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  1. Yea, I know, ju66l3r, but it just seems wrong that everyone can jump all over some kid when he posts about his website, which he is obviously proud of, and gets tore up for it, while the 'joke coin' thread that we should all get a laugh out of, gets locked down.
  2. Alright, I'll get into it... I posted about a joke coin in the Geocoin forums, and it got removed and locked down after FSM deemed it 'offensive'...the image is from an actual California Hwy sign...so you tell me...can we all just have a laugh and not get someone's PC panties all in a bunch around here? [Content deleted from Geocoins Forum is being deleted here.]
  3. And yes, the numbering prefix begins with 'INS'....
  4. Hey Cog&Gil...Blackjack?...Now we're talkin! Hope to see ya there, along with some more AZ cachers!
  5. PowerEx 2700 mAh. That's all you need to know.
  6. You know, it's too bad this thread has gotten way off topic and is spiraling out of control, because now, rather than giving the OP some encouragement, this is going to get locked down and he's going to have negative feelings about the game. Way to go. But then again, you can come to expect that in here, and it's too bad it's gotten that way.
  7. What are people going to do there? Are you kidding? It's all legwork in Vegas, baby!
  8. WOW. Try getting these babies through airport security! GPS-equipped shoes
  9. You can get a brand new one for $349 after the $50 mail-in rebate at GPSNOW.com... Just FYI.
  10. I agree, NO NEED to attack or criticize this guy at all. Good job for the effort, I say to him! Glad to see some excitement about the game!
  11. Hint: No need to cross the muddy stream.
  12. "Your account name is 'team360'. If you would like to be removed from this list, please log into the web site and uncheck "Send me a weekly emailer of new caches in my area" through the "My Account Details -> Edit Profile" link on your "My Account" page." Yet, when I checked my preferences, it said: "You will not receive the weekly cache notification email."
  13. No matter what dates you pick, SOMEONE won't be able to attend. Too bad. Pick a date and stick with it, and the ones that REALLY want to come, will... Off-strip will be less expensive for rooms, no doubt, but you will still pay higher prices on Friday and Saturday than any other days of the week. S'allright, though, just plan it and like I say, 'It's gonna be what it's gonna be..."
  14. I posted on Nevada Geocaching about this, and asked if anyone there (or even Nevada GC itself, as an organization) would like to weigh in on scheduling 'Vegas CoinEx 2006'....
  15. Which Garmin To Buy? The one that says Magellan on it. Seriously, why blow almost $400 on a GPS? You can drop it, or trip and smash the screen onto some rocks. Plenty of bad things can happen to it. These are the same reasons many in here recommend getting a cheap PDA, but will tell you to go out and buy the 60 series, just because everyone else is buying them right now. And don't tell me a GPS is 'meant to take the outdoors', because when you fall and have a GPS in your hand, it's going to smash on SOMETHING and get damaged. I used to have a 60C. Know how many screens I used on a regular basis? Only 2. The map screen and the compass screen. Wooohooo. I just picked up a refurbed Magellan Gold off Ebay for $120. Looks and performs just like new. Came with a warranty, too. Expandable memory. Can download waypoints. Has alot of different features and screens, some that I won't ever use, and gets me to the caches just as good as that $400 60CSX. Do I NEED a color screen? No. Did I ever use autorouting? No. So I saved a lot of money and still got a GPS that could do everything. A GPS is like a car. They will all get you from point A to point B. Some just look fancier than others. Shop around for a week and THEN decide what GPS is right for YOU, and how much $$$ you are willing to invest.
  16. And the reason you need the entire U.S. loaded in your GPS is....???? I just don't see the reason to load up the entire U.S. and slow down the read speed of the GPS. Unless you work for the airlines and travel out-of-state every day, you just don't need it.
  17. Ever wonder WHY the hubcap goes faster than the car when it comes off? I mean, if the car is traveling at 70 mph and it pops off, where does it pick up the extra speed to go flying past the drivers window like some UFO taking off? Hmmmm...
  18. I had the exact same random problem when I had a Magellan Platinum, and that also had the magnetic compass...it would sometimes flip 180 degrees and read backwards...had to turn it off and then back on again to get it right. It is not an issue with my Magellan Gold, I am guessing since it has a movement-based non-magnetic compass. This is probably only a random issue with the magnetic GPS compasses.
  19. Duplicate thread...same as the one in GPS units+software... I answered over there.
  20. I just got a refurbed Magellan Gold off Ebay for $120... Before you buy, SHOP AROUND!!! Get to know all the different features and decide what you will need the most...take at least a week comparing all the different GPS units, then make a decision on WHAT WORKS FOR YOU... Things you will want: Expandable memory Ability to download waypoints Everything else is just icing on the cake, like color screen, magnetic-based compass, barometric ability... Do your research before jumping in!
  21. I will personally guarantee $100 bills will fit into any of my caches, please feel free to leave one anytime!
  22. I agree, and a word of advice to our Aussie Geocaching Family about what has happened here in the States with our Micro Spew: DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!
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