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  1. Thanks for the hints. I have just recently renewed after a 2 year hietus and did not realize the size indicator on the pages. Also, was not aware of the filter capabilities of the pocket query. The problem with the micros around here are not children friendly...ie. side of a busy highway, in a wally world parking lot....that kind of thing. Not a lot of thought processs. I even seen on guy say "While my wife was shopping I decided to place one here" I like to be able to go on a short walk and take our 5 year old son with us. So this filtering option helps out a lot. Thanks again. we3dements
  2. we3dements

    Micro Icon?

    I don't know about anyone else, but in the Jacksonville, FL area we are inundated with these "park and grab" 35mm film containers they like to call caches. I would very much like to see a classification of "micro" for these things so I can filter these waste of time "finds". I feel that these people do not fully understand the spirit of geocaching and only want to bolster thier cache numbers. I cannot include my son on most of them because it's like they are just tossing them out their window as they drive along a busy road. Check out my "Say No To Micro" essay I made a few years back when we moved here. http://www.we3dements.com/geo/nomicro.html It hasn't gotten any better but if only we could filter these things I would be much more happier. Thank you. We3Dements
  3. I was going to delete the .zip file with the icons from my web server today because I didn't think anyone used it anymore. I have been away from benchmark and geocaching hunting for a while and had forgoten about this post. After I went over my server logs I noted that it still gets downloaded quite a few times each month since I first posted it. I will leave it there untill whenever. I think I am going to start back at finding benchmarks again after looking over the forums and FAQ.
  4. I had the same display problems and it got so bad I had to send it to Garmin and they replaced the unit with a new one (well most likely a referb). It also has a problem with the rubber seal/grip that goes around the outside of the unit coming off. You should call them instead of emailing them. I emailed Garmin 3 times about it with no help, but called once and was taken care of. The funny thing is, I was calling them to find out how to dispose of the unit incase I had to send it back to Garmin. I was feed up with the Vista and wanted to be mad at Garmin when I called and they had to go ahead and not let me be mad by offering to replace the unit even though it was out of warranty. As a side note, my GPSMAP 60CS had the "bump me and I WILL shutdown" problem and I called Garmin to see if they had a kit I could buy to install or if they had a way I could fix it myself and they said if I sent it in they would fix it for me. It took 4 days from the time I sent it in until I got it back and they went ahead and replaced the screen cover because it was scratched. Now how am I supposed to pissed off about the units having problems when Garmin keeps going out of their way to help me? My point; Garmin is really good about their service.
  5. Yes I do, I work part time for Domino's Pizza as a driver and I use my Garmin GPSMap 60CS with City Select v6 to autoroute to the address.
  6. That is because you edited the URL you had there, the first set of URLs started with a href='http://java script: I have seen a M1A1 tank fitted with the same type is system, it fired a 25ish pound aluminum round. The only problem is the amount of power they need to fire, but that is being worked on.
  7. I really HATE my Vista. My GPS III+ was more usefull. I now use a GPS V and a GPSMAP 60CS. I had so many problems with it Garmin had to replace it with a new one because they fixed it so many times they just gave up and gave me a new one, and it has the same problems. NOTE: I own the older Vista not the Vista C which is a much better unit.
  8. Sorry but your links dont work, they point to a java script. Do you have the URL to the main page they are found on?
  9. I have had the same thing start to happen with my 60CS in the last week or so. The only button that works is the power. The unit is not locked up because it is still tracking and showing pop-ups for turns but I cant get it to respond with the keys (other then powering it down). I have had to shut it off and press all the keys really hards a few times then power back up and keep doing this untill they start to work again. I am going to call Garmin in the morning and see what can be done. The big problem I have is I use it for work and even being without it for a day will be a HUGE pain. I have a GPS V as a back up, but I am really spoiled now and do not want to go back to the "old" gps. I have also thought about getting a Quest for work but I still dont know if it will be worth it.
  10. The webpage for out-of-warranty repair says $89 to fix it. Garmin: Out-of-Warranty Info You can select most any unit and see the price to fix it.
  11. Some of the first run made 60C snd 60CS were made with weak springs for the batteries. If you bump the unit it can lose contact with the battery and shut down. It has been fixed with newer made units and it is very simple to fix the problem in the older ones that people have already bought (me being in that group). I have only had one other shut down that was not caused by this and I was able to re-do it when I tried. I have sent in how it happeneds to Garmin. It takes a few steps and deals with finding an address while in demo mode.
  12. I now own a GPS III+, GPS V, eTrex Vista, and a GPSMAP 60CS. I gave away my GPS 12XL and a GPS III+ to family to get them into Geocaching. I want to get a Streetpilot 2610 and a Quest but that will have to wait.
  13. None AFTER version 4 of Metroguide, it still would autoroute. I loaded both in my GPS V and GPSMAP 60CS one maps set at a time and routed to a known street address in both maps i.e. I loaded MG4 and went to a place, then loaded CS6 and went to the same place. CitySelect was much better at the route it made. Plus it will have up to date maps, well up to date as they could get when it was released. I am still having problems with errors in the map information like street names wrong and "misplaced"
  14. Yea, I watched about 6 seconds after he was done with your cache. Not the type of person I would like to have to work next to in an office cubicle. Im not saying he would be a bad person but I would always wonder "Is today the day he going to snap?"
