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Didn't we already do this a few months ago??!!??


Anyway, here's mine... 1967 Mustang Coupe, factory GT, 390, 4-speed. Gets me to caches real quick, but not very good off-road... that's when I use the 1986 Toyota 4x4 SR5 pick-up beater with over 220,000 miles on it ... :(





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My ride on the way out from a cache...




Click here for full-size image..


Yes, that's a '91 Toyota MR2 two-seater mid-engine sports car with only about 5" clearance. Yes I keep to the high spots and yes, it sees more mud than most SUVs around here...(and most in the pics in this thread!)


Just last weekend I did about a mile through a grassy access w/8" track ruts to avoid and fallen trees to work around.


(I won't mention 30 mpg... Hehe..)





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It's a bad pic, but I just took it this past Friday at a cache in Virginia. It's a '96 Ford T-bird, and it sees a lot more caching abuse than it probably should. :D I'm really thinking about getting myself a Jeep or 4 wheel drive truck. A couple of caches I hit this past week made me realize how much more useful that would be.




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This is the TEAM NAB GeoVan. It usually participates in group activities but is a great overnighter as well. You may see it coming to a neighborhood near you soon! :unsure:




In the background is the command vehicle of the Gorilla Freedom Fighters.



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Right, let's see if I can get this to work......




Here's The Big Red Machine, my cachemobile, never did get round to making a handlebar mount, but the gpsr sits nice in the tankbag.


Danegar, NOT Ankrham :blink:


That's Danegar then :o


(Forgot to log out and then back in DOH!!)

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Most fantastically reliable car I've ever owned. And it'll scoot! Delivered in August, 1989, it was one of the first 5,000 Miatas to roll off the assembly line. Fifteen years and 174,000 miles later, and it's only let me down once (clutch fluid leak). My mechanic loves it. With the passenger seat removed, it'll hold a three-man inflatable row-boat (and many other peculiar objects) without even taking the top down.


When it dies, I'm burying it the family plot with full honors. Then I'm running out immediately to get another one. Black next time, I think.


Cross your fingers for 200,000 miles together!

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