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New mystery coin? The Geocaching Angel....


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While waiting in the food line at the Friday night meet & greet (GC1A9N0) in Roseville, California, I noticed a slightly hidden white envelope. I looked around but didn't notice anyone paying any attention to it.... So nosey me had to go and investigate. :rolleyes: SCORE! A Geocoin Angel coin! Super cool!!! Obrigado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I was so excited.... I showed everyone! Thanks so much Geocaching Angel! ~CCL

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WOW, that is a truly beautiful coin AND message!!


To bad I live so far away from all the fun events in the USA. We do have some nice events here also but maybe it is to far away from the Geocaching Angel?

I like events and mysterycoins and I do believe in magic so who knows, maybe it isn´t that far anyway.


Concrats to your find and may there be many more.


grodan Karin

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Congrats CCL.

I was at the Meet and Greet and thought there was a special feeling there. What a great event and lots of fun. So nice to put names and faces together.

Today's GW-VI was also awesome and I must say that it became much MORE awesome of a day when I realized that I had a plain white envelope in my hand. As I opened it, I realized that the Geocaching Angel had flown up to GW-VI from the Meet and Greet. I am now the proud holder of #171!!!! B)B):)

Thank you so much my little angel. I'm now off to the Geocoin Swap Meet and maybe I can try to spread a little joy here and there with my new ammonite coins. B)

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