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  1. I personally think that GC should be free from religious interaction, as the U.S. government is SUPPOSED to be. I mean, does anyone remember what it was called when the church interacted with everything? the dark ages..... regardless of which religion, no matter of how virtuous or noble the cause the seperation of church and the ruling body is paramount
  2. try to keep in mind that if you are in cold afflicted state that your idea may not be winter friendly....
  3. -you've been stopped by a cop in a park - you have fantasies about caching with people you've only met in the forums - you cache instead of study for law school finals - you cache after finals are over to relieve that stress - you get really worked up over such things as 'land maintinence policies' - you had to choose between either 4x4 or good gas mileage on a more/harder cache schedule -you've ever searched 'geocaching' on e-bay just out of curiousity -youre glad to have three hours between classes -you're friends and family shop at a army surplus store for your presents -you can, at this very moment, physically touch your gps'r from where you are sitting -
  4. i put a cache inside a birdhouse alongside a trail recently and locked it with a padlock.....someone decided they really wanted it so they destroyed the birdhouse but left the combo lock in place just a thought.....
  5. thanks jim......how is pere la chaise working out for you?
  6. I was thinking the near same thing last night about listing restaurants last night but I see exactly where Divine is coming from. Next thing you know we'll all be b#@$hing about some guy who marked the walmart food court as a recommended restarurant. p.s. Red Lobster is a seafood joint and its only edible food is its biscuits (IMHO)
  7. note to Mopar, lighten up it was a joke about Alaska's population not crime statistics, of which I am quite aware of how they are calculated otherwise try taking up This for defense against two legged monsters
  8. this whole situation kinda reminds me of something that I witnessed back after I graduated high school(in 1999) I graduated and decided to do a back packing tour with a company that runs out of SF. back packing company Anyhow, the tours are mostly european and asian students who use the tour as a cheap way to see small town America, the particular tour I went on was the national parks loop that went to all the major parks out west in 19 days. At one of the parks (i dont remember which one now) It was sweltering hot and after a couple hours in the bus everyone wanted to get out and cool down. Where the bus had parked we were just a short walk to a natural beach that was overlooked by one of the busy park roads (very public) Without a second thought the europeans and asians went to the beach, stripped naked and began to frolic in the cool water, all of which was easily viewed from the road overlooking this beach. Us prudish american few stood at the waters edge and had to yell at everyone in the water that public nudity was illegal in America AND that they were causing a traffic jam on the road opposite. The morals of the story: America is prude about nudity (and sex) and that naked women can cause a traffic jam. I love America but I do wish we were more european in some ways
  9. ya.....alaska has a low crime rate....and so does space....about the same population as well
  10. sorry, I read the original post quickly and didnt catch the part about treating Ireland as a whole.....i thought it quite dubious to seperate the reviewers into north ireland and south as they are kinda disproportionate.....
  11. maybe there is something deeper going on here.....maybe its an israeli/palestinian kinda thing that we americans are unable to fully comprehend?!? if not than if they are doing a good job where is the reason for change?
  12. didnt everybody start up an extra account at the beginning to use for such a purpose?
  13. for the record thats a load of malarky as I (as a straight not narrow male) frequently attend lesbian bar's with my girlfriends and never have any problems
  14. soooo.....ummmm....if someone was interested in finding one of these parks....for ummmmm RESEARCH purposes where would one look?
  15. sounded like a sock puppet to me.....a very poor use of one at that
  16. maybe $10000.00 for the screwdriver used on the plane.....
  17. True, but then you have mass transport and a country that'll fit into a corner of near about any state! -a colonist
  18. My local reviewer "Rusty" has always been fair, helpful, and friendly. Now the rest of those nutso reviewers I cannot speak for......
  19. my last post was kind of a joke.....i live near detroit for crise sake no subways no light rail (we do have the people mover, people from detroit laugh here) and home to the gas guzzling three all hail big oil! and my subie does just fine in the ground clearance, snow driving and gas mileage categories thankyou very much
  20. I dont mind paying 2.35 a gallon in mich because i dont drive an suv and those people need to be punished for their consumptionist ways!
  21. a great website for rescue dogs if it hasnt been mentioned before petfinder
  22. but seriously its a fun low cost alternative to going out to the bar or coffee place, its healthy too!
  23. geocaching is a great date idea! 'hey baby, wanna go out in the middle of the woods (where noone can hear you) with me while we look for a mysterious treasure.....' the pepper spray doesnt really hurt all that much either
  24. The buildings entrance can be an exact cord is that sufficient? The building is quite permanent. ok so its a large building but what if the object was to get your picture taken in a specific place in the building? There are only 51 of these in the country, and it sure does have a wow factor. The childrens museum has many many questions that can be asked of it and so does the rest of the building. There are two amazing places to take a picture in this building, or as a substitute answers from the museum. It's a government building with security concerns. And the point of making it a virtual is to highlight it's signifigance, to make it a mere 'step' on the way to a keyholder seems to be an insult to the magnificence of the location. Parking is free in the buildings own parking lot but it is in a downtown area that has parking meters
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