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  1. This procedure for placing the unit in mass storage mode did not work for me either. But the following did, which I found on GPS Review Forums, and I was able to delete the .img file that caused my 450 to freeze. 1. Attach the Oregon to your computer via USB cable 2. The Oregon will power on and start to boot, immediately power the unit off while still connected 3. Power on the Oregon and continue to hold down the power button for 30 seconds 4. The Oregon should enter USB mass storage mode 5. From your computer remove or rename any gpx, map files (.img or .kmz) files that were recently added 6. Unplug the Oregon and power on to see if this remedies the problem During step 3) you should only see the Garmin banner for 30 seconds followed immediately by the graphic that shows a computer connected to a GPS. If you see any other text such as your custom banner, banners for loading maps, waypoints, etc then you have not held down the power button long enough.
  2. Definitely not a reg container, unless that is one big pill bottle. This can be either a sm or micro. If the pill bottle is also going to be used to hold swag, then its a small in my book. Or, if the pill bottle is empty, its also a small. If you will fill the pill bottle with fill matter (pebbles, marbles, etc...) where you have to dig out the nano, then i would list it as a micro.
  3. Yes, about viewing nearby caches - i think it will show caches within 50 miles. If u look by waypoint name, u will see them. When u get to UK u may have to go through the 'acquire new location' procedure. I used to travel internationally (Belize, Switzerland, Ethiopia etc) and never had a problem with my Vista HCx. You may be able to download free maps too.
  4. What phone do u have? Solution may be as simple as checking your navigation settings to see that the phone's internal gps is enabled.
  5. Garmin has entire US coverage with their Garmin 100K Topo maps.. The entire US takes up 3.05GB on the latest version and can fit on one microSD card. Getting the more detailed Garmin 24K maps can be expensive and you'll need more storage cards. This is where it may pay off locating free maps online - and/or putting them on your Xmas/birthday wish lists. Then there is aerial view imagery available by Garmin and Delorme...
  6. I've been using the 2595 for two weeks now. I previously used and still have a Nuvi 755. I'm trying to like the 2595 but it is quite a PIA compared to the 755. I guess you just have to give it time to learn the layout. You can't get around the green icons because those are the default icons for the unit. Garmin would have to change them out in a firmware upgrade. Like all the other Nuvi's. You can load custom POIs into the 2595. The problem I've encountered is that the POIs seem to have a character limit, preventing a wordy cache description to load up completely. I don't have that problem with the 755 - it seems to handle any size cache description. That would suck haveing to delete waypoints one at a time? The 755 and 2595 both have a delete-all option. I wonder if you can delete the gpx file from your computer when you connect your GPS in mass-storage mode?
  7. Using Walts Hunting's suggestion, I would create the boundary using the Path feature in Google Earth, then complete the path by tracing all the trails and points of interest within the boundary. The Path can be converted into a Garmin track as seldom_sn suggests. I use http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/gpsbabel/ for my conversion needs.
  8. Does the full description and set # of logs download? I've used that macro and two others. All lack the full description unless it has a short sentence or two. I either have overlooked a setting or the 2595 has a low characters' limit. Could it be related to the macros not showing the 2595 as an option? This is not a cache-friendly Nuvi. But, I can't complain much as it was free. I prefer my 755.
  9. The biggest advantage I see right now to GLONASS is that should GPS go down, those with GLONASS will be able to continue caching while you other hapless GPS-only users look on in envy. :anitongue: (Mine is turned off for the same reasons davetherocketguy experienced.)
  10. Amazon.com $6.47, 100 count, 4 mil, 2x3 ($4.15, 500 count, 2 mil, 2x3) free shipping, no tax. They have 2x2, but have only seen it in 2 mil thickness. You might find them elsewhere in 4 mil.
  11. Does Dominus Youp cover multiple methods? I only know of one way - connect the GPS to a computer and delete the geocache file in the GPS' GPX folder. And/or download a new geocache file which will erase the old one.
  12. Don't forget the HCx supports customized POIs. With GSAKs 60csxPOI macro, you can install caches in the ten thousands as POIs. About 15K will take up only about 3-5mb of memory. 60csxpoi
  13. I believe the Venture HC supports customized POIs. You will need GSAK and the 60CSXPOI macro, plus the latest firmware update. You can load some 15k Waypoints using 3-4mb of memory.
  14. Last time I checked, the most caches a non-premium members can download is 20 non-premium cache waypoints. They could only go to your PC as a .loc file. Mine is setup to open with MapSource. If you don't have that, you can download freeware, such as EasyGPS. From a cache web page, click on the Find-all-nearby cache links.
  15. These are in my backpack for every hike: water; flashlight; tick removal tool; leather gloves; batteries; log sheets; pens/pencils; first aid kit; and pocketknife (with tweezers). Other things I may add based on type of hike (i.e. night caching, inclement weather, rough terrain, etc...): everything else already mentioned plus headlamp; camera; binoculars; bug spray; NOAA radio; and pepper spray. On hikes I also carry, but not in my backpack, a hiking pole and a multi tool (with pliers). On occasion I will also carry a firearm.
  16. The open area west of Santee Lakes is on fire, literally...
  17. Put it on your birthday gift list, on your Xmas gift list, and whatever list your family honors. Sell it to your parents what you can get out of geocaching - exercise, exploring, etc... Start a GPS fund, and display it prominently at home - this may encourage your parents/guardians to drop an extra five or ten dollar bill. Go to events and rub elbows with the veterans - many have GPS' they don't use and if you charm them, they may 'loan' you one.
  18. I'll offer two options that haven't been mentioned. 1. Visit under cover of darkness, whether am or pm; 2. Visit with another person - you won't feel as obvious when two or more cachers are together. Even though you may actually bring more attention to yourself, there is more confidence and boldness with numbers. Same thing when you have your kids or a dog on a leash.
  19. Dang, wtf, I spoke to him about 5-6 months ago. He complained about his his aching knees but sounded in good spirits, otherwise, as he usually did. I used to be able to count on him for FTF night hikes. Our night hike to Mother Miguel Mtn, starting from the Steele Bridge is one memory of him I haven't forgotten; nor our drive down the "Burma Rd" in the Lagunas; nor our night hikes during the MTRP war. I gave the impression, then, that I was a neutral party, but in reality, I was one of his silent allies. Rest in peace Carl.
  20. The Sandy Creek Cowboy caches are lots of fun, but if you do not want to take the 40-minute drive east, I offer the trails in Mission Trails Regional Park. You can download tracks from everytrail.com . Some parking lots are closed after hours but the trails are open 24/7.
  21. Hiking up to Iron Mtn Friday am, Dec 31st. Hitting the trail at 8a; meet in the parking lot. Might be a bit muddy, but should be a clear day. I'm taking Mrs Chuy! and Mocha!. All are welcomed to join us.
  22. Howdy. Welcome. Time to find a cache!
  23. Unless you have a GPS that supports customized POIs, (Etrex' with external data cards), you are limited to 30 characters in the comment field. To get more info, you will have to input the comments manually into each waypoint. You can fit more info using abbreviations and leaving out "the" and such... The title holds 14 characters. You can take out "GC" and add cache size and difficulty/terrain levels there.
  24. Of those four GPS's, including your Vista, only the Vista has an "internal" compass, as you call it. Garmin refers to it as an electronic compass. From Garmin's current line, the most affordable begin with the Vista H, Summit HC, Vista HCx, Dakota 20, etc...
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