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  1. I retired and I'm moving from Texas to the mountains of SW Virginia to leave the Texas heat and lack of seasons behind and to try my hand at being a gentleman farmer/rancher and maybe even a Kayak Outfitter since the Clinch River is just a couple miles over the mountain from my new place. I've already been in contact with the New Cache Order outta Kingsport, TN. Is anyone else familiar with, from, or living in the area?
  2. Upon further reflection there is one more thing that killed my mojo. I was really enjoying the Geocaching Challenges app when the rug was pulled, and the entire site was DELETED. I can't fathom why the decision was made to delete it. Everyone in my local community were having a lot of fun with it and poof, it's gone.
  3. I love geocaching. There isn't a day that I haven't at least briefly thought about geocaching since 2003. That said, I haven't cached much since 2016. and I managed to achieve an epic slump of 829 days without a find while still keeping in touch with my closest geobuds from all over the world on FB. Two things killed my mojo for geocaching... Willimax's death in Dresden and the community response blaming him for dying while geocaching and my own job as a safety professional for a really big company which finally burned me out in 2021. I retired after 34 years on the job with no regrets. Fast forward 7 months and my micronation of Snooganistan is moving to the 5-state area of SW Virginia while expanding 5-fold + and I'm thinking I can finally give OzGuff a run for his money on hides. I'm definitely more of a hider and event host than a finder. I have a respectable 552 favorite points for someone that basically took a sabbatical from geocaching around the time favorite points were even a thang. I'm interested to see if my mojo lasts. I haven't been this interested in hiding or hosting events in quite a while. We'll see... Oh BTW, what happened to Off Topic? It has way more posts than ANY other forum...
  4. I didn’t quit caching. I think about it almost every day. I still make caches. But I don’t hide them. I went to GeoWoodstock in Fort Worth looking for my mojo. Apparently I didn’t find it. I did one cache on the way home and a few caches and an event in San Diego on a business trip months later... But that’s it. My love of the sport-hobby-activity is not gone but my mojo has eluded me for years. I have some well loved caches and the logs on them often make my whole day. Still, the urge to find caches is not a thing for me and hasn’t been for quite awhile. Is there anyone out there that has lost and relocated their geocaching mojo? (sidebar: this reads like a viagra commercial. Is there a pill I can take to get my mojo back? Lol)
  5. Has it really been 5 1/2 years since I tended the tree??? Skimming around this forum it appears that there is opportunity to identify new branches. i hardly recognize any of the names anymore so this long thread might be enlightening.
  6. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was going to jail for this, I'd have enough money to take my family out to a nice restaurant and leave a good tip. I've been at this since 2007.
  7. You are misinformed. The way most of the laws read and are legally interpreted where coins are considered is that when they are pressed they can no longer be spent as money. To try to do so would be a crime. Pressing coins makes them art and they can be sold, traded or given away as art.. Ask yourself why you find coin presses at every major tourist attraction if it were illegal.....?
  8. Well, that was almost prophetic. Barney was a truly wonderful human being. I'm proud to have known him and had my coins included in one of his works of art. Meeting him was one of the best experiences I ever had geocaching. He was one of a kind and a great loss to the community whether you knew him or not.
  9. Sniff Headed to my 8th GW on Friday and my first one since Joe passed. I think of Joe often and my wife and now 11.5yo son are always a reminder.
  10. Sorry, I moved to the edge of central Texas. I live in Colorado County in the Sovereign Nation of Snooganistan.
  11. Only 19 replies for one of the greatest geocachers to ever participate in this sport? I pronounce this forum dead. Let me tell you about my friend Joe Armstrong. He was already a legend when I started caching in 2003. I had heard about a particular cache he had hidden and I wanted to emulate it, so I contacted him and offered to credit him on the cache page. He wouldn't take the credit and those that know him would know why. Over the years I was lucky enough to cache and hang out with Joe several times having attended 7 GeoWoodstocks and all the planning events for GW4 which is how Joe changed the course of my life. I jumped at the opportunity to attend GW3 in Jacksonville ,Florida, after hearing all about GW2 from Mustard Devil and also having arranged a prank on CarleenP during that event that had geocachers bringing her hundreds of dirty golf balls. By sheer coincidence my niece was living in Naval housing nearly across the street from the event she and her children got to count GW3 as their first find. It was shaping up to be one of the best times of my life. And it was. I made a lot of lifelong friends that day and cemented friendships that started right here in this forum. At the end of the event I found myself in a circle next to Joe as we all wound down the event and talk turned to the next GeoWoodstock and where it might be. What I didn't know at the time was that most of the people in that circle were volunteer reviewers. Joe turned to me and paid me a great compliment. He said, "You are the only prolific poster in the forums that I haven't wanted to strangle at some point... So how about we have the next GeoWoodstock in Texas?" I accepted and handed off the event to the TXGA and took over as the host of the Trackable Station for GW4 which was the largest outcry of angst over GW3's truck bed full of trackables. I was also to host the Meet & Greet for GW4. About a month after GW3 in full on planning for the what we knew would probably be the first ever Mega Event my life changed. I met The Snoogstress and I can honestly say that if I hadn't been planning that event, we never would have met. We got engaged the night befor GW4 after my One Degree of Separation meet & greet. We now have a 7.5yo Snooglet. Rest in peace Joe. You are immortal as long as people remember you and you will be long remembered.
