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  1. Thanks for that. I talked with one of the officers this evening at an event and he said he had been able to view the 3 waymarks when they were first submitted in the last two days before I saw them. I asked him to try and review them when he got home this evening. I bet he won't see them anymore.
  2. Maybe you could PM them and explain? There's no member information about the submitter on the email from Groundspeak/Waymarking, just a link to the waymark which I can't view, so I don't know who it is and can't PM them.
  3. Yes, they can. I'll be seeing them at an event tonight so I'll ask them to try.
  4. I'm the leader of the Indiana Historical Markers Group and have been approving the waymark submissions for at least 10 years, over 300 waymarks. Today, when I go in to review 3 new ones, I get the message "You do not have the authority to view this page (submission page)" I'm signed in properly. Is there something I should know? These 3 submissions are the first submitted since June, 2015 so I haven't been on the site since then. Is there a new procedure to get to the review page? Three waymarks are waiting for approval and I can't do anything. This won't sit well with people submitting waymarks if they don't get a response. Thanks for helping clear this up.
  5. I was reviewing a newly submitted marker tonight. It had actually been submitted last week but I never got an email (I went back and checked.) I only noticed it when I got an email for another one and found it in my queue. Anyway, the "Nearby Markers" to check said "15 markers" but only showed 10 and only 1 page. There was no Page 2 listed for the next 5. I had to go to my already approved list and sort it alphabetically where I found that it HAD been approved in 2008. If I hadn't done that extra step I would have approved the marker a second time. So if the maximum number of nearby markers on the screen is 10, but there's really more, this would be a problem for both the submitter and the reviewer. Maybe someone could check this?
  6. 8/11: OK, I found the answer to my problem in the Wherigo hardware forum thread for HTC devices here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=205157 Seems to work so far.
  7. Also doesn't seem to work with the Verizon Imagio (WinPro 6.5 PocketPC) Starts fine, but then freezes when telling me to select a bluetooth serial port for GPS. Have to pull the battery to get out. Tried installing to both main memory and card with same results. Odd, since I have almost 10 other programs that use the GPS fine.
  8. Nothing here (on Comcast) for about 2 days. First time in over 3 years. Except an email from "the Groundspeak BOT" telling me my premium membership was expiring in a month (lol). Of course it didn't come from Geocaching.com
  9. Boy...I need to come to the forums more often.. Way to go! What was #1000?
  10. If you are walking around the IUPUI campus, I have a webcam cache there - although it's officially inactive - can be logged via a temporary webcam that is there. Read my log 1/5/2007 for information on logging it. Cache is GCNDER Call Me Sometime When You Have No Class.
  11. Thanks for the cache stat download. So on the Statcounter.com stuff, I can add a counter to any of my cache's and see how many people view my caches? Is it easy to do? (I have not had time to visit the website for the counter yet) Yes, you can add it to cache pages. It also will allow you to set either a visible or invisible counter. It is pretty easy. The site leads you through the process. At one point in the setup it asks if the webpage uses frames. Is the answer yes, or no?
  12. Bug?: When I click on visitor's member name hyperlinks on my waymark pages, they open my own profile. What's up?
  13. Muirwoody


    Hmph. Next time we look her posts will be from "Ringbone." (maybe not so many will understand that Torry) I was fortunate enough to be stationed in Hawaii for 3 years while I was in the USAF. You guys are in for a great time. Nice knowing you here and best of luck!!
  14. Congratulations!! And I don't think they got a computer until this year!! That had to raise the difficulty level. Good hiders too...I've found 26 of theirs, including some of my earliest finds. Best wishes!!
  15. A guy whoI work with and knows I geocache was using "Dogpile"" yesterday for a web search and mentioned to me about noon that the #1 search was "GPS hunt." I don't know if that could be related.
  16. I noticed that on the waymarks I owned. It happened when they released the "major" site upgrade earlier in the year. All of the waymarks seemed to be reset to "not visited" at that time.
  17. Had you saved without submitting before that fix was made? I believe I did when I first made the page, to upload some photos before I submitted. But I've gone back and re-submitted since the fix was made - twice, I think.
  18. They were supposed to be set to auto-approve but that switch wasn't flipped on the transfer. It's fixed now so go ahead and submit your waymark. Hmmmm. Thanks for trying, but after re-submittting it still shows "hasn't been approved yet" It must be something else.
  19. Grrr..... I guess I have to be mad at myself. I spent a couple of hours this morning going to a spot, recording a waymark, coming back home and writing up a page, finding an internet link for it and uploading all my gallery etc. I submitted the Waymark for approval. A couple of hours later I started thinking..Oh No!!..and I checked the list and it was an abandoned category (Living Statues) I hadn't thought about that earlier because there had been a waymark added in the last few weeks, so it didn't appear to be abandoned. Here's my question - while new waymarks aren't being approved in these categories now, maybe the category setting could be waymarks CANNOT be added. And maybe the option to record waymark on the page be "grayed out" so that you couldn't waste your time? I know the situation isn't much different than the original owner not reviewing the submitted waymarks, but this way the website could maybe put in the "time wasting" stopper.
  20. Hmmmm...The Blue Quasar brought up a good point. If groups aren't formed, what happens to the existing waymark listing? Does it go away, or will it remain a static listing of what was already in it? My earliest waymark was also in the Civil Rights Memorials category. It was WM70 -on 8/17/2005, so I think that's a very early one, maybe 70th? And people actually visit it!! I would hate for it to go away. But now I see there is already a group being formed for it, so maybe it's OK.
  21. Excuse me if this has come up before.. I've had a waymark pending in the Civil Rights Memorial category for a long time. What happens to it? Will I need to re-submit it to the new group? And if there is never a group?
  22. This may be a little OT, sorry... I've seen some references here and in other threads to "illegal" caches (or sometimes cache contents like candy, pocket knives etc.) I agree with the earlier poster who said "illegal" wasn't really a good word to use in many cases, when we really only mean it's a cache (or contents) that don't follow the website's guidelines. Maybe we should try to avoid using that "illegal" word. That's the kind of thing that could eventually be misquoted or used against the hobby by someone sometime - "They admit they place illegal caches!!". Maybe "nonconforming" would be another choice?
  23. And he doesn't even have a GPSr.....(true)
  24. Yes, welcome to Indianapolis. I've looked at the caches you've done here so far and you have only scratched the surface of the kind of caches that I suspect you like. Try a filter leaving out micros and anything less than a 2/2 and I bet you'll still have over 100 fine full-size caches with a nice walk within 15 miles of Broad Ripple. Of course within that area you are in an urban area, so the really long unbroken walks of miles may not be possible. Try doing all of the caches at FT. Ben State Park in one trip maybe. By the way, your log for my Bacon's Swamp was probably the best log anyone has posted for any of my caches. Muirwoody
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