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  1. Congrats to all those lucky enough to find this wonderful mystery coin ~CCL
  2. While waiting in the food line at the Friday night meet & greet (GC1A9N0) in Roseville, California, I noticed a slightly hidden white envelope. I looked around but didn't notice anyone paying any attention to it.... So nosey me had to go and investigate. SCORE! A Geocoin Angel coin! Super cool!!! Obrigado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited.... I showed everyone! Thanks so much Geocaching Angel! ~CCL
  3. Another really cool mystery coin! Congrats to all those who got one. ~CCL
  4. Congrats to the winning bidder of the Mickey Diver. Currently, I'm minoring in scientific SCUBA....... This is one coin I'd love to own. Bidding was out of my range. Again, congrats. ~CCL
  5. I know it is past the cut off date..... But, are there any sets left. I would love to get a set of these awesome coins. Thanks ~CCL Edit: Opps realized the sets are gone......
  6. I would love to help..... I remember when you sent me a coin from an event I tried to attend but had car trouble instead. I may just head up to this event. I have really been looking forward to meeting you. ~CCL
  7. Hey..... I got one of these coins some time ago. I dont remember when or how but I know I have one. Hmmmm.... I need to dig it out of my collection and see what number it is. Thank you for the very cool secret geocoin. ~CCL
  8. do you have any LEs left to trade? ~CCL
  9. I'd like to send out a belated thank you to those responsible for sending me one of these wonderful coins. It really brightened my holiday season. Sorry for the late post. I was a good girl..... I was a good girl!!! LOL!! Thanks so very much!! ~CCL
  10. I just wanted to post my official THANK YOU to CCC. The coin was a wonderful and unexpected surprise! I have been off the geocoin forum for a few months now and had no idea a mystery coin was heading my way. What a thrill!! I was so excited...... My husband thought I was going crazy when I did my little happy dance.....LOL! This coin was all I could talk about for days. ......Oh and my husband thanks you for that...ROFL! All the storys in the thread are awesome as usual. Congrats to all those lucky enough to get a coin. Oh and Derschlings..... Thank you for the kind email. I wish I could take credit for making your day brighter. I'm just glad the coin made its way to you at a time where you needed your spirits lifted. I'm honored to know my addy was on your envelope. CCC........ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Sorry for the delay in posting ~CCL
  11. Oh Bummer!! I just missed this...... Well, good to see everyone having fun. I haven't been in the forum for months. Glad to be back........ ~CCL
  12. I'd love to trade with you... Very nice coin art! can't wait to see the final results. ~CCL
  13. Here is my crazy story: June 12, 2006 by crazycavelover (123 found) Found it with out any real problems. The weather was starting to look bad about the time we found the final cache spot. We decided to press on for Benham view and try to finish the series. Just as we found the first spot, The weather got really bad. We could see it coming on us very quickly. First we seen a huge black cloud in the distance and it was full of lighting. Next, we heard the sound of thunder. The thunder never stopped. I have never experienced this before. It sounded like two jet planes right above our heads. Then, the wind came. Tree limbs were falling and there was debris everywhere!!! After the wind started, I noticed what appeared to be a small white egg fall from the sky above me. I thought it blew out of a nest near by. But that was not the case. It was a large piece of hail!!! Just about that time I yell to my daughter to go back to the car as fast as posible. (Thanks goodness we were riding mountain bikes instead of walking and we were wearing helmets that were great for protection from hail.) It was to late!!! we were riding about 5 to 7 miles per hour but I believe the storm was going twice that speed or better. Next thing I know we are being pelted by golf ball sized hail!! I was wearing only a tee shirt and jeans, and I have many brusies on my arms and legs from the hail. My daughter, however, had a sweatshirt on and was protected a little better. We hid under large trees just long enough to take a few pictures. Then we again bolted for the truck. When we got the the parking lot, we met up with others who were caught in the freak storm. we all exchanged stories about were we where and what we did. It appears that my daughter and I were the worst hit. furthermore, the parking area was litter with tree limbs and debris. My black truck was now camoflaged. What an exciting geocaching trip! I will be uploading pictures asap. TNLNSL. I posted pictures of the hail. they are in my gallery. I didnt take pictures of the bruises... I thought they were ugly, LOL. Here is the link.... Now I'm off to buy coins. I hope Its not too late for a gold. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= ~CCL
  14. Hey Dave! I saved you a set of mine... #007, #107, and #207... I have a few coins for you too. I need to drop them in the mail ASAP. Been a bit busy... I hope to see you soon. Definitely will see you in October for the event I'm planning, Right? ~CCL Edit: for bad spelling, LOL PS I think I seen an email about a project for the guys.... If I can find the email, I will forward it to you
  15. Awesome coin! I'd love a set. I'd buy or trade for them. I'm from Merrill, Wisconsin. ~CCL
  16. So far I am staying on the Floor in PoSAM's room But looking for anyone needing a roomy! I generally stay up late and get up early so you'll barely see me. Jen ~ I reserved a room. Karma can't make it ( looks like I may be driving out there by myself), So I have an extra bed. Email me if you'd like to room with me. ~CCL
  17. I'd love to trade for one. Very nice coin! Edit: I'd purchase one too. ~CCL
  18. Could you send me a list of those you emailed. I'd appreciate it. ~CCL
  19. Absolutely awesome coins! I had to get 3 schools! Great job Karma. Wonderful artwork Paula. And, you can't go wrong having Jim mint them. ~CCL
  20. I plan to attend the one in Northern California. Marky, Let me know if I can help in any way.... ~CCL
  21. I'd buy one.....No, two....No, No three!! No, wait! I want an XLE! Love it! Thanks for the info on FSM... I had no idea.. ~CCL
  22. Really nice coin. A must have for my list, LOL. ~CCL
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