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  1. Hi, I am using an iFinder, and contemplating swapping my unit out for another one. Is it possible to upload the waypoints I have saved from my Lowrance somewhere so I am able to retrieve them to add to my new unit? I do not know which one I will be getting, if any, at this point, and I use a mac, thanks!
  2. It was $99, same as a regulr eTrex. It doesn't look any different, but i think it mentioned that it was WAAS capable on the box. I didn't really read it, as I have owned a yellow before, and it was the same price.
  3. Cache owners often don't get out to visit their caches for months at a time - sometimes longer for remote caches. The online logs help them judge the traffic at the cache and provide important information about the cache's condition and maintenance requirements. The paper logbooks have also been known to disappear, or be destroyed by water and natural events like forest fires, so its entirely possible that the owner will never get to see the logbook. Tons? Realistically speaking there are very few good reasons. The majority of people who geocache are technology literate. The sport draws these people by its very nature. Most of the rest are at least able to access a website and log a find. Honestly, how many people can figure out how to operate a GPS, but not how to log a cache? Yeah, I guess there are a handful. Once again we are back to the game, and how it's perceived by the individual. It's not required that you log in both places, heck, it's not required you log at all. Sure the rules may say it, but I can go find as many caches as I want and never log at all. Sure, everyone is somewhat technology literate, and can log, but how many people want to. it doesn't spoil your playing if you don't let it. So yeah, there are tons of reasons, just as there are tons for logging.
  4. Yeah, this is the second eTrex yellow I have owned, I was kind of surprised that it supported WAAS, when I didn't remember the other one I had doing so. FWIW, I got it at Target, along with a video, I think it was called an adventure pack or something, I was hoping for something besides a video
  5. I was checking to see if my eTrex was up to date, and the latest version they offer on the site is 2.14, while my eTrex tells me it's running v3.0. It just seems weird that there is such a large gap, and no updates in between. Anyone have any sort of answer?
  6. How is it rude that they don't electronically log the find? The purpose of the log book is to communicate with the cache owner, as well as the futire finders in the field. Some folks might be completely computer illeterate, and have family, friends etc find listings for them, they might have limited access to the listing site (library, friends computer, etc), some might just feel like it's redundant to write something in a book, then recap that on the site. There are tons of reasons to not log online, but short of robbing a cache, I wouldn't call it rude.
  7. I think it's a great idea he's selling this container and it's coordinates. I'm sure someone will bid on it just to get a FTF Then bitch at Jeremy because they can't get the number added to their stats
  8. I would use common sense here. For instance, there have recently been some robberies at ATM machines by some guy in a skeleton mask, not a good idea to hide a cache now (Raleigh, NC), but in othr areas, maybe so.
  9. Exactly right. As much as this hobby appeals to me and a few others I know, there are many, many more people that I've introduced to geocaching who have no interest in actually going out on their own. It's like any hobby - not everyone is into it. And don't forget - people come, but people go, too. Yeah, like me. i'll cache for a while, then drop off completely, pick it up again later
  10. Surely everyone knew these would become paperweights? I've never even seen one
  11. If all you use it for is basic scheduling and caching, then get an older, monochrome unit. Same basic PDA functionality, readable anywhere. Oh yeah, and cheap I have a handspring visor deluxe. I think they an be had for $20 or less.
  12. It'll be ok. Perhaps, if it becomes a problem, there can be a cleansing of accounts. That might be hard though, do you need to log in to search for caches?
  13. I think it would be a good idea, and would visit if it were close. I've got a Zelda cartridge my kids broke I could get me a new game for
  14. I had one up to about 60k before, It stayed in my work van
  15. I go through caching spells. I'll do a whole lot real fast, then stop for 6 months or so, might even sell my receiver, then get another and start alll over again...
  16. I get stuff to trade out of my kids rooms.... Well, they do
  17. I would guess that one of the Zombies easing around the night before had some body parts fall off.
  18. I just purchased my first lowrance (the iFinder h20), I thought i would try them out because of the availability of Fishing Hot Spots on more than 2 units (the 2 i registered with Garmin are sold! The software is useless now), and because it'll look sporty beside my depthfinder on the boat My question is this: On the homepage of lowrance.com, they are giving away free enhanced lake maps, and show a comparison to those vs. the mapcreate maps. If i had a card and a card reader, could I just load these enhanced maps onto the card, install it into the iFinder, and use it that way, or is the mapcreate software required?
  19. I put it all out front, mostly on my website. I think nobody cares enough to bother other folks, and it's worked for me so far. having my addy and telephone number isn't much anyway, it's in the phone book.
  20. dampeoples


    Mine started at 2, 4, and 6 Not much lately though, busy holiday season, new job, etc
  21. I'm being forced to clear house due to financial troubles, and one of the unnecessary things i have lying around include my Rino 120. Listed here at eBay. I appreciate you looking, and hopefully my luck will turn for the better soon. I work for the Postal Service, and transmissions are expensive...
  22. Good guess. The inmates are cleared out of yard and common areas at 3:30, and locked down at 4:00 for count. I used to work at a prison in TN, and count time was my favorite, especially the peace and quiet waiting on it to clear
  23. I've decided to give up micro caches as well, I've found enough, thank you Besides, I rarely cache without the kids, and I love to see them when the cache is opened.
  24. Wow... concerned cops. I've seen a broken-down truck sit on the side of the highway for 9 days here without so much as a sideways glance from the constabulary.... What do you want them to do? If there are no people in/around it, and assuming it's off the road, they should just keep going, the tow truck is supposed to pick those up
  25. I think about caching when the mail route takes me right by a virtual, that count?
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