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    Coin Sale

    Getting rid of the remainder of my unactivated collection List Includes 4 Compass Rose Coins https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153345207423 Happy to combine postage. Still to be listed on ebay Jangor Kittie Black Geocaching Sisters Poker Chip Liverpool '08 Quilt Trail Bailey Farm Quilt Trail Crumley Farm Oceanside Kitties 1 Silver 1 Gold
  2. So it has been a tough year and the community has support me by taking a fair few geocoins off my hands. Most were the ones that were just hanging around in the box and I still have my prized ones in their folder. However on reflection and need I think it might be time to let them go too. Listed below are all of the coins I still have including those from the folder, some are activated and some come in different finishes. If they are activated I will clear the history prior to sending the adoption link to the buyer. Please feel free to make an offer for any one or group. Postage will be based on packaged price but is usually around £1.50 to the uk, £2 to Europe and £3 to £3.50 to the US and rest of world (based on one coin), I will accurately calculate postage prior to sending the invoices for any coin or coins. Geoswag Coin and pin club (with pin unless indicated) All unactivated August 08 Geocachers blending in March 09 Get your Green on September 09 Americas Workforce April 10 Celtic Flower June 10 Cool Caching (no pin) August 10 Recycle November 10 Caching the slopes April 11 Crop Circles August 11 Checkmate September 11 Migration October 11 Trade Fairly Pirate Map November 11 Cache to the moon January 12 Winter Escapes Feb 12 Leap in to Caching Also Castle Coins Cacher micro coin (with hole so it can be attached to...) Mardi Gras Glitz edition Black widow edition Ernies Edelweiss regular edition Ernies edelweiss red with glowing flower (2 Available) Green Geocoin Nerd Steinwalzer (untrackable) Sisters Geocoin Geocaching Dragon 2009 personal coin Irish flag micro Oceanside Kitties Geocoin 1 silver And 1 gold edition Inept Geocoin Liverpool City of Culture Geocoin Moun10girl personal Geocoin Geoscooter Hot pink (ljay personal ones) 2 available Flutershy Geoscooter Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout (Copper, silver & antique gold) Cache of the day rainbow trout (gold version is activated) Mother Nature is watching us CITO Coin ACTIVE HOBO Event Geocoin ACTIVE Over the Edge Personal Coin ACTIVE UsYoopers Poker Chip Compass Rose 2007 Compass Rose 2008 Compass Rose 2009 5th Aniversary Coin Compass Rose Egg Rainforest Jewel Geocoin ACTIVE Gold Lilypad Cache Coin Quilt Trail Crumley Farm Quilt Trail Bailey Farm Geocaching Germany 2007 ACTIVE Viking Heritage: Helmet, sword, axe and shield All trackable and unactive Highland Geofairy I have 2 available LE Black and Gold ACTIVE Purple trackable unactivated e-mail offers to laurafalconer@gmail.com
  3. Hi, I am selling off the vast majority of my collection and have the following which may be of interest as gifts for valentines day. Feb 09 Geocaching Coin and Pin Club I love Caching With Matching Pin Valentines Compass Rose Coin (2 Available) Valentines Rose Heart Pendant (2 Available) For the Cat lovers OceanSide Kitties Geocoin (1 Silver and 1 Gold) A 2008 Earth Turtle Mediterranean edition Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Mediterranean Edition Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Chrystal Edition I'll be listing them on ebay over the weekend but i am open to offers from the forum. Will post worldwide. Laura
