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  1. Hi folks! I have been having some major medical problems lately and it has been hard for me to get outside and do any maintenance on my caches. I really don't want my caches turning into geo-trash but it is nearly impossible for me to do anything outdoors right now. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to either adopt my caches or at least help with clean up so someone else can place caches in the area. If you can volunteer for clean up, I wouldn't want the cache back. You can use the containers for yourself or just simply throw them away. All of the caches are in Aurora, except for one that is in Denver. Please email me at imajika@dr.com if you can help me out. I appreciate it and, hopefully, I will be out there caching again soon! Thanks!
  2. If you visit http://jeep.geocaching.com/contest/ you will see that there are monthly photo/essay contests. A winner is chosen each month to win 'jeep gear' (hats, tshirts, keychains, etc.). For this contest, you have to find a jeep TB. You don't have to enter a photo/essay or even find a jeep TB to win the jeep though. Plus you only need to enter once because entries roll over. One jeep has all ready been won (unknown who won) and there was another drawing today. From their site: There are 3 Entry Periods – Entry Period #1: 5/3/04 – 7/22/04 (Drawing Date: 8/15/04); Entry Period #2: 7/23/04 – 10/10/04 (Drawing Date: 10/15/04); Entry Period #3: 10/11/04 – 12/31/04 (Drawing Date: 1/7/05). All Entry Periods begin at 12:01 AM ET & end at 11:59 PM ET. Non-winning entries from one drawing will roll-over into subsequent drawings. Since anyone can enter the contest to win the jeep, I am assuming no one from gc.com won. I don't see a winner's page on the web site. I think it is kind of funny how people went out of their way to get jeep TB's. All you can win with one is 'jeep gear'. To win the actual jeep, anyone can go fill out an entry form at the web site.
  3. The CITO this year and the end of summer get together were posted under my name because I honestly didn't know any better. I wanted the event to be posted well in advance and I wanted it posted right away. I wasn't made aware of the CACHE login on gc.com until we were at the end of summer event and CoAdmin told me what it was. Both of the events under my name were sponsered, authorized CACHE events. Keep in mind that the two previous events were posted under my user name but the 'owner' was listed as CACHE (no periods). I will be posting the December event under the CACHE login. So, calling CACHE a 'lame duck' because there are no events/meetings is not approprite in my opinion . There have been events this year (including the one in the Springs a few weeks ago) that were organized by one or two individuals but were sponsered by CACHE. And as for forums, well, let me speak from experience (experience related to an MMORPG I play): Our guild has a web site and for a long time, we offered forums for our guild members. The sad truth is, no one posted on the forums enough to make it worthwhile. Any guild news was sent via email. We asked our guild members (120 people) what they thought of the forums (should they stay or go). Guild members told us that the forums should go. Why? Because any news was sent via email and people preferred the official game forums instead. They preferred the 'official game forums' because they could reach a wider audience with any game concerns, comments, etc. they had. Our guild forums were shut down shortly afterwards. I think this is the issue the CACHE forums are facing. People just prefer to discuss things via email or on the official gc.com forums instead. They prefer to discuss things amongst several thousand people instead of 50 people. Then again, this is just my opinion based on previous experience. Maybe if the forums were revamped, things would change. Since Cdirt has been so busy lately, if you know anyone that would like to rework the web site, please have them contact me. I am willing to provide the server space and pay for it with my own money. I would offer to rework the site on my own but I am only skilled in HTML. I don't know anything about java programming or php stuff. Or, if no one minds plain old HTML programming, I can start working on the site now...we can still have forums (with a secondary company to manage them for us) and I can offer to run a mailing list that would alert members to any upcoming events, etc. Just let me and CoAdmin know what you want and we can work with you. If anyone else from CACHE is reading this, please give us your opinions, ideas and suggestions. Unfortunately, I can't read minds so I have no idea what everyone wants. All you need to do is let me know! Thanks!
  4. List your event! You never know how many people will show until you list it. Or do what I did. I posted in the regional forums first, asking if anyone would be interested in attending (just to get a feel for how many people might show up). I got a good response so I went from there.
  5. I have also offered to let Cdirt use my web space for the CACHE site (and help him update it when necessary). I even offered to buy more space if they need it and foot the monthly bill. I organized the End of Summer CACHE bash which was posted on the gc.com site. About 50 people attended and it was a great event. I am currently organizing the December event (which will be at my friends bar/billiards club since it will be too cold to be outside...and yes, it is being reserved just for us). I tend to organize our events in the Aurora area because that is where I live and I get discounts through the City of Aurora on park rentals because I work for them. If anyone else wants to organize an event elsewhere, I would definitely attend!
  6. Or if you have Microsoft Streets and Trips, you can enter the cache coordinates and it will put a pin on the map. You can then have the software change the map for display on the web. That's what I do and it works great! Just a suggestion!
