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  1. the coin looks awesome can't wait to get a couple ordered
  2. I vote for a coin in the shape of INDIANA
  3. I would rather cache in the snow, i hate the heat and weeds
  4. I'm a fat bald guy who is a 9-1-1 dispatch supervisor. is that the answer you were wanting?
  5. Since i'm a 9-1-1 supervisor i plan on making a cache called someoen call 911
  6. i think it is supposed to be an ammo can
  7. web design is not hard to do. lets get it done
  8. what ever it is i think it should be as cheap as last years i bought ten of them would do the same this year if i could affourd it. I don;t think there was a problem getting ride of them all last year at making 750 and offering them at a good price.
  9. I would be willing to take it over. Do you use frontpage? Also I like the idea of having it just a site to events in indiana.
  10. since being from parke county turkey run daes have great cache's shades has a couple and Raccoon lake also has several. Including 4 that were just placed the last couple of days. at raccoon i think there are 8 total.
  11. you better take lots of $$$$$$ branson is very pricy, and boring. We didn't have kids though. you might like it since you do have kids. make sure you ride the duck. it is really fun
  12. luckily in parke county we are covered. I'm in charge of the Dispatch Area of the sheriff's Deparmtent and have 2 other dispatchers that cache also.
  13. thanks i posted befor ei searched my bad but thanks
  14. I saw the Tombstone Justice Geocoin today on ebay and was wondering if anyone could help me find one. Tombstone is my favorite movie and my son is named after Wyatt Earp
  15. and you would be welcomed with open arms. But only if you allow me to be on the ISQ crew Actually, all you have to do is plant some caches for the Indiana Spirit Quest, meeting some simple guidelines that SixDogTeam hass laid out, and you're all set. Furthermore, I would be that you P.C.S.Q. caches could easily merge into the ISQ's. Hence, Rupert2 is to be duly welcomed. Given that it's not too big of a distance, I would bet that a few of us in CINCO would love to come to some events. Perhaps even more so, the two groups might wish to consider a joint event (such as a CITO or gathering). Just a few thoughts. that would be awesome. A joint event woud be great. I would love to have my proposed group and and another group do somthing liek a CITO. I have been wanting to get one together anyway.
  16. and you would be welcomed with open arms. But only if you allow me to be on the ISQ crew
  17. i understood what you were saying in your original post. I think the group that i'm thinking towards is like CINCO. Events woudl be held in the Terre Haute area(including Illinois couties and operate from that area. anyone is able to join and participate. We would sponsor CITO events and others stuff also. So anyone interested let me know. Rob
  18. and you would be welcome. Everyone would is welcome to join, I'm just trying to get some ideas. And i appreciate everones help. Rob
  19. Maybe i was just too vague. Everyones imput was helpful though. I understand that the wabash extends for some long way but for the most part i was talking about the Terre Haute area, it has always been called the Wabash Valley. The local news channels have weather coverage maps that show several counties in Indiana and also Illinois. it usually include, parke, putnam, fountain, vermillion, clay, vigo, green,sullivan, knox and monroe in indiana, and in Illinois it covers edgar, coles,cumberland,clay, and several others i can't think of right now. Of course it would not be limited to those counties and anyone could attend but that could be the base area. I think it would be mostly a social group but you never know. I'll shut up now i guess i'm rambling (this was my hundreth post
  20. This is a call for all cachers in a the Wabash Valley of Indiana and Illinios. After the Huge Sucess of the http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1c-6d97847abc81 I'm considering starting an organization that would cover this area of the indiana & Illinois. What type of planning and organization does it take to start one of these organization.. I know it takes an organizational meeting. What else does it take. Thanks Rob
  21. Thanks for the link! I've added this to my profile page although it needs some more work since I need to look up some caches. Does anybody know if Pokagon State Park is in Steuben County? Also, where is Turkey Run? Kinda odd, but I'll have more states than Indiana counties! Especially after my March vacation. turkey run is in Parke that is where i am
  22. i have always had big dogs no i want something smaller. at the time I have a German Shepard and a Sheltie, black lab and a rottie, we jsu thad to out a rottie and a Great Dane down. I'm used to big dogs. My family used to raise the Great Dane. we had a Male that was 44" at the shoulders and weight about 250# his neck was about 24" round. he was massive
  23. I figured patrick would show his face in the thread
  24. I'm lloking for a new puppy for the family and also for caching. Does anyone cache with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, If not what type of dog do you cahe with Thanks Team Bubbymac
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