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Heres my 2001 Dodge Ram 5.2 liter, outfitted with a Volant Air Intake for added ponys, a 3in fabtech lift, Hi-lift jack, Brush Gaurd with 2 Hella 550 lights, CB, 5 gal gas can, and lots more upgrades to come.

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This is really our third cachemobil.... The first, a 1984 Honda Accord, died a slow and painful death at 320-some thousand miles last summer.... Our second, a 1993 Honda Civic, died a fast and painful death at Christmas by hydroplaining into a utilitypole (but I made it out ok).... And then there's our most recent cachemobile, a 1987 Jeep Cherokee 4wd....


(sorry about picture size)

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This is my 36" cruiser, modified with 100mm Razor scooter wheels to smooth out those pebbles in the road.

Mainly, I use it to get to and from the bus stop. But even when I'm caching in my car, I have it with me. If there is a concrete bike trail going in the general direction from parking, I just cruise to the trailhead. That's where I stash the board and pick it up on the way out, (notice the mud on the griptape).


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Let's see your caching chariot.



Only used on one cache so far.. But I have to say it was the fastest time off the mountain if you dont count having to stay the night... :P


Most often now we use this:



Edited to add the Normal cache mobile :P

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cachemobil until 2001:

volkswagen type 183 (iltis) ex bundeswehr, mil-truck 0,75 tgl


for smoother cacherides:



happy hunting from hamburg, germany.

I have been looking for an iltis.

The Canadian gov is giving the Afgan army all of the Cdn iltis' (Afgan's plan on scrapping them) But do you think I can find one here in Canada..Nope :P

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1996 Ford T-bird. I've used this for all of my cache finds, except when I'm caching with friends and in their vehicles. I've beat on this car since the day that I bought it in April of 2000. It has served double duty as cachemobile/race vehicle (I drag race as a hobby...no the bird isn't fast by any stretch of the imagination, but I have fun). The pic was taken after placing a new cache a month or so ago.






The new cachemobile. Purchased Sunday 10/3/04. 1986 Jeep XJ Wagoneer. Newer 2.8L (15k miles on it), 3" lift, 30" tires, sagging headliner and lots o' rust. 203,9xx miles on everything but the tires and the motor. But I wanted a beater, and a Jeep, so I love the thing. I haven't taken it caching yet. Maybe this weekend.



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