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  1. All the cool kids are hanging out on the new forum http://www.gbesgeo.org/
  2. Looks like it's working now. The hosting service has been upgrading servers so maybe there was a transitional problem.
  3. That was odd, my forum view changed from standard to outline. Took me a while to figure it out.
  4. I get the feeling, that once someone responds to a long dead thread, everyone else "jumps in" without noticing the date. Some topics will be discussed for a long time, it's good when new people bring their opinions to the table.
  5. We'll be on a dirt road Sunday. Pinenut area. We will still be on dirt roads Sun. One of my goals for this summer is to route a trip across NV which uses as few paved roads as possiable. A lot of it will follow the Apple Gate Lassen route. The central section of that trail is now I-80, we will be loking for alternates.
  6. A LOT!! Where've you been??? Coming to the party on Saturday ? I'll be on a dirt road somewhere on Saturday. I was just trying to set up a pocket query so we could do some caches along the way. Looks like the one I set up to run never made it into my mailbox. Maybe gmail and GC.com are having issues? BTW I passed my Ham License, class 4 (no code).
  7. Strange, I havent received a notification of post to this thread since sometime back in Feb. now I get one everytime anybody post. Thincs that make you go Hummmmm. I guess I should go over to NVG.com and see what else I might be missing.
  8. I thought this thread was dead, I am subscribed to it but haven't reveived any e-mail notices there was activity until last night. I gotta go see what kind of lies MM has been telling about me. BRB
  9. Ok then, help Mr. Moose Mob... I "applied" for an account on the nevadageocaching web site and it said to wait 24 hours and they would e mail me. welllllll it was early yesterday morning when I filled out their(your???) application and I still haven heard from them (it is now late afternoon).... This is starting to get frustrating for someone who doesn't have easy access to his personal e mail and yada yada yada, more complaining etc!.... Can you help??? I don't see your name in there. You should get the e-mail within 24 hours, usually 2-3 hours would be excessive. But like I said, your name isn't in the queue. And I don't run the NevadaGeocaching site, but I do have a couple elevated priveledges. (Enough to Ban rusty_tlc if he gets out of line again) I seem to re-call something about locking a thread you were involved with a while back.
  10. Yep a whole forum section dedicated to Northern Nevada just sitting there waiting to be used.
  11. i was at work - most of my projects consist of 1 hr prep, 2 hrs excecute & see what happens. dittos
  12. I am so glad you said something. I was thinking that the Roseville bike trip would make a good thread. Spring break isn't that far away and would be the perfect time to head over the hill for some early spring weather.
  13. Now what did I do? Possiably the threat of retaliation? Hummmm, lame micro wars??? This could get interesting.
  14. I try to be nice. Really I do. Unfortunatly I'm not much of one to sit quietly in the corner when I have an opinion on a subject. <now drops topic> Good to see you are back caching NVwolf. Who said you could speak? Moos Mob showed up, carp there goes the neighbor hood.
  15. I try to be nice. Really I do. Unfortunatly I'm not much of one to sit quietly in the corner when I have an opinion on a subject. <now drops topic> Good to see you are back caching NVwolf.
  16. Disclaimer: nudecacher has never touch, viewed, fingered, fondled or otherwise been in contact with Rustys Nutz.
  17. Check the caps lock on your key board. Re-post you message and I might be able to decipher what you are talking about. Sorry I'm not trying to be mean but I just can't read your post. In general you should try to use at least some puncuation, mostly correct grammer and approxamately correct spelling just so others can exchange ideas with you. By the way post in all caps are interperated as shouting in most forums.
  18. I disagree, you could, in theory say that about food that has been left too long. IE what is that molding mass in the bottom of the ammo box, I think it was food at one time. Just a thought. Oh I get it now. Doh!
  19. How well film canisters work probably depends a lot on the hide. Film canisters beat the heck out of those breath strip tins as far as size and weather tightness goes. If you use a food container soak it in a bleach and water mixture for a day or so to kill any food odors.
  20. I'm amazed! "What Was That" is in no way related to food in caches. Yet the thread procedes as every food in cache thread before it has, we now enter the "Markwell" stage. OT, nope never found old food in a cache.
  21. Hey wouldn't it be cool if people gave others a chance?
  22. Perhaps if you explain how your topic is related to geocaching you could win popular support and a moderator would be kind enough to move it back? Or at least let us know what thread you are referring to. I'm assuming you want to discuss this publicly or you would have PM'd the moderator who moved your thread. Edit ; BTW what's your problem with a web site having an offtopic forum? Every forum I belong to has one.
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