEY have decided that their units will only work with THEIR software. (in spite of what the customer needs) THEY have decided that if you want to work with more file types, you must buy more software. THEY have decided that you don’t need longer battery life. (even with small screen) THEY have decided that you don’t need an external antenna. THEY have decided that you really don’t need WAAS…except sometimes. THEY have decided that whatever tracking accuracy you get is “good enough” THEY have decided that you only need a GPS that works sporatically ? Never fear, the Delorme cheering squad will surely try to convince you that “the check’s in the mail”……and remember now, you are supposed to believe it. Even on the Delorme forums, the people that “just love their’s”, and have had no problems, regularly add an “except for……..” qualification. Kinda like reading the fine print on medications. It’s amazing what some people are willing to “settle for”. Yes, I HAD one. (PN-40) No, I don’t HAVE one. RETURNED- Cute little colored TV, but definitely Not a serious tool. WOW man, this is about the customer service, not what you dislike. Brian, did you get it yet?
  7. Lots of good info on there. More and more is getting added.
  8. WOW Dude! Quoted from Jeff in PA "Why do people think they should give advice to a specific unit when they don't even own one?" - Jeff in PA
  9. Yes as long as it is a draw file. I can make a Draw file, "cut" the map (the file is a .pm0) and share that .pm0. All you have to do is exchange the file with the PN-20/40 and the data will appear.
  10. One of the best posts ever in the history of Al Gor... er I mean the Internet
  11. Just to be clear, if you are a premium member you get all the info when downloading via the Send to GPS. If you are not you get everything except the cache description and hint.
  12. I use a combination of Topo USA and aerial maps to find the cache, usually don't use the Compass Page much. The reason for that is that the maps are so good, I don't need the arrow anymore. Using the Send to GPS should get you the tupperware icon and not the chest, seems strange. As Max stated, the only way to get the chest is by using Topo.
  13. The 20 is a great unit for hiking, caching, outdoor stuff. Used it for mapping mountain biking trails, hiking trails, snowmobile trails and the 20 was fantastic at it. Should be perfect for your hikes. It can be used as a road unit but it is slow at closer zoom levels. I used mine to go to the beach and zoomed out a few levels and had no issues at all.
  14. Don't worry about it. A lot of these folks are doing more complex stuff that is not required to just simply go out and find caches. After you get used to the basic functions of your unit and you've learned to make it point you to a cache, then you can start exploring how to add more nuances that make it work better with your caching style. This is true of ANY unit no matter who makes it. I'm still figuring out all the nifty tricks my Oregon can do after a month of use, but it hasn't stopped me from finding over 150 caches in the meantime. Go out, have fun, don't worry. There's enough people here who know the units well enough to walk you thru any problems you might have. BlueDamsel Well put and beat me to it
  15. You didn't start a fight When you get your 40, don't hesitate to ask any questions.
  16. I applaud your tireless efforts to make those available to the users. Acquiring trail data is fun
  17. Just a quicky on the PN-40's paperless caching abilities. Screen shots of a cache. Past logs and all. (Don't pay attention to the backround color on this shot - it was the converter I used). Screen shot of my current cache listing. It is true that, at the moment, you have to load these one at a time using the Send to GPS to get true paperless. You can use TopoUSA to load up to 1000 caches right now and the Cache Register will change all that. As far as the maps go, DeLorme has the best around. Screen size has been beaten to death here and the general consensus has been that the screen size has not been an issue at all for most folks. The maps make up for it IMHO. Garmin does have an edge up on DeLorme for Geocaching but DeLorme is catching up and doing it quickly. I do like the idea of having different profiles to switch back and forth, would be a great feature on the 40.
  18. I never had an issue with the rings at all, even with the short ones. The screws on my 40 are longer. Using a lanyard, the 40 hangs at your belly and when you want to look at it just grab it and it is oriented already for your viewing pleasure
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