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  1. Still out in Australia, Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox - all refuse to login. Oddly, if I put in my correct name & password, it logs me out immediately to the login page, however, if I log in with my name and a WRONG password, it tells me so. And still getting 500 server error. Local time 7:20pm, (Greenwich ~9:20am) 11/11/16.
  2. A few weeks ago, gc.com upgraded their website so that when caches show on a page, they had down the bottom:: - number of logged visits - some pretty icons - A link to "View logbook" - the listed logs. At the same time, my Premium account, mtbikeroz, suddenly saw ONLY the first three, the listed logs were hidden. I had to click the "View logbook" to see them. ALSO, and annoyingly, when I clicked on the encrypted clue, the screen scrolled to the top of the page, clue left encrypted. I could never decrypt the clue. I was waiting for someone else to mention this here, but no one did. I was using IE9.' Options - IE9 security settings is medium-high. I logged in with Google Chrome on another pc at a friend's place, and all 4 were showing, AND I could decrypt the clue. So, I tried on my PC with Google Chrome, yay, all 4 shows, AND, I can decrypt the clue. Any idea what is going on?????(In the vast numbers of IE options/settings???) For what its worth, for cache http://coord.info/GC475TT IE has at the top of the page, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... c8624f5d3# When I hover over the decrypt , the exact same url shows at the bottom of the page, including the # at the end. In Google Chrome, same cache, At top of page http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... 6c8624f5d3 (note, no # present at the end) hover over decrypt, and it shows http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_de ... c8624f5d3# at the bottom of the page (ie, the # is added) ????????????????????
  3. My SCROLL BOX in my profile has been killed off. WHY?????? I checked the html code, all is good. WHY was the scroll box feature killed off???? I had it in my profile for the USEFUL purpose of showing some info, if people want more they can scroll, IT SAVES A WHOLE LOT of overall page space and people can skip over it more easily. NOW, they hace to scroll down the whole page to bypass this item to see the stuff below. WHY OH WHY was scroll boxes KILLED off in my profile??? IT was USEFUL and BENEFICIAL to others!!!!!!!. Or, is there some non-standard html code I now need to use to get it working???? Previously used <div style="height:800px;width:500px;font:16px/26px Georgia, Garamond, Serif;overflow:scroll;"> </div>
  4. I suspect it is because the narrow minded people in GC have changed the LOG DATES to the yankee date format. How very shortsighted, and done by STEALTH.
  5. from Magellan - "pre-loaded with the most popular geocaches in the world" - aka - USA - How droll, how very very DROLL! I stand corrected - " 999 of the most popular North American and European traditional caches are preloaded." Why Hello there from OZ............, where's my DELETE button as Frenzalo mentions....
  6. Ah, but the system allows us to log in real time in OZ all other days of the year. eg, I can log at 1am on a day, the log date accepts the current Australian time and day, and in the state listings records it as "logged -1 days ago". (Until Frog central catches up, whereby it changes to "logged today") So why is 1/1/YYYY any different. All I can say is LOL, funny!
  7. I went to log a cache, here in AUSTRALIA, at 7:15am, 1 January 2010, and the Geocaching.com drop down list in the dates for logging finds DOES NOT HAVE 2010 - LOL
  8. At 6am local time (AU - Canberra) I sent via the Geocaching.com site several emails to cache owners about various matters. I TICKED the feature (its defaulted to tick anyway) that says "send me a copy of the email". I click send. My email in box DOES NOT receive a copy of the 3 emails. I check regularly for 2 hrs - NOTHING. To my surprise, one of the cache owners then contacted me by phone (I left my no. in one of the emails), and we discussed the cache in question. He received the email OK. I didn't receive my copy. EIGHT and a HALF hours later, I receive ALL 3 emails copies, as a batch at the same time, 2:30pm local time. ( I was on the pc the whole time, checking regularly, and they appeared within a 10 minute window between my checking). Also, I noticed a cache on my watchlist had a find, and THREE hours later, I received the email notification. Is something wrong??? Could you as a matter of courtesy when something is wrong like this, surely/please could the website say when I click send, we are experiencing delays in emails etc etc. PS - There was NOTHING wrong with my email account - I sent myself emails from a couple of non-geocaching, outside different accounts - instantly received.
  9. I agree - WHO STUFFED UP THE PRINT FUNCTION - IT CHOPS OFF THE LHS & COORDS IF I TRY AND PRINT THE CACHE PAGE AS IS and, I HAVEN'T CHANGED anything ON/IN MY PC. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I'm SHOUTING - Someone busted something that worked PERFECTLY.
  11. That IS ALL we are asking - the ONE day. IT USED to ALLOW us the one day - WHO and or WHAT broke the system? NOTE - There are quite a few Aussies that are getting REALLY ANGRY with this BUSTED feature. PLEASE, PLEASE fix it - Thanks.
