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  1. Really? And how did you find that out? Sounds like a MAGOR BUG. It won't cut access until you delete the forums.Groundspeak.com cookie or log out.
  2. I hiked Rattlesnake Ridge March 27. I only found one cache because I was in quite a hurry to get to the other side of the mountain. I thought the trail would be snow free, but there was about six inches starting at about 3000 feet, covering both summits. Once you get toward the middle of the trail, there isn't much use so it can be kind of slippery. I would suggest Yak Trax or other traction devices.
  3. The closest 100 to my house: Traditional: 77 Multi: 11 Puzzle: 11 Virtual: 0 Disabled: 9 Micro: 34 Small: 28 Regular: 34 Large: 0 Unspecified: 4 I remember when I started this area had a lot more multi caches and very few micros. I didn't realize that the sizes were so balanced with the closest 100 because I found most of them a while ago and now the caches I go for farther away from home are predominantly micros. A lot of the smalls and micros I find seem unneeded to me or I think that they could easily hide a regular sized cache in the same area.
  4. I got an email from the owner of the cache that I found. It turns out the note that was posted on my cache page was copied and pasted from one of their mystery caches. What's weird though is that the code word you have to use to decrypt their puzzle is different than the one that the code cracking software found.
  5. The other day I got an email from VT_EMT saying he had solved the strange code: "I decoded it. It's a Vigenere square cipher w/ a random a keyword. But w/ some of my utilites I was able to decode it." The email goes on to list what the code decrypted into...coordinates. I've been really puzzled by the whole deal and excited at the same time to go see what was at the coordinates. Today I went to the coordinates which led me to a bench. Under the bench was a pre-existing cache which many logs inside. I emailed the owner of several mystery caches in the area to see if it was one of their caches that the coordinates led to. The whole deal is very strange and just has me utterly perplexed as to why someone would encrypt the final coordinates for someone's mystery cache and post it as a note on an entirely different cache.
  6. So the other day I received an email notifying me of this strange log on my cache. I'm not really sure what to make of it. It's encrypted in ROT13 but even decrypted it still makes no sense. The cacher recently made his account and logged two caches but hasn't been on since and never replied to my email asking about the log. I know the easy thing to do would be just to delete it, but it's just so weird that I wanted your take on it.
  7. I'm 19 and typically cache by myself. I have taken at least eight of my friends caching and they've all enjoyed it, but they'll probably never get into caching like I am.
  8. I was taught knife safety when I was about seven. If you're worried about 10 year olds stabbing each other, I think they should be taught knife safety as well. Parents are so paranoid about these dangers to their kids, the solution should be showing them how to properly use a knife and tell them the dangers of knife misuse.
  9. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." -Michael Scott-
  10. That is one of the coolest ideas for a geocache I've ever seen. I'm jealous that I can't come and find it. Keep up the good work!
  11. People must be finding a lot of caches this weekend.
  12. There is yet another thread about it here. According to the Wikipedia article, it's located in Spain and closed to hikers because of several deaths.
  13. I agree with the two above cachers. I think that the locationless caches back in the day had some quality and we did complete them when they were included. Locationless reminds me of a simpler time of caching.
  14. No Comment....just read the last few logs on this cache. That's pretty sick. I think the OP will have to rethink what he believes to be crap.
  15. Do you mean a list like: Soggy log Broken Pencil Unidentifiable Ointment McDonald's Toys Three Pennies I don't think it's really necessary. Besides, I think part of the fun of caching is the surprise of what I might find in the cache.
  16. I usually trade for travel bugs, even if I can only move them a mile or two closer to their goal. I like to keep the bugs moving so the owner knows it's not going to be stuck in a cache for three months. I think that if you guys are going to be going near its goal soon you should definitely grab the bug and send an email to the owner letting them know you'll be holding onto it for a couple of weeks until you go to the destination.
  17. There is a very good one in my area where you have to solve a puzzle that gives you the call number of a book in the library. The book is marked as reference so it can't be checked out. The cache is definitely one of my favorites.
  18. I used to find knives all the time when I first started caching, but in more recent years I rarely see any. It must be regional.
  19. I saw the end of it. My dad yelled for me because there was "geocaching on tv." I didn't really catch exactly what they were doing but it sure looked cold.
  20. 19, caching since I was 13.
  21. Not to start something but there are always reasons why a log was not signed. Have you ever lost or forgot to grab the pen on the way there? It has happened to me before. I've done that a couple of times. Usually I go back with a writing implement and sign the log. Once I hiked .6 of a mile back to the car, got a pencil, hiked .6 of a mile back to the cache and signed the log. On another occasion I charred the end of a stick and used that to sign the log, it was near a mile back to the parking. If you don't sign my log you didn't find my cache. Period! Now, once again, if you keep re-logging the cache page after a deletion I'm not going to make a big stink out of it. I know you are lame and you know you are lame. It's a game and I'm not going to get worked up over it. I may mention it in conversation to other cachers I know. That way we can all have a good laugh at your expense. (note-You, as used in this post, refers to the great anonymous you that is often used for an example. What, are you paranoid?) (note-That last note was a joke. It may be a lame one but the least you could do is give me a little chuckle so as not to hurt my feeling.) (note-This is the last note as it just goes down hill from here.) I never ever log my finds unless I've signed the log. If I don't sign it, I won't log it. Usually I have a pen with me but on occasions I have had to go back to get one. If the paper in the cache is too wet, I tear some paper off my cache page. I just don't see why the sport has turned around so much.
  22. Anonymous'


    TNC=Transient near cache.
  23. I just map out caches and try to find the most dense clusters so I won't have to do too much driving once I get there. If gas was back to 1.19 a gallon I'm pretty sure I'd be out caching every day.
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