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  1. We have been out of town without internet service, a fantastic trip to Isle Royale National Park! But, yes indeedy we had our coin waiting in the mailbox for us when we returned. Thanks much for the fun cointest!! As yoopers, living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who woulda ever thunk that a team from Florida would win the Stanley Cup?!!? Or, acutally, that we would have cheered them on???
  2. Tampa is still in??!!?...... Yahoo, hope for us!
  3. Our longest lived TB would be TB2BMEV. We released it in May '08, it has traveled 75,598 miles, the last log was 2-27-21 so it should get a few more miles on it. Our TB that has gone the farthest would be TB2QAF3. We released that one in 2009, it has traveled 81,948.5 miles. It however has been stalled in a cachers hands in Illinois since May 2020.... hopefully it will get back on the trail soon!
  4. There are quite a few on the North Country Trail in the Eastern Upper peninsula.
  5. Well that was as clear as mud! Looks like it could be a good idea but the learning curve seems to be to steep for me!
  6. I guess I really don't want to go out for a 4 mile walk for a cache find one day only to have another published on the same trail 2 days later and then maybe another 2 more days later. At least let me know how many are going to be placed, I'll wait until they are all out there to make the find. Does being FTF really matter?? If so, don't leave anything high value as a FTF prize, you are kinda creating your own problem if you do that, IMHO.
  7. We would be happy to place TB's for you. We are in Northern Michigan...... if you are looking to place them in different areas.
  8. Did a check of our travelers..... Most miles and still traveling is TB2QAF3. It was released 2/14/09, has logged 70,237.6 miles, it was last logged 7/31/19. Longest still traveling would be TBZ5KY. It was released in July 2006, its last log was on 7/13/19. However, most of our travelers are long gone......
  9. Another thought for caching in Michigan.... MiGO partnered up with the DNR to create the Michigan State Parks Centennial GeoTour (GT93). This GeoTour features 100 geocaches hidden in State Parks across the entire State of Michigan, there are rewards for finding a certain number of caches in each of the 4 regions.... check that out, we are having a really fun time visiting Parks we had never been to before! The GeoTour will be active for 3 years, it just started on Memorial weekend this year.
  10. In the Upper Peninsula you can hike the North Country Trail.... lots of caches available! You can start on the trail near US -2 and hike all the way North to M-28..... GC7WH8N will get you started.
  11. Maybe they like the type of caches that you find and turn to you for good caches to go to.....
  12. Interesting topic! I spent some time this morning going through my inventory...... We have released 282 coins throughout the years. Way to many I (now) realize. Anyone in the forums from back in the "Todies Wild Ride" geocoin release days?? 150 of those coins were released then. At any rate of the 282 coins we have released....... 259 are missing, 23 are still traveling. Our coin with the most miles, that I can verify as still traveling was released in Feb. 2010 and has 57,453 miles on it! I used to email people that had a coin for a long period of time, it didn't really seem to help. I have added STOLEN to their name, doesn't seem to help.... We did recently have one recently resurface, seems it was one of many that had been turned over to Headquarters in Washington from a hoarder. Never give up. While the majority of them are probably long gone you never know when one will pop back into the game. ....... I don't release them anymore
  13. I don't think this will really happen. Here in Michigan the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) has wanted to split from the Lower Peninsula for many, many years...... hasn't happened, probably never will. An interesting thought though..... how many states are there that would want to split if they started letting it happen??
  14. More than ok to toss the garbage, we do it all the time.
  15. I must say I like your ideas a lot more, sounds like lots more fun!! I'm afraid we won't be going out of our way for those souvenirs ....
  16. This is the approach we take, I didn't realize some expected us to try and learn another language on the fly.
  17. Personally, I would find it fascinating to know that someone hikes with their pet chinchilla!
  18. In the case of dnf's...... I like to find the cache that I'm hunting for as much as the next person but short of giving a hint that out right tells you exactly where to find it, presuming the last person put it back in the correct spot, there is no way you can insure they will find it. I, personally, don't want a hint that gives it all away, what is the purpose of my trying to find it that way?? We have many dnf's over the years, some we have gone back to over and over until we finally found it, others we move on. In the long run this is supposed to be a game we enjoy, right?!!?? Over regulate it and we are gonna have people move on.....
  19. hmmm, this does give a good reason to ponder the CHS. I'm not sure I care a whole lot about missing out on this opportunity to place a virtual cache but with the thought that we could miss out on other opportunities in the future does kind of concern me. We are not favorites of park and grabs, urban caches, light poll throw downs or any other hides that might be in line with those. We prefer to go after and there for hide hiking caches, wilderness caches, puzzle caches and the like. This means we have several/many caches that are not found very often. Some of our NCT caches (North Country Trail) that require hiking only have not been found for a year or more, the people that do go after them really enjoy them tho. We have a couple wilderness caches, Delirium (GC1ZMX0) that hasn't been found in 6 years, it has some fantastic logs! Another in that catagory is The Far Side (GC152PH) it hasn't been found in 5 years but also has some great logs! So for having (in our opinion) caches that are a bit more fun, get you out in the wild but might not net you 65 smileys in a day, we might be penalized in the future?? We'll just stick with what we like I guess.................
  20. Gosh darn it, I'm afraid we might have created a power trail. Someone ponder this for awhile, do the math and get back to us.... did we create a monster??? We have a series of caches along the North Country Hiking Trail here in Northern Michigan. Caches were originally put out by another cacher and we continued down the trail in the same manner, placing caches about .5 tenths of a mile apart on the trail. This is a hiking trail, no bikes, horses, cars, trucks, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, atv's or utv's allowed. While you may be able to rack up quite a few smileys doing it, it's gonna take you awhile and get you a bit of exercise! While the North Country Trail might get a fair amount of foot traffic in some areas unfortunately it doesn't get a lot in our area, our intent with the placement of these caches was to get people out of the house and into the woods for a good walk. While placing the caches we would do a 5-6 mile section at a time, parking a vehicle at each end of the section. There is rarely another place to join up with the trail so that 5-6 miles is pretty much the norm unless you are only going to grab a few and turn around to go back out. If anyone is familier with Northern Michigan the series/power trail stretches from M-28 to US 2, not all of those are ours, some belong to another cacher. If I knew how to do a screen shot I would give you one but I'm not that technically advanced.... the caches all begin with NCT-
  21. I'm sorry but I don't have time to play detective to try and find all of our own missing TB's let alone someone else's, I won't be participating in that.
  22. We have released 25 geocoins, "Taking Flight in.... (add name of State or Country)" they had the goal of staying in that State/Country. Out of those 25 geocoins 22 of them are missing, of the 3 that are still moving only 1 is in the correct State. The State that is doing the best is..... Missouri! Since 2010 it has traveled 18,989.3 miles, while it has left the state of Missouri a few times it has always found its way back! It has been a long time since we have put anymore geocoins in the wild, they don't seem to have a very good survival rate.
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