  12. If I had typed it in I would have gotten a taken by another user message. The ZB account predates mine. It was one of Bassonpilot's many sock puppet accounts. Well there's a name from the distant past... I wish I remembered all of my sock puppet accounts.... Soylent Green is the only one I remember well...
  13. That's way cool. I almost always wilderness hike alone.
  14. I love that graphic... going to see if I can grab it without the watermark and use it. If you manage to do it, email a copy to me... Please.
  15. Security of your vehicle is another concern. Always lock the vehicle, take your valuables with you, and hide anything else you won't be taking. Sometimes cache pages will alert you to crime in the nearby parking area. I found a shortcut to the APE cache and parked there during GW8, because crime at the trailhead parking was rampant and mentioned on all the nearby cache pages. I had more than 5k worth of electronics and other stuff with me on my nearly 9000 mile journey that I didn't want to lose and no hotel room until later that day, so I found a spot .3 from the cache and hiked up from there. The trail parking was like 4+ miles away. Needles to say, my car didn't get hit, but plenty other people lost stuff that day and over the weekend. A few people overheard my plan and we met either at the cache or on the way back. I saved my stuff and an 7+ mile hike and had the rest of the day to play.
  16. The Incredibles activated the Snoog Signal.... Depends on what you are doing outdoors. I have a geocaching safety page on Facebook: Responsible Geocaching Safety & Preparedness... https://www.facebook.com/Geocaching.Safety Other than what the OP listed.... Hydration is probably the most important thing you can address. I use pee charts and recognizing the symptoms of heat related illness. Here is a long read on the subject but well worth your time. Identifying poisonous plants, insects, spiders, and snakes. How to perform a tick check. Signaling- carry a whistle, cell phone etc. Knowing your own physical limitations. I get most of my material on this subject from the CDC/NIOSH website @ CDC.gov. Everything you need is there including how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
  17. What exactly are you talking about? How does posting give one power? That term makes me think of a few people that post or posted a lot and then felt like they wielded some sort of power over other users. I had one actually ask me if I felt intimidated by him via pm because I dared to disagree in a conversation he thought he was in control of. That was a knee slapper. Still makes me smile at the delusion. There are people on this forum with real power (to banish or edit) with 20k+ to 30k+ posts that are mostly helpful and polite and I don't think of them as power posters. Same thing happens with find counts and some personality types more often. I avoid folks that think think their find count makes them somebody. because hey, I'm a billionaire many times over at Monopoly and mass murderer with over a quarter million confirmed kills on Call of Duty, but I can't cash that in for a yacht or a Congressional Medal of Honor. I guess I just don't get it?
  18. I found out about this website on the Vermilion Valley Resort website. I was hunting my first cache and getting my first DNFs less than 12 hours later. I've introduced my family, coworkers, and friends, but none of them stuck with it. I have a sister and a nephew that cache on occasion, but never log their finds. My 6yo son loves caching, but he really only wants toys and time with me. He is not very good at finding caches. I blame his cache finding handicap on his mother who is 100% muggle and a Potter fan that absolutely hates that we use the term muggle. My geocaching family tree is a rocky place where the geocaching seed can find no purchase.
  19. Yeah. A few years back a cacher got shot. I wanna say it was Arizona or NM. The shooting was on public land and the shooter went to jail. The story is here somewhere...
  20. Yep. It's always fun to attend events while traveling. If there isn't one that fits into my schedule, I'll host one of my own. I've hosted my Snoogandipity events in several states. I will be hosting one in San Diego on 9/18.
  21. 10 to 15% bleach and water and soak the entire container for at least a couple days. That and Krylon fusion paint (for plastic) will eliminate the smell forever.
  22. I've found arrow heads and a really cool flint hand ax/scraper near Bastrop,Texas when I was a kid. My aunt had a friend with Indian mounds on it that he excavated as a hobby. He let me keep what I found. In NM I found pottery shards from the Anasazi and grinding holes. Illegal to keep Anasazi relics in NM. Took pics and put em right back where we found them. In California, there are Paiute petroglyphs and grinding holes near one of my caches in the Long Valley caldera. Never found a fossil animal or plant. That would be cool.
  23. Very cool! I would trade for one of those in an instant! Yep. Me too.
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