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  1. Yup! But get the same Object error? Will try your point 1 and reboot After reboot, same error so something unique here. I sent a test file (not limiting logs as you note) to Michael, the app author, who is also taking a look. Will keep you posted
  2. Tks Hynz but not clear as to point #2. In GSAK how did you limit the extract to your logs only?
  3. Looks really helpful and tried as follows: Generated the gpx out of GSAK that contains ALL finds regardless of type, i.e., geocaches, terracaches and opencaches so that could be the reason. If so, would be great if could include this approach Tks Z
  4. And those that are, in my area, are nothing more then P&Gs
  5. Stay w Bryson I did the AT back in '85 and his book/also see the movie, offers a unique/humerus view of the trail and it's trekkers
  6. Very good point! I have been into this "sport" for some time, both geo & terra, and the shift "up the grid," particularly the T level, can add a whole new level of spice to the interest pot - Make the climb! BTY, taking a break, or slow-down, does help and I can speak from experience. My annual find counts have decreased significantly because my selectivity has increased!
  7. Right A-Team, it's the other log file created
  8. Further, the .txt file is renewed when you load a new set of caches
  9. What does noting the "geocaching_visits.txt" file have to do w your question?
  10. How are you loading the gpx (s), guessing 1 at a time but how?
  11. Yup! There are green dots all over
  12. Go here http://www.cacherstats.com/cgi-bin/RankingList.pl?Lang=EN&Loc=World&ROW=1
  13. Another way is to set auto-renewal then once it's renewed then delete that option
  14. Welcome and enjoy your time If you use Google Earth then add this plug-in. Once activated the GCs will show all over then focus on where you are interested GeocachingNetworkKML.kml Hope helps
  15. ... you prefer to seek caches off trail, off road, ... and challenge both your intelligence and physical state - Reach: "The journey is the reward!"
  16. Z_Statman

    GPS Accuracy

    It is odd to me but I find that if, under normal terrain circumstances, my GPSr comes in +/- 3-6' of GZ but I typically look at the difference between what the unit says is the distance to the stated coords (GZ) and the Error distance, often the true GZ is pretty darn close However, there has been no mention of the CO's unit used when placement and this has considerable effect on the coordinates as compared to another type of unit. So, as someone noted above, the is a time one just needs to put the unit away and "think" My $.02
  17. I have an Oregon 550, a Montana 650 and the Monterra. The latter (Android based) is great for Wherigo and as a "music box" but as a GPSr in general it simply is no good, however, I have read just the opposite for other owners so ......... The Oregon and Montana are very good units thought the sizes and totally different. As some have said, depends on personal preferences so see if you can get one and be able to "play" with it for a few days before you buy
  18. Careful, this is for geocaching.com apps and c:geo (I use it) isn't one so hop over to "https://github.com/cgeo/cgeo/" before you get into trouble
  19. Check these sites http://www.gmaptool.eu/en/content/usa-osm-topo-routable https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ Hope they help Enjoy the trip anf trek
  20. Also have a bike mount but prior did simply hold in hand to view the directional arrow and use a proximity alarm but there is an old saying, "When you trek in the woods don't just look at your GPSr, occasionally one must raise the head and look where going!" (no idea where got it but have several small scars on the farhead proving the intent should be respected)
  21. Bug spray - Deet or the like. Spray shoes and ankles up about 3-4" Keep your eyes alert
  22. Mine come from 2 life "involvements." On the 1 hand, there is/was my 1982 280 Datsun ZXT and then there is my profession - A self-employed applied statistician so putting those together there is z_statman
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