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  1. What are some of your local repeater frequencies criminal? On july 5th I am going up on a mountain just to mess around and see what I hit. I know we have the evergreen intertie and can talk across the state anyway but goofing around on a mountain is fun also.
  2. Along with my vx-6r I just ordered a Yaaesu FT-2900R to toss in the truck. I have got the bug of making antennas and am really surprised what a coathanger and some bailing wire can do.
  3. You should be fine caching in those areas. If you need a hand with anything over here just let me know.
  4. Well I passed my test on the 28th and just got my call sign today. I am KF7QGM. Now to get home and try out my radio.
  5. http://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/article_2550f915-faef-5e07-9a7d-0816b60a5d44.html Another reason for a radio. Test day is May 28th and I swear it will never get here. I am having fun listening to the radio now and learning a few things.
  6. I ordered a VX-6r yesterday from gigaparts and didn't hear anything from them the rest of the day but when I got home I had this email waiting for me. Dear Customer, We have received your order and although our facilities in Huntsville, Alabama are currently without power, we are still operational, all delivery guarantees are still in effect, and your order should arrive on-time. Tracking information may not be avialable until Monday evening. Thank you for your business! They are some of the folks that got hit with a tornado thursday. Even mother nature doesn't want me on the air. I have been studying for the test and I have been getting between 70-74% on them but the real test is on may 28th so I should be able to ace it by then. Cant wait.
  7. Thank you for the study link, I will have to print that out at work. I have always wanted to get my ham license but that blasted morse code requirement always kept me from doing it.
  8. magking1971


    Thank you for the pictures Ambrosia.
  9. Bumped into this today at work, Clicky thing and thought it was funny.
  10. gpscity.com have used them many times and never ever had a problem with them.
  11. Have fun. I spent 2 1/2 weeks doing that all over this state. I slept in my truck at rest areas and old logging roads and traveled real cheap and had a blast doing it.
  12. magking1971


    I met Brian a few times and he was a great guy, helped me a bunch via emails and on the forums. I will miss him.
  13. I learned that of all the local cachers that went I only got to see one person I knew. I wanted to meet a bunch of folks from the forums that went and the only person I bumped into was Nudecacher and he was working the check in booth.(great guy!) I think I met snoogans but he hasnt answered my email yet. All I really know is that it was fun and I think my daughter even had a good time.
  14. Put it in a film can! No just kidding. I like the idea of covering a ammo can with fur and putting a tail and some ears on it.
  15. Anyone know where to find the news on the internet? I didnt want to get to close to them so never noticed where they were from.
  16. I would offer you a ride but I am headed in from spokane sat morning.
  17. this reason or this and this one and now
  18. Some 5 gallon buckets are not that easy to open, just remember those of us with arthritis will just ignore the cache. Think about that when placing a cache please.
  19. Thanks BulldogBlitz, Now my boss wants to know what is so funny.
  20. Thanks 40&8, I always liked your coins.
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