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  1. The blueprint art was approved some time ago, along with color choices. Nothing else that I have heard form yet. As soon as I do I will post in here. It will be produced by Oakcoins same as the previous 2.
  2. 9-11 Apples (Geoswag Coin & Pin of the Month September) These come with a matching pin and an Oakbuck! $12.00 Red Rose (Translucent enamels on Nickel - Artist Edition only 20 made) $18.50 White Rose (Glow in the dark enamel on Nickel - Artist Edition only 20 made) $18.50 *These were produced by Coins and Pins who sold Orange and Yellow versions. The Red and White are ONLY available through me. Multi-Color Pinwheel (Fushia, Yellow, Green & Purple on Satin Nickel - Artist Edition only 28 made) $18.50 Patriotic Pinwheel (Glitter Blue enamel on Satin Nickel - Artist Edition only 28 made) $18.50 Beach Flip Flops (Brighter more vibrant colors on Shiny Nickel - Artist Edition only 30 made) $15.00 Hibiscus Flip Flops (Glow in the dark flowers on Shiny Nickel - Artist Edition only 28 made) $18.50 China Fan (Antique Copper - Artist Edition only 25 made) $15.00 Japan Fan (Shiny Copper - Artist Edition only 25 made) $18.50 Lizard, Lizard, Lizard (Lime, Yellow and HOT Pink - Artist ONLY colors only 15 sets made) $40.00 All these should be pictured throughout my blog, www.wicksworksdesigns.blogspot.com If you have any questions please send me an email at wicksworksdesign@gmail.com Shipping is currently FREE within the US!!!!!!!
  3. Mine are always different somehow, sometimes in metal type and others in enamels used. The coin is not complete yet so I wont know for certain until it is. Unfortunately I no longer actively collect coins, I occasionally pick one or two up for my daughter, but I will not be trading these. Will you be selling any for the March of Dimes fund raising? I would LOVE to be able to , but it will be up to the mint/vendor. Recently they have been very agreeable and allowed me to make 2 of a kind versions for me to sell for the March of Dimes. Basically it's the same coin but in special baby like colors, pastels mostly. So we'll see! If and when I get the March of Dimes versions I'll add them to this page of my site (it needs to be updated I have a couple new ones to add but that's the page!) http://www.wicksworksdesign.com/marchofdimes.html
  4. Mine are always different somehow, sometimes in metal type and others in enamels used. The coin is not complete yet so I wont know for certain until it is. Unfortunately I no longer actively collect coins, I occasionally pick one or two up for my daughter, but I will not be trading these.
  5. The coin is now FULL!! Thanks so much for your patience with me and your understanding. I'll be sending the art over to the mint ASAP. Please note that this is NOT my coin, merely my concept and work, it will be produced and sold by Geoswag. Once I have more information I will post it here. I will probably receive some special Artist Editions of this coin, if you would be interested in one please send me an email to WicksWorksDesign@gmail.com and I'll put you on the list.
  6. OK some creative re-arranging and I got them. Room for one more name about 6 letters in length
  7. Bajatym was already there, added KnC though!
  8. The design looks great and I definitely want to be able to buy some of these when they become available. Just curious, will "Trackable at Geocaching.com" and "Trckng#" be listed in the comic bubbles (if so, I'd recommend the tracking number in the bigger bubble, but I guess "Track @ geocaching.com" may not fit so easily in the smaller bubble?) or on one of the surrounding borders, or on the outer rim itself? Thanks for all of your hard work on this coin! _c3_ I've got this covered, but thanks for the input!
  9. I have room for 2 maybe 3 short names now, then it will be full. Has anyone else noticed any errors, misspellings, duplicate names?
  10. Look what finally came in the mail! Check out my blog for more info on them! www.wicksworksdesigns.blogspot.com
  11. I've added some more names. Thanks for pointing out my errors, please continue to do so! Please also note, this is not final, there may be some tweaking to make names fit better when all is said and done.
  12. I can only apologize profusely for what is a complete lack of professionalism on my part. I have had several personal things come up over the last few months but my main reason for not diving back into this is basically that it is such a hugely confusing task for me at times. I have a database full of the names and each time I dive in I print off a new one then go and highlight name as I add them, cross check and revise. I'm very sorry, I know this is the one coin that many people are interested in, mainly because it is a huge expense to have a coin made and this way you get onto one. With all that said, I hope you can forgive me. I have dug up what I think was my finalized front side, and a work in progress back side. As you will see there is still room. I did go back through the thread looking for any names that were asked for that were not on my lists and added a few, but there is still room. PLEASE check these over, if you see a mistake, ANY mistake let me know as I'm sure many of those listed do not check this thread often. I greatly appreciate your patience and again am very sorry. Jen
  13. Well a year and half after starting this venture I can finally stop and smell the roses!
  14. Friday I got a box of memories. Not really, but when I was a little girl I used to watch the Nickelodion Show "Pinwheel", every time I look at these coins the song from that show pops into my head and I'm stuck with it, it makes me smile! More information can be found on my blog. www.wicksworksdesigns.blogspot.com
  15. I've received some GREAT coins to use so far. I've added the pictures to my site but I do not have all their information yet. I'd still be so grateful for any other coins that get donated for this cause. If you are a designer who gets paid for your time and work with coins, please consider asking for a special coin of your design with baby colors to add to this group to be auctioned. If you'd like more information please email me at info@wicksworksdesign.com Here's the coins I have so far! They will NOT be auctioned until January 2009.
  16. I'm beyond excited..I received these in the mail today!!!
  17. I received this very nice coin yesterday. I'm so honored to have this in my collection I can't tell you. I'm glad that someone felt I deserved it, I'm awful with compliments, but I love helping when I can and will continue to do so whenever possible. Thank you Geocaching Angel for thinking of me!
  18. It's old(er) and I am biased but I still like ours best!
  19. After missing FedEx two days in a row, I finally received these samples! I have to say these have been a whirlwind for me, quite possibly the fastest project I've been in. Thanks Emma if your reading this! More info on these will be available on my site later tonight for those with questions.
  20. I'm glad you like them. I have 1 of each of the LE store versions, the Black Nickel Japanese Fan is my favorite!
  21. Any chance you'll be dropping some of these in caches where you live? I think I have a better chance at making a trip to see my mom (STL) then I do at logging in at the right time
  22. One of TSun's first cointests was to figure out how she got her caching name. She also makes beautiful clay signature items, I wish I could remember what they are called but my mid is mush right now.
  23. Ooh ooh I know her! SCYoli has a bit of an addiction to Geocoins (don't we all), she is married to SCBrian, and if I remember right they have 2 children. Geez I haven't seen her in awhile. and yes, she lives here in South Carolina like me but closer to the coast, lucky duck!
  24. I was contacted by the "Peace Dove" and told that I could share some pictures of the coins I received this weekend. If I remember correctly the black nickel is the version that most will receive, the others were samples. Enjoy the pictures! Also Peace Dove, if your reading this, thank you and I hope things are still ok where you are. Hugs!
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