  4. Giving another bump! Open to offers for all of the above!
  5. UPDATE ON CLUB COINS Link to eplace is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150940089373?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Updated due to sales Many Thanks
  6. Giving a Bump and adding a list! No Prices listed - Send me an Offer. Postage costs listed above! most of them apply to one coin but will be discounted for mulitiple coins. Dark Seashell (Black Nickel) White Seashell (Satin Silver) Aged Seashell (Antique Copper) Liverpool 2008 Coin Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout Copper Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout Silver Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout Antique Gold Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout Gold ACTIVE Hawian Lei Geolicious Strawberry Swag Geolicious Sour DNF Geolicious Logginberry Gold Lilly Pad Cache Coin Viking Ruinstone Antique copper Black Widow Cacher Coin Fluttershy Geoscooter Thor’s Hammer Black/Gold Version Backwoods Bear Trap Copper Backwoods Bear Trap Black Nickel Back Woods Bear Trap Antique Silver Bailey Farm Quilt Geocoin Antique copper Crumley Farm Quilt Geocoin Tatanka Pejula Compass Rose 2007 Compass Rose 2008 USYoopers Poker Chip Cachedragons Personal Edelweiss Black Edelweiss Red Fighting CF Breath of life coin Valentines Compass Rose x 2 Valentines Rose Heart x 2 Gold Fire Salamander Compass Rose Egg Easter Egg 2008 Night Hunter Personal 2008 Glitter Edition Night Hunter Personal 2008 Regular Edition Night Hunter Personal 2008 Glow in Dark Edition Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Coin Mediterranean x 2 Compass Rose Crystal Edition Geocaching Dragon 2009 Updated with sales
  7. I have some compass rose coins to sell if anyone has them on their lists 5th Anniversary Crystal Glacier Ice edition 5th Anniversary Mediterranean edition YemonYime Alien Compass Rose (a Gold and Nickle Version) 2008 Antique Silver Edition 2007 Satin Gold Edition and a Compass Rose Egg Email me with offers if you are interested. Thanks Laura
  8. I have a Polished Gold and Polished Nickle version of each of these for sale if anyone is interested before i put them on the eplace. Laura
  9. Anyone who made a purchase earlier in the week it was posted this morning Thanks Laura
  10. Month/Year Coin Name Feb-08 For the Love of Geocaching pin missing Active Mar-08 March Madness Mar 08 Coin Club pin missing Active Apr-08 Pickle April 08 Club Coin pin missing Active May-08 G Buterfly Coin pin missing Active Jun-08 Paper Geocoin - June 2008 Coin Club With Pin Active Jul-08 Dog Days of Summer With Pin Active Aug-08 Geocachers Blending In Aug-08 Geocachers Blending In Sep-08 NY Apple Coin Oct-08 Beware of the Night Cache Muggler Nov-08 Caching Through the Snow Dec-08 Fr Christmas Coin Jan-09 What will you find Feb-09 I Love Caching Heart Mar-09 Get your Green On Apr-09 Easter Suncacher May-09 Geocaching Graduate Jun-09 Geo Rodeao Sheriff Jul-09 Caching on the Beach Sep-09 Americas Workforce Oct-09 Pumpkin Coin Nov-09 Caching Around the Globe Dec-09 Micro Snowmen Jan-10 Snow Man Coin Feb-10 Heart Key Geocoin Mar-10 Shamrock Geocoin Apr-10 Celtic Flower Geocoin May-10 Cache De Mayo Jun-10 Cool Caching (pin Missing at moment) Jul-10 Take a Bite out of caching Aug-10 Recycle Geocoin Sep-10 Geocacher School Oct-10 RIP Black Widow Nov-10 Caching the Slopes Dec-10 Angel Geocoin Jan-11 Rise of the First Civilizations Mar-11 Celtic Charms Apr-11 Crop Circles May-11 Egyptian Ankh Coin Jul-11 Tiki Time Aug-11 Checkmate Geocoin All of the above are for sale If it is scored through it is listed on the Eplace Asked £10 each earlier but all offers will be considered
  11. Selling my collection! Have just found a 2008 Earth Turtle If anyone is interested please email me your offer Laura
  12. Sorry, no smurfs. I didn't get in on that game. Team pixos, I can't post pics here at the moment but if you mail me I will send them back to you. This week has gone a bit nuts and I am now having to work my day off. Anything paid for will now be posted Saturday morning.
  13. Won't let me edit old posts. Sold Cat's got your cache Venetian Mask coin and pin Thanks Guys
  14. £10 for the set, the coin is gold with the blue and yellow enamel and the pin is silver.
  15. Yes, I have the coin and pin for the mask set.
  16. £8 Black Widow Cacher Coin £15.00 Robert Burns Silver Edition Robert Burns Gold Edition Flower of Scotland Suncatcher Antique Gold Version Flower of Scotland Suncatcher Silver Version (3 available) Backwoods Bear Trap - Antique Silver, Black Nickle and Copper versions £15 each or £40 for the set No Snow and Shadows Friend Coin No Snow and Shadows Friend Eagle
  17. Postage Costs Based on 1 Coin weighing 70 grams packaged USA - £2.90 UK - £1.00 Europe - £2.70 Australia - £3.50 If you are buying more than one coin postage will be based on weight of full package.
  18. £25 each Crystal Compass Rose Coins in original Packaging (2 Available) £20 Each Compass Rose 5th Anniversary Coin Mediterranean colours £40 for Set of 5 or £10 each 4 Spirit Pottery Geocoins - Yellow Qulin, Red Phoenix, Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon and White Tiger Seashell 3 Coin Set Black Nickle, Satin Silver and Antique Copper £25 Gone Fishing - Cache of the Day Rainbow Trout set - Copper, Silver and Antique Gold - All Unactivated £15 each Gold Version Activated £10 Please bare With me i am emptying the boxes and listing as i go.
