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  1. Drop the Gpx file from the PQ into Google Earth. This is a wide view. You can zoom in and take 2 screen shots of this whole thing to get more detail.
  2. A bunch of Central PA Cachers getting together for a fun day.
  3. Just wondering what others did with their Allegheny Geo Trail coins? Did you keep them or put them in circulation? The reason I'm asking is I am getting involved in another Geo Trail in this area and I wondered if giving out trackable coins was worth it? If most people kept them maybe the extra expense of trackable coins is not worth it. I kept mine and would not part with them unless quite a bit of money was mentioned. I have heard of a few AGT coins being found in Caches, but not many. What did you do with your coins? Did you ever find one in another Cache? My Coins
  4. First I use plastic Beer bottle caps. They are black to begin with and easier to hide. I cut the bottle about a quarter inch below the other cap. THEN I put a good line of Gorilla Glue on the plastic and screw the second bottle cap on. That moves the glue in good and tight all the way around the lid. Gorilla Glue expands so it generally fills all the voids. If excess comes out inside the caps it is easily scraped out. My QC was to put it under water for a day. It did not leak. I have one attached to a stick, under a rock that has been out for over a year. It has not leaked. I found this hide ( see pic ) in Maryland and really liked it. It is a bottle cap container with a GOOD magnet epoxied to the one end and a reflector to the to the other. Great for high muggle areas. These fit on sign posts really well and nobody but a Cacher would see it or know what it is. I have one on a sign post that has been out for 6 months. Everybody loves the hide.
  5. If you load the Topo maps on your Nuvi how do you see or access them? Are they there with the roads or do you switch map sets.
  6. Only 24 visits since 2001. This Virtual is one of PA's treasures. It's very physical to get to, no matter which direction you approach from, but an awesome place. Boundary Dispute
  7. I have found a couple of multis by just going to the final location and signing the log. I got enough information by knowing the Cacher, and the area, to figure out where the final was. It took me some searching though. The fine art of tracking down a Cache is not for everyone. Everyone thought it was neat how I found it. I have also found a puzzle Cache and never solved the puzzle. That one took me several miles of walking but I did it. Other Cachers have tried my method but have not had the success I have. Many call me the Tracker.
  8. You only have one jar of money I'll have to leave some more around the area
  9. I just leave a jar full of money. People seem to always like money. Even if it's useless I leave a note on the jar saying there is $100 in it.
  10. I have found a number of them and have become friends with several of the people that placed them. Front yard Caches can take quite a while to do though. I have spent over an hour at a couple talking to the owner.
  11. But if you put in 47150 IN the caches come up. Strange indeed.
  12. I'll be darned, that does work. I typed in 16866 PA and came up with the right Caches. I think it is a space/time continuum thing too.
  13. We have been doing a search for caches near Philipsburg PA 16866 Tonight. This is in the middle of PA. The results keep coming up with Caches for Sweeden. How strange is this.
  14. Okay, is that really necessary? Can't we let threads live their natural lives without the OP hitting them with the paddles every few weeks? I totally agree with you. Let it die.
  15. I hesitated on posting the link to that site because I was called a jerk for some tricky hides on one of my Caches. (" I'd think what a jerk and move on" ) is what was said about my hides. I'd hate to see what kind of jerks "That Poster" would think of people that do these kind of Caches.
  16. I just sent them that website by PM a little while ago. We have a few of us that do these kind of Caches. They all look like fun.
  17. This one is out past Clarion on I-80. We just did it last Sunday. It's the hardest one in the area I know of. You will need to know how to use climbing gear. There is a great tunnel ( Trestle Falls Cache) not far from there that is a really great Cache. The tunnel is a sight to see. Be sure to check the picture gallery to see what you are in for on Double Dog Dare You!! I double dog dare you
  18. If I could trouble either of you how many Caches will the 260 hold. How well do they show up on the screen? Thanks for your time.
  19. It will be in the Cache description that this Cache is not for everyone and it will be rated that way. Maintenance is not an issue since I go to these places all the time. They are all protected from the weather anyhow. All the stages are Eco friendly too. No limbs will be broken nor will any ground cover be trampled. We have a number of us that like to do these kind of Caches. If you choose not to do them fine but don't knock us that do. That's why there is a rating system. Our group has used climbing equipment, been in numerous tunnels and caves, crossed rivers and plain spent all day looking for a really well hidden container. Many caches we have done are much more extreme than this one. This is almost a walk in the park except for the unique hides.
  20. Then you wouldn't do this Cache and that is fine. MY Right Brained friend will love it. He loves a challenge. BTW after one of HIS last Caches I had surgery on my knee. You don't hear me complaining. This Cache I have set up is a walk in the park compared what I had to go through on his last Cache. Not everybody had to do every Cache. You can walk away. Just like Micros. Do them or let them go. Of course the choice is entirely up to you.
  21. I have a friend that is Right Brained and has made some great hides. SO--- to honor him for his 1000th Cache I am making some unique hides for him. The log pictured was originally going to be just a match container, hidden inside, but after his last hide I decided to CLAMP IT in the log with a piece of metal and OH YEA 2 inch screws. Did I Mention that the screws are SQUARE DRIVE and the hide is on a stump in the middle of a lake The item below it is 2 pieces of aluminum bolted together with the coordinates between them. OH YEA did I mention that the bolts are Torx. Most people don't carry Torx bits in their Cache Bag. You really don't want to see what Stage 3 is I didn't set it up but it is just as great. We love you guys and we all CARE!!!
  22. Not necessarily. It depends entirely on the detail of the sat maps in the area of the caches. This is true. I have tried this in remote areas of PA and the Sat maps are not very good. But in more densely populated areas the detail is pretty good.
  23. FYI: The smaller file is the child waypoints file (parking coordinates, etc). Ahhhh I learned something else. Thanks.
  24. After reading all the posts I finally go it. FIRST!!! I am using a Mac. GE might work a little different in a PC, but I don't think so. I found the original post about how to do this and I got it to work again. This is what I did. 1. Get a PQ 2. Open the zip file. ( I could not get it to work just dropping the zip file in GE) 3. Get the larger of the 2 gpx files in the folder. ( One is a small file and it will just drop arrows with the GC# The larger file will drop the green circles with the Cache name. Zoom to whatever level you want. Then I take a screen shot of the area I want to Cache in and put it on my iPhone.) That way I always have a map of the area with me. 4. Drop the larger file on GE and poof - it comes up with a better map than the mapsource map. You can see the circles and flags on this screen shot. I have it written down this time. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of this file in GE.
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