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  1. I would love someone to help with a picture of a Basset Hound Bass fishing. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend everyone. Bob
  2. This is from a place called Fritz Peak Observatory in near Rollinsville Colorado. The listed coords were as stated above....I also thought it seemed odd, thats why I asked for info here.
  3. What would 39.9 161'N 105.5 161' W translate into in Geocaching coords? Thanks
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can buy City Select North America? I have tried Best Buy, GPSCity, Scheels. I was told that it was replaced by Navigator which I was already told on this forum but you'd think CS would be somewhere! Thanks Bob
  5. Goodmorning all I have a GPSMap 60c and I need to know from those of you have "been there done that", which is the one to get....City Select or Navigator. Does my GPS have the voice alert thing? Also, my bro-inlaw has the same GPS so can we share the software? Thanks in advance Bob
  6. There's a bit of a line ahead of you Plus, and I'm only speaking for myself here, it takes quite awhile to do some of these, and work and other things can often get in the way. (darn work! sucks up all my fun time) Thanks GeoGilly I was just waiting for a reply, not trying to be a pain in the rear. Thanks for replying. Bob
  7. I would really love for someone to help me out with a new avtar. I have a love of Basset Hounds and Bass fishing. I know nothing about computer graphics.....some one was gracious enough to create the avtar I use now. I will be waiting with baited breath. Thanks
  8. May I please step in and say that all of us here loved to GeoCache before this thread came up and we all will continue to love to GeoCache long after this thread is old news. With that said, I will put my avtar to use....."OK people, nothing else here to see, let's move on, everyone just use some COMMON SENSE"
  9. So now the "SOP" is to throw away anything in the cache we don't personally like? How about if you don't want it, don't take it. Just my 2 cents
  10. I would love to be considered. Thanks. Bob
  11. Would I get better gas milage driving in reverse to the ehcac
  12. I'm the Juvenile Officer and School Resource Officer. Been in law enforcement for 15 years.
  13. Is the Garmin 60c not supported by GSAK? I can download to my Legend and even upload FROM the 60c but can't download wayponits TO the 60c. I have reinstalled, checked the usb cable box. Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Is the Garmin 60c not supported by GSAK? I can download to my Legend and even upload FROM the 60c but can't download wayponits TO the 60c. I have reinstalled, checked the usb cable box. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. I downloaded GSAK and it works on the Etrex Legend but not my GPS 60c. It will upload from th 60c but not download...Help...what am I doing wrong? I checked the usb box, reinstalled...going to the Black Hills in the morning and would like get this figured out. Thanks
  16. Hi all When I download waypoints to the Legend, and then check the waypoints on the gps, they show as "GA4300" or something like that. Is there a way to have the actual name of the cache downloaded instead. Thanks
  17. I had the "classic bullesey rash" which was the first sign.
  18. I have been geocaching for 5 years and have had hundreds of ticks and it's been no big deal. I chaperoned 25 8th grade kids from MN to Washington DC and the surrounding area about 2 weeks ago and voila, i came down with Lymes Disease. Best part of the story is it was diagnosed right away and I'm on antibiotics and that should take care of it. Moral of the story is........BE CAREFUL!
  19. Why would this cache be any different as far as muggles go? Do we stop promoting the hobby now?
  20. I think I need to clarify this. These are items that have been in the lost and found box for most if not all the school year. We're not talking about the Hope Diamond or gold bars here. If anything of value is found by the custodians, teachers, or whoever, all attempts are made to find the owner. I thought an article on geocaching would be appropiate as another fun family summer activity and have this cache listed as one to find.
  21. Yes, the clothes get donated. As far as the other items, parents are asked to check the lost and found each time an information letter is sent home which is usually weekly. The school's policy is....last day of school the items are tossed. Thanks for asking.
  22. I'm a Juvenile Officer and spend a ton of time at our local schools during the year and now that we are at the end of this year...heres' my cache idea. A "Lost and Found" cache. Every school has a box of items that range from rings, sunglasses, toys, ect. Whatever isn't claimed on the last day of school is going in an ammo box. I'll pick out the junk stuff. In the last newsletter to go out to the parents I would like to explain geocaching and then give the coordinates.
  23. I joined because I wanted to give a little something back to help the website. This hobby has brought me closer to my kids than anything I have ever done. It's not just being outdoors and finding some trinkets, but the talks we've had along the way. Our rule is no radio either on the way to the cache or back home. I have had some the best times and I am so grateful for the hobby. 3 bucks a month! Come on, you can give up soda for 1 day a month and save that much. I have no problem with people not being premium members but I too would like to see more member only caches. Have a great holiday weekend everyone and stay safe. Bob in Minnesota.
  24. Just like the GPS debate....there are many great brands of detectors such as Whites, Fisher, Garett, Minelab, Tesoro, Bounty Hunter, ect. You do get what you pay for but at the same time there are alot of bells and whistles on the more exspensive models that you won't use right away. I would stay away from a $100 radio shack detector. Spend a few hundred dollars and get one with discrimination, ground balance and depth readout. Digital or analog is fine but remember to dig everything at first to get used to your machine. There are lots of websites with info. I have had at least one of each brand over the years and most work well. I believe Fisher has a lifetime warranty.
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