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  1. Used this stuff for many applications (never satisfied) don't get your hopes up
  2. No but it will give you special powers when paired with your partners ring
  3. He rode 23 miles to find a cache that was 1 mile away? Aside from all the posts - get him an autorouting GPS that was a bit of an adventure. Just some sarcastic humor to lighten things up
  4. Could be that it has to do with the type of person, how BIG their problem is how many times have they been here and their familiarity with the site. People tend to be like sheep and some need to be led around with a gentle hand. Some will find their own way and you will never hear from them again, some will get confused and stop dead in their tracks, and then the ones that took off and need chased down are the ones that create the most ruckus. Set the forums main page so folks can only see the FAQ before they get into the beef/sub topics. I am a excel fan and I love to freeze the top panes so no matter how far down you go the information you always need is at the top of the page. Freeze the FAQ at the top of every page then throw them at the top of the page when you want to post a new thread.
  5. where is that bobble head icon - point of view already mentioned. No need to clutter with trivial fluff. Change the description
  6. signal the frog - frogs are smooth and slick muggle the TOAD - toads, well they are toads wow, was it that hard - really........
  7. PA Game Commission does not require any permits, however you will more than likely be required to post a requirement regarding blaze orange. I've got several in the local game lands. I am an avid hunter so I can enjoy both hobbies while nosing through the woods. Always helpful to post a link to the hunting seasons as well - not everyone will read them but it helps. ohhhhhhh, don't forget the MAPS - they show the trails and other information that google or other programs don't have. Makes planning a multi or complex cache easier - or to keep things secret - straight line is not always the best
  8. phbttt - I never sold any of my plans/pictures I've got a couple of dogs, I could add a bison tube and some shellac to their "treasures" and I'm sure someone would buy it
  9. yep published 10/05, fun while it lasted but far too many problems
  10. Not a pilot but I'm working on my 20th year in the aviation industry. I can take you for a real flight mmmmm I love the smell of diesel fuel in the morning
  11. Have you checked out the garage sale section - good deals there
  12. Lightning Strike (copied from the cache listing)The cache is located near the largest single stem black cherry in Cook Forest State Park, and was the largest in the PA State Park system. When alive, this forest grown single stem black cherry had a circumference of 13.1ft a crown spread of 61.5ft and a height of 121.7ft for a total of 294 big tree points. This tree could very well have been over 250 years old.
  13. bogleman

    Ambler, PA

    Scripture Rocks - must do, just off I-80 and will make for a good break. Cant help on the final destination. on 17 bookmarks and 18 watchers
  14. I'm going to play the Fledermaus card and trump all of ya - It's a PMOC and the owner does whatever he wants with the listing. Me, personally could care less - too much drama and not enough skill
  15. Piece of cake, just a little trouble getting it there Loaded it up with about 40 pounds of goodies. I have several large caches, this is the biggest.
  16. I started out by taking all the kids along. I burned the kids out on park & grabs and the fascination quickly wore off and boredom set in, well not to mention that one bad experience involving a swamp & thorns (for the girls). I still take my son (oldest) out with me but the girls are getting older and could care less, the cache had better be in a really cool location or have a special draw - makes the adventure a bit easier. Kids now 13, 11 and 9
  17. Thats a risk I'd be willing to take - I get hurt, that's my problem
  18. Don't forget what may be prohibited for checked bags (fuel for stoves/fuel storage containers)
  19. easy one off of I-80 (found it) Scripture Rocks PA's Oldest - one of my very first finds, just off of I-90 and an easy walk Nice hike - I help watch over this old classic Bakers Rocks - cave cache, no rock climbing. Had so much fun with a group of friends finding this one Umbrella Rock - take the short route another cave cache
  20. start with this list. All worthwhile, and if you plan on traveling by NWPA we have a couple of nice ones
  21. Found the thread a bit older than last year but it may give you some contacts to play with (if they are still playing)
  22. slightly on topic I know there is a GS employee who plays (wow) he asked in off topic about a year ago user name started with a D going way off topic I've been playing Fallout 3 and there are ammo cans with treasure hidden everywhere
  23. I have 3 sets and in the long run you would be better off at yelling than making a real distant contact. The best distance I was able to get out of the 24 mile model in a lightly wooded area was under 1000 feet. Great for playing hide and seek in the woods with the kids but worthless for anything else. Want to listen, get a scanner, want to talk get an amature radio license
  24. it's like a contest or a big pitty party - bet the thread gets locked or moved before the 15th post
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