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  1. I can't see the cache page, but are you merely assuming that the guess method works? Did anyone actually write in the logs that they guessed and guesses with the coordinate checker until they found the answer?
  2. Like I said I meant to read the logbook, But as you can see I've only been there twice since then and I forgot both times. It's not exactly a high-maintenance cache. Things move slow for Acrophobia, I am going to actually request that the next group going through clear out all travelers, and only "dip" new travelers, because it is somewhat of a travel bug prison. Never meant to strongly imply that you were a liar, as I said, your post made me initially suspect that you thought it was a liar's cache.
  3. "I am playing a game. I'm looking for a game piece and I wanted people to ignore me, so I put this stuff on." Cops are students of human nature, and they are taking advanced classes daily. Any one of them would likely understand exactly how the public would react to someone dressed in that getup vs. someone in plain clothes. Not breaking the law or being unsafe? You're probably fine.
  4. I had someone log one of my caches in a way that made me think that THEY THOUGHT it was a liar's cache, and that they had never actually found it, but thought the idea was to just make up a wild story and log a find. The cache is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d2-a8034026c1bf His log mentions aliens and everything. Perhaps he doesn't believe that people are willing to do that for a cache? I never did check for his name in the logbook. Maybe next time I go I will check.
  5. Cacheopedia: How to use Google Earth to accurately display geocaches
  6. Get a C compiler or just learn a little C syntax and figure it out in your head. Here is a little bit to get you started. int E[] = {9,8,7,6,5,4,0x3}; Translation: E is an array of integers. E[0] = 9, E[1] = 8, E[2] = 7, etc. for(i=0;i<=6;i++){ if (E>8) { E = E-1; }else{ E = E+1; } } Translation: For all values of i between 0 and 6, do this: If E is greater than 8, set E to one less than it is. Otherwise set E to one greater than it is. 0x3 is just another number, you will want to look up hexadecimal notation to figure that one out.
  7. Hard drives ARE magnetic storage, that is WHY they get screwed up in a magnetic field. PDAs don't have hard drives, with the exception of the Palm LifeDrive, they have flash memory, which is electronic, not magnetic.
  8. The terrain rating is supposed to rate the terrain. If the rope is provided to you or not is irrelevant. The fact that the terrain is so dangerous that a rope is needed to traverse safely makes it a level 5 terrain rating. Ownership of said rope is irrelevant.
  9. Something that expands the finder's circle of experience. Good: "I've never been here before, and it's a cool place." Better: "I never knew that!" Best: "I never thought I would ever do THAT in my life!"
  10. Ruger P89 in a Hidden Ally holster by High Noon Holsters
  11. If you loaded all the palm syncing software on your computer, you should be able to queue files for installation on your palm simply by double-clicking them. Go into the folder where you stored the cachemate zip contents, and double-click on all the files you want to install, don't forget the files from the T3 subfolder, and then put your pal;m in the cradle and hit the sync button
  12. This was a DNF So then I eventually archived the cache. It was a lame micro anyway and appeared lost. AFTER I archived the cache, they posted this, using the same date as their DNF.: My reaction was basically "I have read of this. . ."
  13. Just wanted to give props to two recent finders of my cache Acrophobia. Oh, and here's to starting early:
  14. Friday, January 13, 2006 Found it BigWhiteTruck found Let's Play Chicken (Traditional Cache) Stopped by to play chicken after work. My second cache of this type. Didn't have a writing utensil so I poked my initials into the log sheet with my knife. TFTC
  15. Remember, the ratings end at 5. People complaining about the ratings being too low need to wonder why this cache: and this cache: have the same terrain rating. . .
  16. If it is getting worse and not better, then the inflammatory oil is probably still on something like your clothes and boots or walking stick and you are repeating your exposure to it. You shoulld thoroughly wash anything that you had with you on the day of contact. Anything that can't be washed should be at least wiped down with alcohol. This article may help: Cacheopedia article on poison Ivy
  17. We could turn it into one. . . I carry most of the above plus a Ruger P89. Normally, it would be my duty to harass the person who brought a "small blunt object" to defend themselves against coyotes, however on most of the other forums I frequent, I would get harassed for carrying a 9MM in the woods, instead of a 44MAG or something more powerful
  18. I have always found that calling it a game is advantageous when describing just "what the hell are you doing?" to the police at o-dark-thirty.
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