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  1. Take off, eh!! Nice coin.
  2. We are certainly hoping to be there this year. We took a drive from Vancouver to Oregon last week to visit the Original Stash (FINALLY!) and Cannon Beach (gorgeous place). We stopped by HQ on our return and had a great visit - they are always so friendly and helpful there. Hope to meet lots of cachers during this event - we haven't been to Block Party since the first one.
  3. Nine watchers and no bids yet. Is anyone looking for a trackable Nude Cacher in Copper? I'm in the very early stages of thinning my collection of hundreds of coins so add me to your favorite E-Bay seller list if you want to see what is being sold in the future. There's also a 2 for one deal for a Sweden Moose and a 2008 TSD in silver. Happy Caching. Nude Cacher Coin
  4. Awesome design Chris. Ordered the set and can't wait to hold them in my hands. Shipping was $23 to Canada with no pond to cross but they are too amazing not order.
  5. I'm going to cache only on the LOST # days with a dyslexic 42. My souvenir page will then have 4 8 15 16 23 24 This was my best way to still cache but not end up with a more than a doubling of my souvenir list in one month. I call it my 'LOST Streak'. Hurley would freak out - "Don't use the numbers man!!"
  6. Hi kini_ont, I'm sure a couple of trilobites can swim their way east for your event. Let me know where they should arrive. Cmdr Hadfield up in the International Space Station compared the Palm Island in Dubai to a "trilobite in the night!!!" Very cool. See link below. Trilobite in the Night.
  7. This is a gorgeous coin. Is anyone interested in trading for one of our ammonite or trilobite coins?
  8. I requested a coin over a month ago and nothing yet. I'm thinking that Canada is still too far away for them to send a coin. Any other Canucks have one arrive in their post box?
  9. Hi! I also love those carousel animals. I have been lucky to collect most of the horses, but I'm still missing two versions. I don't have any horses for trade, but let me know if you start looking for a carousel lion. Different horses show up on the eplace quite regularly, though. Unicorn coin: There are a few, perhaps you mean any of these? Colonel H. George Cachington Unicorn: http://geocointrader.net/edition/375/ Li'l Dreamer 2009 Geocoin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2849137 ... or this unicorn that I'm not sure of the name of: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Sparkling-Unicorn-Geocoin-Trackable-Geocaching-/280694425223 GeoJellies - would you be interested in a v4 ectoplasma version? The unicorn one is the 3rd one. it's so pretty Geojellies is a jellybean. I've seen it once before but I like it. I think in the what's turned up in the mail thread is where I've seen it. Edit to add: post no. #20904 I nearly got the carousel horse. It just went out of my reach on eBay. Like I said I think it'll have to wait until work is steady again. I don't know when that'll be, I hope it'll be soon. My in between job only really pays the bills Edit to add: the nerd one is a version of post #20889 of the mail thread. I also forgot about the cute tadpole one I love too lol dadgum these coins!!!! If you send me your address, I think one of those carousel horses could twirl its way across the pond to you. I was in the height of my "Geocoin Craze" when these came out and got several sets including one of the LE Satin Golds with the white glitter (only 30 made). I'm planning on keeping one or two but (thankfully?) my craze has lessened and I'm not adding many to my collection these days. Enjoy your geocoins and best of luck with your job search.
  10. I just looked through mine and didn't see any bogus logs. But I also didn't see a way of sorting by last log. How do you do that? Drop down 'Your Profile' Click - Trackables (Yours) Above your list of trackables is Sort by: [] Name [] Last Log [] Distance Hope you're free of bogus logs!!
  11. i(DON'T)think314 (does he like pie??) logged one of my Quigley Jones Tall ship coins that hasn't seen light of day for over 2 years. he wrote... "Discovered a cool trackable. Thank you for sharing." ....whatever floats your boat buddy. Looks like logs are getting deleted as fast as he can log them as his logged number is below 10,000 now. Now he has one less.
  12. VEGAS!!! I'm all in! We are looking forward to this one.
  13. Haven't bought many coins in the last year but love your designs and ready to purchase this one sight unseen. Can't wait!!
  14. Our thoughts and prayers go out for his family and friends. His hand made lead and copper coins are amongst my most favorite coins.
  15. Here is the direct link to the sale. Less than 2 days to go. Bid is currently at $30. 4 Copper Ammonites
  16. This Coin looks like a 'Year of the Tiger' Geocoin. Right you are. I've had a couple people let me know that I'm micxing my years up. It is the tiger I'm looking for not the dragon. I've also got a trade in progress so thanks all for your help. Happy caching.
  17. Thanks Snoogs!! Still love looking at that squashed coin with the star on it - way cool. The auction is live now so bid away.
  18. Our car was broken into and anything of value or sparkly was taken. This included a geocoin we recently picked up from a cache. It was a special coin for the owner with personal significance - in memory of a friend. It is a Year of the Dragon coin. The one that has Explore Pursue Discover on one side and a dragon in relief on the other. We would like to replace the coin for her. This is the coin - not picky on colour. If anyone has one available, we would be happy to trade for one of our personal ammonite or trilobite coins. Thanks very much and happy caching.
  19. The CNIB passionately provides community-based support, knowledge and a national voice to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in life. Here is your chance to acquire a complete set of ammonite geocoins and support a worthy cause. The 4 coin set depicts the breaking apart of Pangea with a corresponding age specific ammonite. This year (2012) a set of copper ammonites is up for bid. Only 50 sets were made. Here is a picture of the copper set taken by Crowesfeat30 - thanks for the use of the picture Sarah!! Bidding for the ammonite geocoins starts May 17 and goes to the 24th. You can find the ammonites at the bottom of the second column. Set of Copper Ammonites Click above to go to the auction site.
  20. Haven't been on forums for quite a while but saw this and would love to send a couple coins to your event. We are in the midst of a big move but I'm sure there are still a few coins not packed up yet.
  21. Arrived today - thanks a bunch. Cool looking coin. We will add your name to the donation posters. Happy caching. GG - thanks for the offer. See you up there!! drneal - thanks for the offer. Not likely to make it here in time. All the best.
  22. Hi Pete, Thought I sent something back from my iPhone right when I got your message. Can't seem to find it now but will send another one RFN. Thanks.
  23. The event is now live. Thanks to all that contacted us. It should be an amazing MEGA event and fun coin event at the end of the day. It's still not too late to make the trip to Alberta. Come on up for the MEGA Event July 16th and for the Calgary Stampede - July 8th - 17th.
  24. Hi P+K, Thanks for the offer. No real theme to the event although it is near one of the most amazing dinosaur exhitibts in the world. Royal Tyrrell Museum is worth a visit if you make a trip to Alberta. We hope there will be lots of cachers who are new to geocoins, so any "bright shiny thing" should be exciting for them. We plan on donating some ammonites and trilobites - perhaps I have a coin that you might want to donate via your 'math trade'. Thanks to everyone for checking out the event.
  25. None here. CF30 Just saw on their twitter feed that invoices should be going out this week.
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