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Gettin' a Jeep Wrangler Next year. Saving every cent I get from my after school job for it. :P

Cool man. Keep it up. I bought a Cadillac when I was 17... had to work and save and work and save and never go out, but I got my Caddy. It wasn't a new one, but it was the one I wanted.


Anyone remember a movie like that? A kid in the 50's buys a new pink Cadillac and his life proceeds to go into the dump and he wrecks the car. I saw it a long time ago, and can never remember the name.



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Rover, I did a double-take there for a min when I read your message. We also have a poppy red Series IIa as one of our geocaching vehicles. Mine looked like yours before we put on the roof rack...



1969 Land Rover Series IIa 88


(in addition to the '76 Forward Control 101 & '72 Series III 109.. and 2003 Discovery.. and probably another vintage LR in the future... these things are so addicting!) B)

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