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  1. The location the cache was attached to...ie the pay phone, the lightpole and the entire wooded area for one.
  2. I have 3 caches that I archived due to the hosts being removed and because I was out of the game for a while due to health issues. So now I am caching again and I would like to place caches at these locations again. So ...1 cache the host has been replaced so I'm thinking unarchive...the other two would be placed a short distance away from the originals. Of these two 1 is a completely different container and new style of hide. I have emailed my local reviewer but gotten no response. What say the masses??
  3. Intestinal Fortitude! AKA "Gut Check" I like that! Hoo AHH! ha ha
  4. AHHH...that's one of the best things about being a LEO! National concealed carry! I would have smiled and continued on while keeping an eye on him. If he had kept coming closer like that, I would have asked him his intentions and let him know that any ill will would not be a good idea. I guess there are perks.
  5. Well as a LEO, I can tell you that not only will the response vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but from agency to agency and even officer to officer. Some will be interested just on a curiosity level and some will be interested on a "o.k., good to know in case we run up on this." Some agencies are really good about passing information "down to the troops" while others only so if it affects daily operations. Bottom line I think that if your approached(others read harrassed ) by the local LEO's while searching/hiding then simply inform that officer of what is going on. He/she will pass it on to the others the next time the "respond to a suspicious person with tupperware" call comes in and then it will get passed along. I know other officers who cache and alot of them who don't know about just from me passing it along in general conversation. So suffice to say, if your having a problem in a particular area or a particular cache, it may warrant a visit to the local PD to pass it on, if not cache on and deal with it on a case by case basis. Just my humble 2cents...
  6. Most of my encounters near home go like this: "Hey man, what's going on?" "Hey (insert officer's name here), nothing much doing some caching." "Some what?!" Explain geocaching using colorful cop verbage "Oh ok cool...hey did you hear about..(insert last night's exciting call) "No way! Serious?!!" "OK dude have fun see ya.." "OK man Be safe..." Away from home: "Excuse me sir what are you doing?" "Oh hi, Nothing...I then give the secret LEO sign (which is alot like the Jedi mind trick only cooler) "These aren't the droids your looking for...I'm free to go about my business..."
  7. I have just gotten 2 new geocoins, my first. I am nervous about "releasing" them and losing them so I have decided for the time being to just have other cachers discover them. I have seen many caches that have "coin drop" on the logs but there is no coin in the cache. Is this just a way to "log miles" on the coin or what?
  8. I had gotten a yellow etrex as a Christmas present because I did alot of hiking. Well being a "map and compass" type of guy I didn't even use it the first year. Then when I finally started playing around with it, I wanted to check the website for updates and came across a little side advertisement about geocaching. I started to read about it and was a little intrigued about it all. While reading a "pop up" ad that said "find geocaches near you." I put in my zip code and was surprised to find that there was a cache directly across the street from my office! It was a Sunday morning and about an hour later my daughter said "What are we going to do today?" Well we went caching and managed to find 2 or 3 that day and I was hooked!
  9. The magnets that come with the cache have always been sufficient for attachment for me.
  10. I am admittedly geocoin and TB illiterate, just never really got into it that much. Now, I have seen some really cool coins and got me thinking. I have several military and law enforcement "challenge" coins. Is it possible/permissible to engrave a tracking number on them and activate them?? I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. I have commented on this post many times. The answer again is yes. But as a LEO I am allowed to carry everywhere and I use that right religeously. I carry while caching, hiking, kayaking and going to the movies. The world is a dangerous place and you can be one of three types of people. You can be a wolf, a sheep dog or you can be one of the sheep. I encourage everyone who can legally do so to carry at all times to avoid being a sheep. My fellow sheep dogs and I aren't usually there at the moment when the wolf comes howling.
  12. XGrunt

    Feature Request

    I think that a "recent searches" feature would be a big help. I am constantly checking caches in an area, having to log off and then come back and start from scratch. Having a tab that would take you back to where you were last searching for caches or even logging caches would be pretty cool. Anyone else?
  13. I made my own from a bamboo pole almost 20 years ago and use it on almost every hike I go on. I cut it to length, sanded it smooth and then coated it with a waterproof veneer. It's lightweight, very sturdy and the only disadvantage is that it isn't collapsible. I have alot of friends who just use a broom handle and seem pleased with that as well.
  14. They are not the same each time. And atleast one showed up 3 times, then missing the next 2, then showed again. That is the only one that has done that but it seems I get atleast 4-8 found caches each time the query runs.
  15. I have a PQ for my local area that runs once a week so that I can have an updated list. For some reason I continue to get a handful of caches that I have already found. The irritating part is that the PQ has 3 "series" caches and the numbers get confusing when I have to go back through them all and delete my finds each time. The PQ specifically requests caches "that I haven't found." Sometimes it is the same caches, sometimes it's different. Is this a PQ issue or a GSAK issue? Any helpful advice?? Thanks.
  16. XGrunt


    Just to add my two cents as a LEO. The easiest and safest approach for contact w/ law enforcement is to simply tell the truth about what you are doing. I know it's fun to try and give different stories to muggles but we get lied to for a living and if we detect the most innocent of lies it immediatly makes us suspicious about anything you say. (sorry it's the job) There are alot of cachers who are in the LE field and alot more who have knowledge of it but you don't want to give the wrong impression to those whose first contact with it is a "suspicious" person who lies to them. As to the GPSr looking like a weapon, unfortunately that is very true. An already nervous officer who comes up on someone at night with an unknown object in thier hand is likely to be confronted w/ a drawn weapon. So the best advice is to be aware of this and be very understanding and cooperative w/ whatever instructions the officer gives. Most officers will be very quick to realize that the threat is minimal and you will be alowed to continue your search momentarily. (or change your shorts ) Happy caching!
  17. Yeah, it's kinda funny. Everytime I see a phone booth, I think "geocache" not phone booth ha ha.
  18. I came across this article today and immediately thought of all the caches located at pay phones. I'm wondering how many caches will have to be archived before they get carted away with the phones? http://www.switched.com/2007/12/04/atandt-...phones-by-2009/
  19. US Army Infantry 88-93 then NC Army National Guard 93-96. Loved every (well almost) every minute of it and definitely miss my days as a grunt. (hence my cache name, XGrunt)
  20. Reed78, I just had the same questions myself. I just purchased a PDA off ebay for $30. I then downloaded cachemate for $8. Everything loads right onto the PDA with a few mouse clicks. I can't believe I waited this long to go paperless. XGrunt
  21. Man I Can't believe I've been cutting and pasting all that time!!! Thanks for the info guys. XGrunt
  22. Does any one know if it is possible to download cache locations directly into Streets and Trips? Converting the coords and cutting and pasting everything is getting OLD! ha ha I know that GSAK as an export to SnT but I'm apparently not savy enough to figure it out. Thanks
  23. Thanks for everyone's help! I ve been looking at various models on ebay and have passed on my wish list to Santa.
  24. Hello all, I have a some PDA questions. I am looking to get a Palm PDA more or less strictly for caching. My first question is; what is everyone's preference? Ive looked at the Palm TX (very expensive) and the Z22. Any other models that will suffice? Question 2. I've looked at alot of versions, but not a single one says anything about being able to run on windows vista. Anyone know whether that is a problem or not? Thanks for any help! XGrunt
  25. Always. But then again, being in law enforcement, I also carry one while: hiking, camping, kayaking, shopping, travelling..insert activity here. I have had to "go on duty" while caching several times. You never know when something will happen so be prepared at all times.
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