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  1. Just thought I would ask here if anyone knows who made this coin. I thought it was TXGA, but they didn't know anything about it. I appreciate any help in the right direction. Looking for this color.
  2. Just thought I would ask you if you know who made this coin. I thought it was TXGA, but they didn't know anything about it. I appreciate any help in the right direction.
  3. I purchased a TB decal for my car several years back. It was a butterfly, not the normal TB shape. I need to replace it, but I can't find a site that sells them now. HELP!!!
  4. Oh, how cool! I love this guy. I think we all have days we feel like this. Maybe (just maybe.........), one of these will find it's way to me for my birthday this month! LOL
  5. Very nice! And very informative. You can tell you've put a lot of thought and love into your website.
  6. HELP!! We just purchased a Magellan Meridian Color GPS from a cacher who no longer caches, and can't seem to figure out ANYTHING about it! We've always used a Garmin E-Trex. I don't know how to put coords in it, or read it, or anything. ANY help would be appreciated. I hope to use it at the Texas Challenge in March! Do I have to load something into it to use it, or what?
  7. If replacement packages have to be send I will be happy to send one of them. as will i Me too! Me Three! Want everyone to receive their goodies!
  8. The link doesn´t work at my pc... Any other chance to see the standings? I can't get it to work either. It doesn't show an actual link.
  9. Think my son-in-law would love this one!
  10. e-mail sent: Don't remember! name received: Sometime! card sent: A week and a half ago! card received: Oh yea!!! Thank you, LadyBee4T!!! Love the coins!!
  11. I do have a coin PROXY that I started out as a PROXY. On the coin page, and in the name of the coin, I put PROXY. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3325637# This PROXY is traveling with another coin, AND a TB, headed to Germany, on a MR. Gray mission. Hopefully, folks will help them along on their mission, even though one of the 3 IS a proxy. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2161536# http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=3604867#
  12. I have a couple of friends that are trying to complete the AlphaNumeric Challenge, but they can't find a cache placed by someone whose Geocaching name starts with a "0" (zero). They are located in Texas, but travel to Kansas often. Anybody know of any Geocachers that have placed caches in these areas, and their Geocaching name starts with a 0? Thanks!!
  13. The Amigos want to join the Happy Holidays Mission! Joined: November 12, 2011 Name received: Card sent: Card received:
  14. I own one of these, and let me tell you, it doesn't go a lot of places with me because it is SOOOOO heavy!
  15. OHHH, I am SOOOO sorry, Mr. Gray. I forgot to include the reference numbers. Here they are: Mr. Gray (the Alien Duck) - TB2RB1X Mr. Gray Geocoin (PROXY) - TB41DCH The Amigo's GC&P Club April 2011 - Crop Circles Geocoin - TB4ARYZ
  16. that is an awesome coin! I can see why folks would go to great lengths to grab it!
  17. Same for us! Have a pattern drawn out, just no funds to do it since hubby got laid off, and is now back in school.
  18. Message to Mr. Gray: Does this TB meet your approval? He will be traveling with a proxy of my Mr. Gray coin. They will be headed to Germany together!Traveling with these 2 TB's will be a coin, The Amigo's GC&P Club April 2011 - Crop Circles Geocoin. Together, they should have a great journey to Germany!
  19. Mr. Gray, is it too late to join this Mission? I have a Mr. Gary coin, but would love to send a coin on this Mission!!
  20. One looks like a chess board, and the other looks like crop circles. I want to make a ring of coins, that can be added to by other cachers, that the finder can discover all the coins when he/she finds the TB!
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