  15. Go here: http://www.archive.org/movies/details-db.p...=patrolsks01e03 and download the 192.4Mb .avi file. I am still downloading it so I cant tell you about it yet. <edit> It was worth the download. He took great care to fix the cache, and did some great "cleaning" watch it if you can. It also has a video spoiler as to where it is hidden. He put some kool items in the cache. </edit>
  16. Why did you willingly bid on something from someone asking for $14 in shipping when you knew that was way more than the actual shipping cost? Note the word ONCE. I paid for the shipping because they were to use UPS and next day shipping as described in the auction. If you could not tell, they used USPS and the cheapest way to ship. How does it go, "screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me" I learned that not all eBay sellers are truthfull in there auctions. I know, I know, say it isn't so, but yes there are eBay sellers who "fluff-up" auctions.
  17. ..... except on ebay, where Vic's sister can charge $1.75 for shipping that costs her 50 cents. That is "handling" charges, it still cost the same to ship. Ever pay $14 in shipping from an eBayer and get a package with a $3.85 post mark using the free boxes you can get from the post office? I did, once. <edit> Because for a large volume of packages to be shipped it is cheaper in the long run to use UPS because UPS will bring a truck to you to get what you are shipping out, even if they have to bring a semi-truck. USPS has a limit to the number of items you can have picked up by them at one visit and charge for added visits until all the things you wanted shipped are loaded. You have to use your own truck to take the packages to them to avoid this added cost. That would mean having to buy, operate, and maintain a truck fleet which would cost WAY more in the end. Low number, small packages, USPS is better. Medium sized any number of packages, UPS is better. Large sized any number of packages you have to use a freight company or own your own trucks and that is expensive. </edit>
  18. I think you have misdirected your dismay at GC.com when it seems that UPS is the one who wants too much to ships something. UPS will come to you and take away that what you want shipped included in the price, where as the USPS wants $13 to come to you to get something you want shipped. I do not think it would be smart for Groundspeak to get a large truck to take all the items that are ordered each day out to the local post office so you can save 2 bucks in shipping. If you do not like paying more in shipping for a single item, then make a list of the items you would like to get and when you have an amount that would be more that shipping (thus making it worth the shipping cost) make your order and smile when the big old brown box is brought to your door by the big old brown UPS truck. Remember UPS sets the price to ship, not the person who ships....
  19. I have seen TBs on my watch list where the person who made a log and included a picture of the TB with the number showing and within hours the bug had been to over 1000 caches and travled over 25,000 miles. All because one person was careless and sloppy about taking a snapshot of a bug with the number showing. Did the person making the log mean for that to happen? How about the owner? Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. The internet is somewhat large, and being behind a screenname can at times make you stupid (myself included).
  20. You can get a SINGLE TB tag from Groundspeak for $6.50 including shipping. They get cheaper as you buy more at one time, once again Including shipping. http://www.geocaching.com/track/order.aspx So yes the seller was ripping someone off, but it is buyer beware. No it was not a good idea to show the tag's number, activated or not. And yes you should have looked at the options better for buying TB tags before bashing GC.com about shipping cost. Now I have emails from midnight sent to me about post on this board to go check and forward to the others of us...... <edit> And Yes MOPAR replies to posts faster then I... </edit>
  21. I have sent that in to Garmin about making the Note button the default one that is highlighted NOT the Found. I hate having to goto to the waypoint list, change the icon back, and set it to find the same cache again, and again if I am really careless.
  22. ximage http://www.garmin.com/support/agree.jsp?id=545 what he said.....
  23. It looks like two bugs and a pin for 11.75. Maybe the seller is making it up on volume (or bought some bugs, and has now left the sport). They couldn't be too sharp or they wouldn't have posted the photo with the TB number visible. I feel for the person who gets it, sets it loose, then finds it has 200K miles in its first day. What was in poor sport was the picture that was up during the aution has X's over the Tb number, now it seems the picture was changed to show the number(I remember seeing it and getting a giggle at someone trying to sell a TB tag on eBay). Not only did he rip someone off he screwed him over. <edit> I see he has other TB tags for sale and has at least tried to cover the numbers on them, but you can still make them out. It might have been one of his other auctions I had seen with the X's thinking the picture was changed. </edit>
  24. I had to do a hard reset on my 60CS because of the same thing and it helped quite a bit. Found this information here: http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/secret.htm You should also calibrate the compass each time you change out the batteries (or if you get a shut down from bumping the unit causing the batteries to lose contact for a moment). That will help with the problem of pointing the wrong way
  25. Not quite, the icon in the GeoCaching setup menus for caches not found HAS to match the waypoint assigned to the cache you are seeking. That is the way the unit knows it should be using the GeoCaching mode. I keep my 60CS in Lock On Road/follow Road all the time and have no problems with it automatically changing from map mode to compass-GeoCaching mode when I get close to a cache. You just have to make sure the icon used for the cache's waypoint in the unit matches the icon assigned in the GeoCaching menu (and no they do not have to be the closed/open chest to work. I change mine from caches to benchmarks as needed all the time). Like so..... or... You can change the icons used in the GeoCaching setup screen to any two you want. Just make sure that when you upload then download the waypoints the icons stay the same as the ones you need. Some of the programs out there reset the waypoint icons back to a default.
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