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  1. Yes, what barefootjeff said. I have one that is a neat old VW bus abandoned in a wooded area. I was elated that no one else had put a cache there. The bus has character to it and is in an unexpected place. It hasn't been discovered too many times but I get a lot of favorite points. There is also a VW beetle abandoned in a greenspace that was made in to a virtual (so that tells you how old the placement is) that gets lots of favorite points.
  2. Containers that fit the environment and are hidden in plain sight. The most common of this form is something like a birdhouse that opens up. There is one that I saw that were a couple of shoes that were tied together and thrown over a branch. Wasn't too visible from the trail so wasn't too likely to be picked up by some well-meaning person to clean things up. Most would look at it and just be a little repelled and wouldn't touch them. But inside one of the shoes was the container.
  3. Figured that would be the reasoning. But some will lie about finding caches, I thought. But now that I think about it, I can see how it would be more damaging for people to place low-effort hides than for those to lie about making a find.
  4. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, so I wonder what the objection is. You can earn points for finding caches. Why not points for placing caches?
  5. Might inspire a daytrip of caching and other activities: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEaOIzCASJLcj3UDwGlt7nQ One of the videos featured a restaurant that I discovered through geocaching!
  6. I would think this goes without saying. But I offer one counter-example. There was a cache in a cemetery along a Texas road. Not a highway but also not one of those roads only used by folks living on it, either. The cemetery is set a few hundred feet from the road and mostly visible but some trees here and there. The parking is just a dirt area between the road and cemetery fence. I park and already see from my car about where the cache would be - through the gate, turn right, some clump of trees near the fence. I start to get out but then I realize I hadn't put on sunscreen, yet. Not that I'm concerned with this find but I had a day planned being on the trails and this was just a stop along the way. If figure I better do it now or I will forget. In the short time it takes to put some sunscreen on, a woman parks right next to me, gets out and goes in the cemetery and makes a bee-line to GZ while looking at her device. Transparently a geocacher. She had no idea I was one. She had Tennessee plates, to boot. She just carried on like she was unaware of anything else around her. If I saw someone parked at a site like this I wouldn't even stop.
  7. Kinda reminds me how people think the way to enjoy summer is to stand around a fire outside. Some company BBQ in a week. In August in Texas. I want a BBQ in the winter.
  8. The movie is free with ads for the time being. Just look at the color and clarity of that film.
  9. I thought there was a way to do that with a number for the attribute. That looks like it should work but when *I* hit that URL I only get the last remaining active one. The one listed above - Ice Age Vista.
  10. Maybe they can mix some more difficult ones in. Like with this theme, I really thought for a moment that the souvenirs would be earned by finding geocaches at these locations. Or, at the very least, those of high altitude. But I can already hear the complaints: People who can't or likely won't travel to these places. I already fit in that category, for the most part. I likely won't be making my way to Kilimanjaro or, if I did, it would be on an entirely different timeline without much regard to this reward. BUT, if there was one in my state it might just inspire me to give it a go. Obviously not an Everest type climb but I hear Kilimanjaro is not much more than a walking trail (with elevation, naturally.) Something like that. What about those who already logged the cache? What about liars/fakers? Always a problem. And on and on.... I can imagine their thinking, though. They are more interested in generating more interest and activity for many caches and cachers than having some hard-won awards for a small subset.
  11. I took a hiatus for about a decade. The irony is that it was triggered I moved from a smaller town to a larger one with lots of caches. A town that, before I moved, I would make daytrips *to* in order to find caches. Once I moved I was distracted with other things and in a little while it just didn't cross my mind. So glad that when it did, I had tons of caches to find. :-)
  12. The steady beat here and the introspective lyrics are probably why this one will pop in to my head.
  13. NPR = trash. Not even clicking.
  14. BTW, I thought there was a status page here but I must have the URL wrong: http://geocaching.com/status
  15. Not loading in the web page? It opened for me just now.
  16. I have never had the reaction. I am pretty careful. On a few occasions that I know I contacted it, I did wash as soon as possible and didn't get a reaction. So it is hard for me to say for sure.
  17. This has always worried me.
  18. Yes, my language is set to English in Settings. Don't know what this is under Placed Date.
  19. I am more of a box in the woods kind of cacher. I have some favorite parks that have a lot of caches in them. St. Edward's park has this and other caches: GC10C9P PRA7-2 (Traditional Cache) in Texas, United States created by Bentley121 (geocaching.com) Emma Long has this and other caches. GCJNAC Wanted: The Outlaw! in Emma Long Park (Traditional Cache) in Texas, United States created by Moosiegirl (geocaching.com) Looks like there are some recent DNFs on that but the view is a nice one. Emma Long is in town but it is a bit of a drive but it is still in town. If you click the "Find....all nearby caches" from those pages you can get an idea. I wouldn't advise going after these caches from now until at least September, though, unless you have a high tolerance for heat. Being in Louisiana, you might. I haven't actually done any "Geotours" so I can't speak to that.
  20. Seems like a neat idea! I don't know anything about Amtrak's service but I know Austin and it looks like it is on the map. TONS of geocaches there. If that is a possibility I can maybe offer some guidance.
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