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  1. Thanks! Exactly what I am looking for.... well for the mac. Now we need to get this out to the iPod Touch...
  2. I am looking for software like GSAK for the iMac and for iPod Touch. Any ideas?
  3. Vacman

    Nero Cointest

    Hey I recognize #33....
  4. Yep - I just made an online purchase for the Magellan eXplorist XL - $295 no shipping.
  5. Steve - You guys are scaring me. I literally just ordered my eXplorist XL about 20 minutes ago.... I ordered up the Nuvi 650, but only now realize that it has no ability to display coords. It is great for driving to cache area.... but my old Mag has finally bit the dust. Hopefully I have made a good purchase...
  6. N6IDF and K6SNE Per N6UZS (and I quote from the SoCal Geocaching web site): ust a minor clarification on what transpired here. Mike and Dave were on the end of the month All Day transmitter Hunt. There were 4 transmitters in ammo cans transmitting from these locations: T4 Weldon N35 37.452 / W118 20.294 On Brooks Rd about 1/4 mile past (south) the last residence T10 Cook's Peak road N35 37.097 / W118 25.600 On Cook's Peak Rd about half way up from Squirrel Mountian Valley T2 North shore N35 41.000 / W118 25.500 On Serria Way about 1 mile west of Stine Cove recreational area T11 Sawmill Rd N35 39.914 / W118 33.425 On Sawmill Rd about 2 miles west of Wagy Falt Rd The only reason why "GPS treasure hunt" was mentioned by the sheriff to the media was because the hider had the coords to all of his transmitters. This was provided to assist the search and rescue teams search the right areas. I highly doubt they were involved in any kind of official cache hunt as they weren't into caching that I know of. They last checked on the radio or by cell at 8pm Saturday night and the hunt had started at 10am Saturday from Palos Verdes. This particular hunt was only meant to last 10-12 hours but hunters will stay out all night driving the mountain roads looking for the transmitters. For more info and updates on pending services please contact Steve N6XFC at nsixxfc@cox.net. I knew Mike and Dave since about 1994 and have hunted with the 2 of them many times. They will sorely be missed. Dave was married a couple of years ago and his wife just had a new baby about 8-9 months ago. Mike was unmarried. Mike was driving his beloved 1991 Jeep Cherokee at the time of the crash. He had just spent the past several months doing major repair and body work to it and was looking forward to participating in the May All Day Hunt.
  7. posted 5/29/06 LAKE ISABELLA - A crash has claimed the life of two people near Lake Isabella over the holiday weekend. According to the California Highway Patrol, two men were participating in a GPS (Global Positioning System) treasure hunt that began in San Bernardino county Saturday. The Highway Patrol said the two men were given GPS coordinates to locate and follow a course. After they failed to make it to a check point, they were reported missing. Just before 2 a.m. Monday, search and rescue teams located the crash site. They hit a canyon wall and veered back across cook peak road and then plunged down a steep cliff, according to CHP. The men were driving a 1991 Jeep Cherokee. Although, their names have not been released, one is 35-years-old and the other is 46-years-old. Both men are from Southern California, one from Yukipa and the other from Anaheim. http://www.kget.com/news/local/story.aspx?...1F-061E11A04216
  8. How did your old app work with Members Only caches, where you have always needed to be logged in? If it's only a couple of caches a week, then there are several easy solutions for you. One is to manually put the coords into a database that your app can use from then on. Two caches a week doesn't seem like a big imposition. But easier still, you can just add the caches that your coins visit to a bookmark list, and get the PQ of that list delivered to you every week. Then you have all the coords automatically. I actually had it scripted so it would send me an e-mail if it recieved a strange response from the GC site. I then would manually retrieve the info. For now I have simply deleted this feature. No big deal...
  9. Hmm - Crawling almost implies trawling... The way it worked before is that a coin would be logged, and my script would look up the wapoint for the last cache the coins was in as well as the new one, get the lat/lon from that page then I used my own algo to compute distances... I guess it could be construed as a crawl - all of two pages when a coin is logged (about 2 a week). Oh well - guess it will have to go... Heck, I would even be willing to pay to have access to this ability....
  10. Wondering if anyone has figured out a way to grab waypoints from a cache page to compare distances. Here is the senerio. People can log my Vacman geocoins on my site, and for a couple of years I was able to track the distances these coins traveled. Now that GC requires a user to be logged in to view WP info, it will no longer work My system is now broken (in this regard only). I hate to take this feature off my site, but I might have to if I can't figure another way to do it.
  11. As a catagory manager I decided that Webfoot had a valid point and I have changed the rule for my catagory. You now can log muiltple waypoints for my type. I can't answer for the others, but for me it makes sense..... "Rack 'em up, boys!"
  12. In my area there are 120 caches listed within a 5.6 mile radius (keep in mind that some of this area is ocean), out of those 120, 11 are puzzle caches... there is nothing more frustrating than knowing that your "perfect" circle of found caches is polluted by a puzzle cache you can't solve....
  13. Yeah - I sent you an e-mail this morning. Lets do this!
  14. My best was 24 last year in Vegas (in a six hour period). I am going to be back there in a couple of weeks and I am hoping to double that number.
  15. I am looking for any cachers that live in or are visting or are nearby Kashiwa, Japan. for the cache Sister Cities Cache Any takers?
  16. I believe that I am muggling this Marwelled topic right now....
  17. FTP on Christmas?! Merry Christmas!
  18. You can checl out my site - I wrote all the php and use MySQL for the database. Currently have 165 coins out in the wild. I can help you with your php cpoding for this if you need any... Vacman's Geocaching Page
  19. Bush Prepares for Possible GPS Shutdown What do you think about it?
  20. You can also have it remember your login/password this way all you have to do is .... err... login...
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