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  1. Any mystery coin if those are still being done.
  2. I will be in the Fort Carson area on the first weekend of May. I am coming to do a Spartan OC race on Saturday and Sunday but will have some time after the races to do some caching. I am looking for some interesting ones to do since I will be in a beautiful area and would be a shame to spend the time on p&gs. I plan on doing the oldest one in Colorado if I have time to get there but what others are there to do. List me the GC numbers to check out so that I can make a list. Hopefully there might be a event that same weekend that I can try and make it to. Thanks for all the help to make this trip a fun one. I also will try and hide a couple caches in the area if any local cacher might be interested of watching over it for me and replacing logbooks if needed.
  3. I sure if Cavscout was still caching he would have well over 500 earthcaches by now. He really loved exploring the world looking for interesting ec locations.
  4. I would like to say thanks to everyone who helped me with the donations to my Halloween event. The event is tonight and with your kind help, it will be the best one so far. Thanks again.
  5. Got your coin in the mail. Thanks for donating to my halloween event. I just sent you a coin in the mail lastnight. Thanks again.
  6. Got your package of coins in the mail today. Thanks so much for helping out with the raffles at my event. It really means alot.
  7. Thank you so much. I got the coin in the mail today. This should make someone happy. Thanks again.
  8. That was nice of them to send you the kit.
  9. Thank you Jon Paul. I got the keyrings in the mail today. They are great and will be great for the raffle drawing. Thanks for taking time out to make them for my event.
  10. After a email I was able to figure out one of the packages that I got in the mail. Thanks for the geocoins that you sent for my event. That was very kind of you.
  11. I also got a package from Debra Meister from NC with geocoins for the raffle for the event. Thank you so much. Sorry I can't put the real name with the caching name but it means alot that you have donated.
  12. Got a package from Barstow CA. I am thinking this may be you but it only has a last name on it. If this is yours, thanks so much for the coins that you sent me for my Halloween event. This is really making for a great raffle. Thanks again.
  13. Got your package lastnight. Thanks for sending the coins for my Halloween Event. You are going to make some cachers happy that night.
  14. I sure would like to help.
  15. Thank you Claire. I got your package in the mail today. Thanks for the personal geocoin for my Halloween Event. It mean alot to me that you helped out.
  16. I have seen a proxy travel bug tag. The tb number was placed on a piece of metal instead of a tag.
  17. The support so far have been over the top. 19 geocoins sent from seven wonderful geocachers. I always say that karma is a wonderful thing. I have donated to several events in the past and it has came around full circle to me. Thanks again everyone.
  18. John, thanks for sending the geocoins for my Halloween Event. I got the package in the mail. This helps out alot.
  19. I got your geocoins for my Halloween Event in the mail today. Thank you so much for the coins for the raffle at my event.
  20. Shipped today. Sent an email with the tracking number. Thanks Joan. Your package came in the mail and your thoughtfulness on the six coins that you sent for my Halloween Event is wonderful. I know how people like to win stuff and you will help make the evening for several cachers.
  21. Got your package in the mail. Thank you for sending your personal coin plus to others for my event. That was very thoughtful of you. This will help out my event big time.
  22. Unless they wanted to steal the coin and add it to their own collection, why would they care whether it was a real coin or a proxy? I realize the people most likely to know the answer are the least likely to give it here, so I guess I'm really just asking for speculation. I move trackables the same whether they are real coins or proxies, whether they have the original TB tag, or the "official" copy, or a homemade one. True, when I see a beautiful real coin, I do admire and enjoy it more, but it doesn't really matter to me. When I see proxies, it mostly just makes me sad that we can't send out something nice without having some jerk stealing it. Amen to that.
  23. Got your package in the mail today Beverly. Thank you for the two coins that you sent for my event. It helps out in a big way. Joarnda
  24. I got the two mystery coins today. Thanks so much for helping my event out. A little goes a long way.
  25. Oh, I will plus I will post it on the event page so they know what will be waiting for them at the event.
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