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  1. I am looking for a Geopelli Geocoin. Does anyone have one for me? My gratitude would be limitless even though budgte is
  2. Congratulations to all the receivers. Cool themed mysterycoin. Love it Now you all should fight against cointhiefes!
  3. MAybe it´s because you only ship to Canada, US and UK... Maybe ebay prevents anybody else to see it... But that´s just a guess...
  4. It´s not working... Even worse... I can find you and even see some auctions in the preview, but when I want to see them all they show nothing...
  5. Sounds like a really intersting story Thy for telling so far. I am really curious what you come up with when you come across the notes. It´s probably gonna become even more interesting
  6. I just traded this coin... I really would like to know the story behind it too... did anybody find out?
  7. I would be interested in the trainset... unfortunately I can´t PM you as the site is blocked here :/
  8. My latest most wanted geocoins. If you might be able to help, please pm me with the price you are asking Generally I am neither able nor willing to pay fantasy prices
  9. I got mine too, it´s sitting on my shelf at home right now. Safe and Sound. Thx a lot
  10. In my opinion it´s more probable that they did not receive the Money they would have liked to get for it. It will be back online in a few weeks...
  11. I am sure you guys are all looking forward to gifting me something for christmas. So I made my wishlist that you can see, what I desire this year. Have not been too naughty
  12. Done. Thx for informing here about the raffle
  13. Yet again the never ending story. I am still hoping for the option to disable this type of log on my trackabls too. That type of log is just annoying and of no value to the owner of it's not a distance counter or sth that the owner carries with himself. Be prepared to receive a 150 Logs if they do a power trail one day.
  14. I am thankful for having been able to acquire a bunch of coins I had been looking for for a while.
  15. I am thankful, that my sister got a healthy child this year
  16. As far as I know they can be archived. I have applied for this on two coins as I am currently a victim of a bunch of virtual loggers that keep logging and logging and logging. Would be great if it were possible to deactivate or at least lock the a coins from logging.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for this fun contest. And I am thankful for having had the opportunity to live in Mexico this last year and to get to know so many wonderful people and places. Even though the reason I went there did not work out I learned a lot and do not want to miss this experience.
  18. Well, they just do not read instructions. The situation that you described happens every time when a cacher logs the retrieve correctly and goes back to logging all the caches he found afterwards. Usually they automatically dip all the TBs they have in every cache. It's more than annoying and I started deleting those spam logs. But one advice: delete them after the Tb has been picked up by the next cache. In one case one of the catchers went back and stole the Tb from the cache. I never heard of it again, I guess he got mad because they get an email for every log that you delete. In said case it had been like 50. I really hope GS implements the option to disable those types of logs in ones Tbs soon.
  19. I'm not sure what that would do since I want discover logs from people that have actually discovered my coin. I just want to block the ones from people that have never seen it. I'm hard pressed to come up with a way Groundspeak could help me distinguish the two. There is no way they can help to distinguish real from faked ones. But they can implement the option to allow or not allow a certain type of log. As well they could implement the option of massdeletion of faked logs. I just had someone log a coin about 200 times just because I deleted his fake log. Now I wrote GS to have them and his profile deleted as it´s just a sock-puppet. I would not have to involve them if I could prevent logs in the fist place or do a massdeletion in one click myself...
  20. Groundspeak will offer you to archive your geocoin. That way no log can be made. BUT you will never ever be able to unarchive it and use it again. It is a shame, that Groundspeak shows little interest in protecting their paying customers from virtual loggers or better said: cheaters. In my opinion as the owner of a trackable you should be able to block any type of logs on it as a whole or each one as necessary. I myself bought some active coins recently. What the seller kept from me was that she gave people the code when they solved a riddle first. None of these people ever saw the coins and keep repeatedly spamming the listing. I feel cheated on by the seller and am deleting this spam frequently. As well the famous "took-it-to"-log. Just as unnecessary as dust on the tv-set, BUT no option as owner to prevent people from logging this piece of unusefull information. Most people do not care if you wrote in the description that you do not want those logs.
  21. Maybe you should ask that cacher where that site is at exactly. You should pretend to show interest in discovering that many coins yourself. Then you can talk to the administrators of that site to remove your coin as it was put the illegally. Unfortunately it's become a trend to log coins that you never even saw. Just delete the discover logs afterwards.
  22. This would mean that deleting eligible logs (discoverd, retrieved, dropped or even notes) would not be right. Well the person from Groundspeak who made that statement was pretty foresighted, because he/she knew that deleting logs on a trackable would cause trouble. Just think of all the cachers out there that love getting all those nice icons. By deleting those logs you kind of steal them their rightfully collected icons. Dashing Surveyor 3.1. Trackable Etiquette Virtual trackables with virtual logs are not encouraged. It is up to the trackable owner to state if they allow this, and delete any bogus logs.
  23. These did not arrive in the mail, but I could get them at the geocoinfest in Ulm
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