  12. OK, I live in Australia, and so often I go to log a find for a TB/Geocoin, drop off o Geocoin or TB via a "note" or even find a TB or just write a note, I go to put in the date I AM WRITING the log on my PC (it may be 3pm in the afternoon), but your site CONTINUALLY rejects my log as saying I cant log a find/note in the future!!!! It may be the future for somewhere in the US, BUT NOT IN AUSTRALIA, it is 3pm that AFTERNOON. PLEASE, OH PLEASE, fix it. (It used to NOT be like this), I'm NOT asking for 3 days or the like, I'm just asking it allow me to log at MY LOCAL TIME. It used to allow me to do this some time back! Kind regards, mtbikeroz
  13. FURTHER PROBLEMS, The date is NOT sticking. I'm currently logging finds for the 16th August 2007, (9pm your timne of 15/8/07) and I managed to get the date field changed on my first log to the 16th, but when I go to do my next log, the date has defaulted back to the 15th. What happened to the feature of the date STICKING????? - It's BUSTED!!!! ALSO - The calender box STILL DOES NOT OPEN or WORK!!!! Of course I'm cranky, I can't log the correct date, I get frozen out by the calender box, and you busted a working feature.
  14. Hi, I just went to log a few caches, and I find the Find date field is now in some STRANGE format (I'm told its the US format). C'MON guys, this is a WORLD sport - PLEASE PUT THE DATE BACK INTO WORLD STANDARD FORMAT - EITHER yyyy/mm/dd ot dd/mm/yyyy - PLEASE. (Get REAL). And to top it off - I CAN'T change the date that appears, its locked, and the little calender box that has appeared as new next to the date - is NOT functional. I have been told the date issue has cropped up a few time in the last few years, BUT IT HAS BEEN IGNORED. Please JEREMY, have a new look, THIS IS A WORLD SPORT, I know I'll probably receive flame mail from US people, BUT PLEASE have a reality check, PLEASE. Thanks.
  15. Yes it may indeed be an "American" site, for all that its worth in the world of the internet, but it is a WORLD sport. Yes, a range of alternatives would be a good idea, so if I'm in Australia say, I could choose the Universal Date format & metric. (I've used both metric & imperial & metric is so much better). But I would like gc.com to at least consider the rest of the world, and have consistency for everyone. (and possibly take iniative and lead the way in which the world is inevitably headed). Regards & happy geocaching.
  16. Hi (from OZ, Australia), Firstly, all the people from the USA reading this, please read & consider this with consideration for the rest of the world, keep a level head and please don’t send me flame mail, Ta. To GC.com team, To your credit, in a variety of screens in gc.com, you use dates in formats like, 15 September 2004, or, Wednesday September 14, 2004. With these formats, everyone in the world is clear as to the date. On some screens though, you use the quaint US format of 09/14/04, which in this case is “reasonably” clear (& endured) due to the “14”, but typically, say, 07/04/04, to the rest of the world means 7 April 2004, not some other quaint date. Now that Geocaching is a truly WORLD sport, would it be too much to ask for the organisers of GC.com (aka Jeremy & team), to make the date formats in all the screens, like either of the first two above. Just a thought – Thanks. US readers, please consider, for the whole world – Thanks. PS - If this has been raised before, my apologies, but it may be time to reconsider, thanks.
  17. As some of the earlier posts mention - I combine it with my hobby of Mountain bike riding & hiking. Often I get to ride new hills and new challenges. And new hills to Cooeee down too. Also get to ride to areas I haven't been before. As for wasting gas/petrol/fuel - I do very little of that, I get to enjoy the ride and experience the environment too. (yes, even if the geocache is 100km away, I'll ride there & back - taking a route I've never been on before. This has taken me along some great trails indeed). Interstate geocaches - well I seek them when I'm travelling interstate to visit relatives - relieves the boredom in the car when travelling long distances, and also takes me to places I would never normally visit off the main highways. Motto - ENJOY, and keep your life too! Coooeeee.
  18. I found a cache once, the container had been found by geomuggles, opened & placed on top of a rock. Curiously, they didn't damage or remove anything - just opened it & left it on top of a large rock. It seemed obvious to me where it belonged, but that area was littered with bottles & other misc junk. It seemed to be regularly frequented by "all sorts". So, I relocated it about 5 metres away. The owner then jokingly said if he could find it could he log it as a find. We all had a good laugh. It has since been found by other geocachers, safe & sound.
  19. A fellow geocacher in Canberra, Australia got caught. Geocaching VERY close to Parliament House, Canberra, Australia His log - He had a job living it down for a while - see other logs earlier than his (they refer to his activity). I'm sure he won't mind me posting this - it was all humour later.
  20. Mine - firstly my first one. Now my current one.
  21. G'Day all you guys & gals, been reading all this interesting discussion. And now for something completely different, along the jeep lines though. I am NOT a USA resident, hence I cannot "win". However, I would like to send one of the jeep TB on a journey around OZ. (Australia). Hoping of course that it does not get souvenired. So, does anyone over there want to send me one in the snail mail when you get one?? - just a thought. (I might also then get a jeep icon on my stats - WOW ) Coooeeee.
  22. I made a cache that can only be done in the dark. The Dark Side Two pictures showing the reflector viewable at night and not viewable by day. The daylight one is taken about 10m further back, but you can see the same trees in the background. The reflector is UP THE TREE, not the ones on my MTB. PS - forgot to add - in a Eucalyptus forest with the trunks the mottled white effect, this is very effective at being invisible during the day.
  23. Not forgetting the approvers in OZ, Swamp Gecko (no longer approving), the current embi & i-riblit. They have approved all sorts - well done.
  24. Hi guys, Thanks for the advice also - I'll be touring NZ soon, all by MTB from top to bottom, yes, from A to I. The links & maps above are good.
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