  7. Imajika


    Actually, only the members of my team that went on the hunt can log the cache as a find. Any members that were not there that day, cannot log it as a find. The story of my team: Some friends got me into geocaching, I told some other friends about it and we started caching together frequently. So we named our team and here we are. There are 7 of us on my team. Sometimes we cache alone, sometimes we cache in a group. Because of our work schedules, all seven of us have never been together at the same time to cache. It normally ranges between 1-4 of us caching together. We do not have a 'team' account because we don't always cache as a team. Each of us have individual accounts and we log our finds individually. We just sign each log with our username and team name so everyone knows what team we are on. Mine are always signed: -Imajika, Team Yatta
  8. I use a Palm Tungsten E (cost me $175.00 US). I use it with Cachemate ($7.00 and worth EVERY PENNY!). This system really works for me and I love it.
  9. http://www.wantedfonts.com/ All fonts there are free and there are a lot of good ones.
  10. I have a 60cs and it is VERY easy to see in all the lighting conditions I have encountered so far (in the house, outside during the day, outside at night, when it's cloudy, etc.)
  11. You don't need to cut and paste logs into Word. Pull up the cache page and hit the button that says, "There are other logs, view them all on one page" (may not be the exact wording but you get the idea). From there use your web browser to search for the location. I typically just search for 'Colorado' and 'CO'. It makes it a lot easier! I am sure you could search by coords too.
  12. My name is Brenna and I did not win anything (here, at least). I enter a lot of sweepstakes (another hobby of mine). A lot of times I will get notification that I won 'something'. First, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to receive the prize in the mail. Just be patient, it will get there! Second, sometimes the people that notify you that you won don't know exactly what you have won (unless you won the grand prize). The prize distribution people will decide. In most cases, it is a tshirt, hat, mousepad or some sort of 'prize package' that contains all of those items and more. Anyway, congrats on your win and let us know what you got when it comes in the mail!
  13. I use EasyGPS and download .gpx files from geocaching.com. EasyGPS sends the waypoints to the GPS with cache icons (closed treasure chests) just fine. Try .gpx files instead and make sure your GPS has 'geocaching mode' set up. When you mark a cache as 'found' , the icon changes to an open treasure chest.
  14. Well, if you are going to do it, just let people know that the cache is in a cemetery so they can decide if they want to find it or not. If the cemetery is a private, family cemetery (not abandoned) I would ask for permission first. I also wouldn't hide a cache on or near someone's grave. I would hide one along the fenceline at the edge of the cemetery...or even on the fenceline outside the cemetery near the entrance or by a tree near the cemetery. If it's outside the cemetery bounds and on public property, you should be fine...just recommend that cache finders visit the cemetery if you want to. All of the cemetery caches I have found were virts so I've never seen it done before.
  15. Well, I haven't tried autorouting with a laptop and GPS but I do own a Garmin 60cs and it is amazing. We just got back from a vacation in WA and without my GPS, I would NEVER have found some of the stuff we went to see! I'm using the 60cs and City Select 6 and it is awesome.
  16. I don't mind a challenge but sometimes a quick, easy cache is nice (like right now, my toe is broken and I can't hike long distances). The quick easy ones are also appreciated by some disabled cachers or some cachers with small kids. What I really like is a location that is worthwhile. I love caches in areas with beautiful scenery, something interesting to see, etc. I have found a lot of caches that are hidden just because there's an open spot and there is NOTHING worthwhile about the location. Although I will still look for the cache (I might as well since I drove to the spot), I really don't find them to be interesting.
  17. Anytime you post a log for a cache or a TB, there will be a checkbox and field to enter a waypoint. For a bug, you leave the field blank. For a cache, you normally leave the field blank unless it is a locationless (coords are required for those) or if you are posting different/better coords than the ones originally posted.
  18. Actually I don't mind if someone logs one of my bugs just because 'they saw it'. It let's me know the bug is still existing out 'in the wild' and is not gone forever.
  19. TCTH - This Cache Tasted Horrible I've never seen that in a log before. Maybe we'll find out the real meaning. I see TFTC everywhere (Thanks for the cache).
  20. I am currently using a Garmin 60CS which I got in April. I LOVE IT! Prior to that, I was using a Garmin Legend. Although I really enjoyed the Legend, the 60cs just blows it out of the water.
  21. Releasing a Tb into 'the wild' is always a risk. Some lead happy caching lives, others disappear off the face of the earth. Out of all the TB's I have out there, only one has disappeared. I never dreamed of asking the cacher that had it last to replace it. It's just a risk you take. Buy some more tb's and send them out or send out your copy tag as a replacement.
  22. We found a night only cache that gave us quite a jump. We picked up the ammo can and all of a sudden we hear, "HELLO! HELLO! PLEASE LET ME OUT!". We dropped the can and I screamed...my caching buddy jumped about 20 feet back and looked like she was going to run away! We finally opened the can and there was a motion activated box inside, screaming at us.
  23. EasyGPS 1.3.7 does support USB. I use it for my 60cs. The one on the gc.com site is OOOOOOLD. Try this version.
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