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  1. I wish I had the time, resources and inclination to start my own cache-listing site. I can't wait till someone else does and gets it right.
  2. You might wanna go support our local podcasters in the general forums. Getting a hard time there.
  3. Same thing happened to us this last weekend on one of our geocaching campouts, except we were more like 2 hours from home and had 3 out of the 5 we printed with no coords. We were having to start and restart our computer due to printer difficulties and that didn't help, but often I don't log into our account just to print out caches..... Didn't need to in the past and had no way of knowing until now the necessity. It certainly did put a big damper on our trip and get tempers going considering we are premium members and the caches looked like lots of fun...
  4. Hi, we will be camping near Ojai, Reyes Creek, any suggestions for 1.5+ caches, and has anyone ever camped there?
  5. Hi Everyone, We are heading up to camp at Reyes Creek Campground near Sheideck Camp past Ojai, anyone ever been to either?
  6. To those Legacy INSers.... welcom to CBP (legacy Customs here), actually here in San Diego the FO is from INS, so we all feel like INS is running the show...
  7. T.S. Good luck with this, I think it is a great idea. I thought of doing something like this and in fact responded to another of the threads about it. Basically I got the run around and some childish lip from TPTB (the main guy). I am beginning to think that it is more about TPTB being so afraid someone other than them might make a buck off geocaching and this site that it is blinding judgement on what would be fun for a cacher. How your idea would 'look like NASCAR' is beyond me. Again, good luck and thanks for trying to keep the game fun.....
  8. It seems your post was doing exactly that. We disagree. Oh well.
  9. look, there will be no "investigation" for personal use quantities, don't leave it for kids or animals to find! Fingerprints? You must be joking. Destroy it and let the PTB know. Or if you can't bring yourself to do that, leave it but try your best to secure it in someway, and then tell the cops, that way they can be taken off the streets not responding to calls for the time it takes them to get there, find it, process the dope for testing and destruction and write a report... all a huge waste of time and resources for something that will get destroyed.
  10. OP, while likely dood IS a sockpuppet, what she/he said holds true. Such is life.
  11. Good idea or bad......??? But as for you lovely people jumping on the OP for bringing up something that has already been disussed, do you wish the forums to no longer exist? Most topics have already been discussed, you are likely the same people who piss and moan when someone opens up an old topic. I guess that works out tho, you can bitch either way.
  12. I like these, just wanted to add my 2 cents, the first surfer figure guy a few posts ago looks like he is holding in a big potty.
  13. U.S. Customs and Border Security
  14. I'm all for appreciating, but honor? Sounds like more a** kissing to me. It seems like the usuals and mods are either stroking each other or randomly enforcing guidelines and rules when it suits them. Having said that, in all sincerity, thanks to those behind the scenes who help operate such a well-run site, hopefully they are well compensated. And thanks to all those people out there not affiliated who help to keep Geocaching so fun.
  15. So if a group of people is standing around talking and there is an open invitation for those interested to join in and someone walks up and says 'shut up, stop whining, it's been talked about before' vice just not joining the conversation, is that considered rude?
  16. I am answering my own question........ anyone who is headed out to Palm Springs soon and looking for a hike... Murray Canyon is a nice 4mrt that follows a creek and ends and a waterfall and pools. There is nice shade and a breeze. No dogs allowed $8 per adult. A great way to get some outdoor exercise in even tho it is crazy hot out.
  17. I agree that it could be great in the right area, I think it's funny. Some people clearly don't, but I sure do read alot in these forums, 'if you don't like it, then don't hunt it'. A pile of rocks with a stick cross is pretty cartoonish, really someone is going to dipose of a body in this fashion? please
  18. The story about the meth on boots sound like an urban legend, got any more info on that? As for the drugs, if you chose not to move the baggies to not hinder an investigation of some sort... well there wouldn't have been much of one. Not wanting to touch them without gloves is reasonable, but maybe placing something on top to obscure them from view would have been a good idea, animals and children may have picked them up... not good. Unitil it is tested there is no way of knowing what was in them, it would just end up being destroyed.
  19. Well the condo does have a pool and we will likely end up in it all weekend, I'm was not involved in the trip planning I was hoping to get some exercise that's why I was hoping for a creek or something to hike/walk/drag to. Thanks for the help so far
  20. Hi, We are heading to Palm Springs and would love to hike to some swimming holes, along creeks, anywhere we can swim or wade. We want to find some caches too, so we are hoping to get some help. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  21. Hi San Diegans! I'm trying to find a swimming hole or at least a wading creek near Palm Springs pref with a cache nearby, any suggestions? Also any must do caches water or not? I'm not sure you can swim at the indian canyons any info?
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