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  1. Actually, if you research it you're not required to submit to any of the above. So pretty bad examples.
  2. I think if I was going to single out one of their caches it would have to be this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4f-15f835b7155d The only one of theirs in this area I haven't done.
  3. Did you hotfix it by stripping all spaces? I noticed that all of my PQ's have spaces, but if I edit and save the spaces are all stripped out of the names. Oh, and I'm a victim of dissapearing download links also.
  4. Better question.... Who cares?
  5. Naa, you just generate the code the same way the GC # is generated. Nothing but a brief exercise in programming. That said, I have no issue with codes on a difficult cache, like one of Vinny's 5/5's just as an example. It's the 1/1 LPC that makes the code thing more trouble than it's worth. System now works - I see no reason to change it. Change it and it'll just spawn a whole new round of problems and issues I'm sure -R
  6. Heck this is an easy solution.. Pull up GC on the computer for him and let him take a crayon to the computer screen. But how does a three year old earn $ to buy his own trading swag? -R
  7. You in PA? Thousand Steps is what we did for 1000, as have many others. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...52-d679bed107f9
  8. GSAK with the stats macro. Pretty much does what's being asked for. My profile shows my hides and the # of times logged. If you can't slice/dice with GSAK there's a problem. Best $ spent on this sport IMHO. -R
  9. Some wierd behavior I'm seeing... Using the Zip lookup on the default front page, and searching by my zip (22602) I get an incomplete listing: ie not all caches of 213 nearby caches. However using the search page, I get the correct listing. Is there two different search parameters depending on which way it's used? Or is this a known bug? Thanks! Roger
  10. I don't know about that. I've seen a lot of things that just lead me to believe that many will just do whatever it takes to log the find. Time of access restrictions? Ignore it. Clearly define "stay on trail"? Bushwack. Not to mention the sheer inability to follow some of the worlds most simple instructions on a cache page. There are times I've thought that there should be an automatic expiration on caches. If for nothing else than to minimize resource damage and give an area a chance to recover. Heck, I've seen LPC's with the electrical covers ripped off of them. I don't buy your generalization. "Many" I can agree. But there are many more that only care about themselves and what they're trying to achieve at the moment. And the amount of damage is usually exponential to the difficulty of the hide. -Roger
  11. You didn't log him so it doesn't count
  12. We own two interstate rest area caches. While they do move a *lot* of bugs through them, they do seem to have a higher rate of bug "attrition" than other caches we own. That's TB's. Coins it seems vanish at a 2:1 ratio to bugs. I've seen so many coins go missing that I almost don't hunt them anymore simply because I hate being the last cacher to acknowledge having had my hands on them. When I do move them it's usually into multi's and higher rated caches that don't have a drive-by component and attract the more dedicated cachers. most of the high rated diff/terr caches out there seem to attract a "better" clientele IMHO. -Roger
  13. Aww, come on. PUC #8's a walk in the park. You want gross do PUC #10!! And since when are thousands of of rats, dozens of feral cats, piles of human fecal material, urine-soaked tunnel walls, fifteen foot high pyramids of abandoned used condoms, broken syringes with blood still glistening on the needle, puddles of human bodily fluids, wild-eyed hysterical drug abusers, zombie-like gay sex cruisers straight out of Dawn of the Dead, delerious vacant-eyed street hookers, snarling urban drug dealers, crazed little old ladies who are obsessed with feral cats, armed (as in handguns) tattooed Goth graffiti artists (aka taggers) and a few lacerations and bruising injuries to the body of the cache hunter GROSS? Hello? Earth to CCrew? Hello? Whoa, you forgot the worse one!! "Vinny doing cache maintenance" !! But durned if you aren't right on all the rest. That's one cache I wouldn't do in less than a group of three. One to retrieve the cache and two for protection!!
  14. You sure about that? I've seen them approved within very recent time frames (last 2-3 weeks) -Roger
  15. One near us that's a 5 gallon water bottle filled with 35mm canisters. Only one is the log. -Roger
  16. CCrew


    Maybe an abandoned railroad tunnel, or a large culvert? -R
  17. Agreed. It then kicks in the "requires special equipment" ie: a boat. That makes it a 5 Terrain. Shoot for a 3.5 or 4.5 hide. That will put it on the radar of many "well rounded" grid seekers. The .5 variations are a pain to locate close by usually and people will travel for them. Just my experience. -Roger
  18. I would have read that but the total lack of punctuation was making me blind.
  19. No road fuel taxes on off-road diesel. Same fuel, dyed a different color. -R
  20. With gas prices averaging $4.00 a gallon still here in the US, just wondering how far others are traveling to get to their closest unfound caches. 24.42 miles here. Basically my closest unfound is almost 1/2 hour of driving away. If it is far, have gas prices dented your caching trips? -Roger
  21. Aww, come on. PUC #8's a walk in the park. You want gross do PUC #10!!
  22. +100. Flask has it dead on. It's one thing when a single coin or TB goes missing. It's another when a whole box of them are doomed on purpose. Since most TB Jails are placed easy to get to the death rate is very high, and the cool items are a magnet to muggles. -R
  23. I'm surprised that no ones mentioned the main fact. Based on the picture, that's obviously not a "burn barrel". It's a steel drum with paint on the outside. Add fire = no more paint. Doesn't take 40 posts to argue that :-)
  24. I would consider that a find personally. I certainly have no issue with another person as safety present and also taking credit. We cache as a family. We have almost all of Vinny and Sue's "Psycho Urban" caches done barring the last two, and we're 2 stages into one of them. It's myself and my wife and two very athletic children. Are you saying by your rules, since my daughter (who is very small for her age) makes the crawl in a tunnel since she's best adept at it that we shouldn't be allowed to claim a find?. When our profile clearly states we're a family? It's really no different barring that we're related (although we do all log under a single account) Would it make it different if all the family members had their own accounts? Can slice and dice this a lot of ways, but I have no issues with team caching. -R
  25. This may not be a bug, may be a feature" I didn't see listed or this may be something client side that just correlates to the site change. Under "For online maps" Geocaching.com Google Map Map now always opens in terrain view. Used to always open in map(street) view. Has anyone beta'ed this on a Blackberry tho? While the color combos are much better now, the fonts are huge, nearly full screen using a default BB theme. Certainly could use some formatting help. Thanks. -Roger
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