  19. Geocoin Club Coins with Pin in original Coin Flaps £10.00 for each coin and pin set Blending in to our surroundings - August 2008 (2 Available) Big Apple Skyscape - September 2008 Beware of the night cache mugger - Glow in the Dark October 2008 Caching through the Snow - November 2008 Merry Christmas 2008 - (Currently on e-place at £18) What will you find in 2009 - Jan 2009 I love Caching Heart - Feb 2009 Get your Green On - March 2009 Suncatcher Easter Egg - April 2009 Geograduate Owl – May 2009 Geo Rodeo Sheriff – June 2009 Cache Beach – July 2009 Geocacher Labor Day - September 2009 Halloween 2009 - October 2009 Geocaching Around the World - November 2009 Key to my Heart – Feb 2010 Carry me for Good Luck Celtic Shamrock - March 2010 Celtic Spring Flower - April 2010 Cache DeMayo – May 2010 Not sure what months Gold Venetian Masquerade Blue and Yellow Version with Pin We are not Alone - with pin Egyptian Ankh with Pin Rainbow Geocoins (1 Gold & 1 Nickle) Edelweiss RE Geocoins (2 Red & 2 Black) Tatanka Pejula Coin £12.00 Each Viking Heritage Helmet Nickle version (i think) Viking Heritage Sword Silver & Copper (I think) Geocaching Dragon 2009 Valentines Compass Rose Coin Cat got your cache - 1 Black and Ginger 1 Black and White Hawian Lei Liverpool 08 European city of culture coin £8 Each Ljay Geoscooters - Pink and Purple personal colours (limited Edition only 25 Made) 8 Available Valentines Compass Rose Heart (Trackable to make necklace) Geocoin Nerds - Green Glitter Steinwaizer non trackable Geocoin Chicks of MWGB - Green Glitter GPX Navs Non Trackable Inept Geocoin Irish Flag Micro Coin More to follow Edited to add to list
  20. Hi Folks, So like others before me I have fallen on harder times and find myself with a vast collection of Geocoins. Most of them are from 2007 to 2010. I also have the Geocoin Club coins and pins through in to 2011. Most coins are in their original covers and are not activated unless stated. Most of my activated coins I will keep. I thought it would be better to offer them up here first prior to going to the e-place. Payment via paypal and postage will be based on weight so let me know which you want and i'll let you know exact cost per the Post Office. I've based prices on what i paid for them and what they seem to be going for on the e-place. If you feel i have over priced mail me an offer. Edited to add: I have some personal coins that i have been gifted, i will not be selling these but if i list anything in error and you would like it not to be sold please let me know. I am adding as i go through the box, please bare with me. Thanks Laura laurafalconer@gmail.com
  21. I do it Regulally. The caher who introduced me lives in SF we mail stuff regular so a couple of coins added to the package is nothing! As Eartha says best to let the owner know. the only problems we have ever encountered is them getting "lost" at the bottom of a cache kit and forgotten about (Usually me that is guilty of that) Another thing that i have done myself and for others is launch a coin from my home cache and then post it towards it goal. I have 2 in the US that i did that for and they are still nowhere near their goal but are much closer than the ones that are still bouncing around the UK never having managed to hop a plane!! lol Sometimes now i feel tho with the coins it is about the discovery and not the journey as they are becoming rare in Scottish Caches. Have Fun, Ljay
  22. Oh, i love the pretty new back to this coin. Congrats on the lovely new mystery coin, i was admiring my earlier version last night as i looked through my collection. Well done again to the highland Geofairy.
  23. Hi, One pick mark against my name Butterfly lady. Sharom 12 i am so glad that your package arrived, i was very tardy at sneding it out and was worried that it would not make it in time for Santa. I'm sorry to hear about your little accident but i am so glad that the Purple Heart is now in the hands of a deserving cache hero. A Package was sent to San Jose the same day so hopefully it will arrive in the next few days too. On another note i recieved a DHL package all the way from Germany yesterday. It contained Christmas Biscuits (the same ones that my best friends mum (she's german) makes every christmas) some baubles for the tree (we don't have one yet) a lovely wooden soldier that holds incense cones and looks like he is smoking, oh and a 2007 Germany Geocoin. Thanks a mil to my Secret Santa, Ljay xox
  24. 1. Participating: 6 October 2008 2. Received Name: 30 October 2008 3. Mission Complete: Eventually Today. 6th December 4. Package Received!: Yes Great new snowman mug and no snow and shaddows friend personal coins as well as some really nice tree decorations. Thanks a mill 1. Participating: 6 October 2008 2. Received Name: 30 October 2008 3. Mission Complete: 6th December 4. Package Received!: Oh Screem, things can't really get much more disorganised here. I had everything bought and sorted. I even managed to get it wrapped and everything and then the bookcase in the study collapsed. Thankfully the only casualty was the book case and the cat's nerves but in the clear up everything just got thrown in a box. So now that i have found everything again it is all enveloped up and the postage has been paid online and will be put in the post box on my way yo work tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, i hope they get there before christmas. Ljay
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