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  1. *Now if I can just get it memorized.*
  2. I'm suprised GC.com hasn't given us the option of "kinda found it" yet. I've kinda found A LOT of caches!
  3. I haven't gotten any Poison Ivy but have you ever found yourself running (pracically running!) into a grove of Russian Olive trees? I'll tell you right now -- It's worse then Poison Ivy.
  4. I bushwacked through four feet of wet overgrowth only to be a FTF to an empty container with a pencil and pad of paper ONE time. Then I had to go back to work! FTF's are highly overrated.
  5. But for those cachers that live and/or travel in RV's and stay at Wal-Mart parking lots they're super easy!
  6. Danger, Danger! Don't go with the 210! It isn't that great! I would recommend a eTrex Legend or something. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=159423
  7. Yep...buy a Garmin... I am going to buy a Garmin! About four years ago my wife gave me a Magellan GPS 315 for Christmas and I loved it! Well to make a long story short; it quit tracking. I was back east in the Manassas, VA area and i purchased a 210, read the manual and got stumped on two caches right away and got lucky on the third (spoiler). The 210 just wasn't very accurate even when it said it was. Now I'm not one to just give up on something the first time out so I went back to the hotel and read the user manual over again and went out caching again but this time with the manual just to see if I was doing something really dumb. It still gave me the run around so I went back to my hotel and referenced the Magellan website and looked for software 'patches'. I couldn't find anything. Needless to say I took it back to Circuit City and got my money back. I am going to buy a Garmin!
  8. You know what? I had the same problem plus a couple others. I am used to a Magellan GPS 310 unit that doesn't have all the beels and whistles. (My GPS 310 decided that it would lock onto sats but lose them if you moved a couple yards in any direction. Bummer.) When I was back east in the DC area these past couple weeks I decided to purchase a new unit. Anyway, I picked up an Xplorist 210, because the reviews were good) and I had the same issue. It looks like you might be able to upload more than one but it only allows one at a time via the included software. Along with this issue and the lack of its street mapping I took it back and got my cash back. Is there a software upload area on the Magellan website? I am sure this vexes others with the Xplorist as well. Good luck!
  9. An age-old problem. Unless you make a cache a 5/5 in some places ain't nothin' going to stand up to a curious bunch of kids or clean-up crews. The best defence (100%) to not getting a cache stolen is not to hide one. Unforunately it turns 180 degrees when you do hide one. I have had one plundered and have yet to figure out what to do with it now. I am a firm believer that experience in the 'finding part' of caching is the best teacher in the 'hiding part' of caching.
  10. CLASSIC Only a non-paperless geocacher can appreciate this post. I too am a non-paperless kind of guy, I like having the cache page in 'hard' form in my hands when I tromp off into the unknown.
  11. I've seen smaller but they will work great! The glass on those things are thick enough that I doubt you will EVER have a problem. BTW: Make sure you cover the conatiner up in the leaves, grass and dirt or paint it black to make it an especially hard find!
  12. The electrical outlet caches are just plain mean but I like them. We are seeing more and more of these guys where I am in UT. I am seeing alot of sprinkler head caches too. All great ideas but I want to see a cache container that is just bizzare!
  13. HEY! Thats my cache. Its unavilable right now but thats my cache! GCXXXX - You call this a park?!
  14. Mechanics (and Geocachers I guess) use it to seal parts on engines and transmissions. It works as a gasket or it can be used to help a gasket with its job. Cool stuff.
  15. I would have to NOT ignore that link.
  16. Sorry, I think I gave the wrong idea. Either this caches waypoint hsn't been assigned hence the 'XXX', or this cache got lucky and got the 'XXX' designation.
  17. I'm not saying anything bad about anyone (so don't flame me!) but there were people complaining about the lack of detail on the travel bug map? Where was I? BTW, I like the old maps too. Keep up the good work Jeremy and Admins!
  18. I recently had this cache approved and the waypoint is messed up. Does this happen all the time due to the GC.com HTML or is this really this caches waypoint?. I'm not upsetor anything, just curious. Later.
  19. When it comes to rules here is what I think. A kite in flight is able to fly because it is held back by a string; it IS what makes it able to fly. If you let go of the string the kite will sooner or later fall to the ground. The same applies to anything in life, in this case rules of geocaching and its site. If we are stop using the rules and coming up with more rules this site and hobby will fall because it is human nature to go around rules and destroy. Lets not cut the string out from under this 'kite'.
  20. I was hooked instantly but it took a 'Cookbook' cache to get the Mrs. to get hooked. My loose defination of a geocacher is one who has the ambition to go where he or she hasn't been before being led by a piece of battery-powered equipment built with the cheapest components available. I'm a geocacher.
  21. I like the ACME License maker, good post. (edited cuz I messed up)
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