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  1. On the Main Menu go to Setup then Interface. The Mass Storage Mode button is at the bottom of the screen. It should show up as a removable drive then.
  2. I'm not sure about the rest of the state but there are trails in Johnson County in KS. Here is the link to the FREE data for the bike routes and trails and some other data.
  3. Sorry if this has already been asked. I'm a new Garmin 60cx owner. Switched over from Magellan after waiting for months for the Triton series and finally giving up. Why can't Garmin make it an option to save the active track by name to the memory card? You can already save the track to the card. I would like to be able to clear the active track, walk or ride a trail, then save the active track with all it's trackpoints to the card with me assigning the name. Then clear the track and do it again. I was able to do this on my Explorist 500 and loved it. I like the 60cx much better in all aspects except this one. I'm not a programmer but it seems if you can write to the card and the software can give it a name it wouldn't be that hard to give the user the option to say where to save and what to call it. Anyway that is my question. I have figured out how make the current set up work for me but if I could get the above this would be a perfect unit in my opinion.
  4. I just recently switched from Magellan to Garmin. I have had a 315, a SporTrak Map, and still have an Explorist 500. I personally didn't have any problems with any of them. However I wanted to upgrade to the Sirf chipset. I waited and waited for the Triton line to come out and decided that the support for the Magellans was continuing to go downhill and I didn't want to take the chance on spending that type of money on something that might not work. I ended up purchasing a GPSmap 60cx mainly because I didn't care about having the compass or barometer. There is definitely some learning to do when switching. I am starting to really like the Garmin now. I do miss the file structure of the Explorist but I am learning ways of doing the same type of things on the Garmin. You can save track files to the SD card on the Garmin but it is not as simple. You can put basically unlimited (limited only by the size of the card) cache files on the SD card. The files have to be saved as custom POI's which don't have as much detail as the regular geocache entries. But you can work around that as well. I find making the custom maps is about the same on both machines but there seems to be more access to custom maps for the Garmin. I actually like the screen on the Garmin better now that I have it. I purchased TOPO 2008 with mine and I like it. All and all I think anyone who has a Magellan that is working well and they are happy with it should stick with it. But in my opinion if switch like I did you will be able to adjust and will be happy with the Garmin as well. I took several weeks to compare the two online and at stores before I finally made the switch. If you have any friends who have one see if they will let you borrow it to play with. That was my final decision maker was when I borrowed one. I happen to live about 4 miles from Garmin in Olathe so if I do ever have a problem I will be able to drop mine off and pick it up without any shipping involved. I hope I never have to but it was another reason I went with the Garmin. Also at least around here it is hard to get Magellan accessories at the stores everyone sells Garmin. Also another reason for my switch. In conclusion I'm still not a strict Garmin or Magellan user. I still like my Explorist 500 but I also like my GPSmap 60cx. Both have positives and negatives, good luck with the decision.
  5. The Triton has disappeared from the Radio Shack site now.
  6. Just found this posted on the Yahoo Triton group.
  7. The 1500 is now showing in stock for web order only from Radio Shack. http://www.radioshack.com/search/index.jsp...triton&sr=1
  8. I just checked the link from Costo and it now says.
  9. My 500 is one of the originals the North American and the update works just fine. I did have to change back to Feet and Miles from metric. I did back up my basemap but I did not re-load it and the base map has all same things that it did before. I did take out my SD card and when I put it back in and made my detail map that was on it active it picked it up no problems. I don't see any reason to upgrade again when the official NA version of the update comes out, this one is working just fine. The Daylight Savings settings won't let you select the second Sunday it will only let you select First or Last and then what ever day of the week you want. I just turned the daylight savings off and will update it myself when I need to.
  10. I just installed the new update and it appears to be working great. I like having the extra screen's back. It may just be me but it seems to aquire the sats quicker. I had no problems at all with the update. I thought it might address the new daylight savings settings for the US but it didn't. Lee
  11. http://www.msh-tools.com/ I use this to add my ATV Trails. Look under shareware for AddMagMap.
  12. I actually hadn't tried saving to the internal memory of my Tungsten E. I had always sent it to the memory card. I exported from GSAK to the internal memory and it imported it just fine. I would suggest deleting it from the palm and re-installing it. Just a thought unless someone else has a better idea. I can vouch that it will work from internal memory as well as the SD card, at least on mine.
  13. Any ideas on what LE stands for? Limited Edition? Doesn't really matter just curious.
  14. Mostly the visability of the features on the screen. I think it is better in sunshine also. I use TOPO maps on mine, the contour lines are much easier to pick out on the color. If you do a search for 500 and color you will get several other topics that have been discussed previously on here.
  15. As an owner of a 500 and two other magellan's before that, both with out color screens I say yes the color is worth it.
  16. I'm sure you will hear from someone else also but if you decide to just get rid of it I would be willing to pay shipping cost if you would send it to me. I would like to play around with it just to see if I could get it to work.
  17. I have TOPO on my 500 and when I approach a cache it puts up a little popup saying I'm approaching the cache. I just press the click stick and it stops beeping and the popup goes away. When I use the click stick and move the curser around to look at something on the map I press the X to go back to the place on the map where I was. Hope this helps.
  18. I use the handlebar mount on my ATV on very rough trails. I would suggest attaching a lanyard to the ring on the back of the e600 and then looping it around the cradle. I know there was a discussion about this before on here and several others suggested the same thing. I have only had my e500 come out of the cradle once but the lanyard saved it from probable death. This set up does not effect the view or any other functions and it is a cheap insurance policy for the unit.
  19. gdps


    Halfway between Spring Hill, and Olathe. Post Office says Olathe, but I like to claim Spring Hill, since I grew up there.
  20. Original Magellan 315 Then Magellan SporTrak Map Now Magellan Explorist 500
  21. Just a thought you might want to check on the Map setup screen and make sure you haven't accidently turned off the show geocaches. Press Menu/Map Setup/click to the right for Display/down to Geocache Icons and Geocache Names. Make sure at least one is selected.
  22. On my 500 you press menu, then Pts of Interest, then Geocache Pts, then select sort method (Position,Cities,Address,Other), then select the Geocache you want and at the bottom of the screen is a selection for Found. I didn't actually select it but I'm pretty sure that is one way to mark it as found.
  23. I use my Explorist 500 on my ATV and do some very rough riding over very rocky trails. I have had two occasions where the Explorist came out of the Magellan mount. My very low tech solution (which I had already done prior to the Explorist falling out) was to take the lanyard from my old Magellan 315 and attach it to the Explorist (which did not come with a lanyard). The lanyard then comes out the back of the mount and loops back over the front then if the unit falls out the lanyard catches it and keeps it from falling to the ground. I used to have a SporTrak Map and it never came out of the mount. If using the Magellan mount on an Explorist I woud recommend a lanyard. If you have a SporTrack and use Magellans mount you won't have a problem. (but you could use the lanyard just for safety).
  24. Update loaded just fine on my 500 and everything seems to be working great. I also downloaded the manager program. It seems to work fine, but doesn't do anything that I couldn't already do. Just puts it all in one place. I probably won't use it much if any.
  25. When I upgraded my 315 to a SporTrak Map I kept the cable with the 12volt and computer connection. I used it for a couple of years on my SporTrak with no problems. The difference is the molded part around the pins is a little different and it won't fit into the accessories for the SporTrak without some modification. I have since sold my SporTrak and upgraded to an Explorist 500. But I had no problems with the cable from the 315 working with the SporTrak.
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