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  1. It's beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS What a wonderful addition to your collection.
  2. We can chat via email, sure. I got a package in the mail yesterday. I suspect that there will be a few coins dropped this weekend.
  3. I will be glad to help you out again if you don't get enough responses but I did already receive 2 and have placed one of them today. THANK for sending those two.
  4. THANKS for posting the picture. I may try folding cranes with my daycare kids or at least the older ones. Younger ones can hang them.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS I would love to see a picture.
  6. Hoping forever but guessing second Cache.
  7. I have a Signal FTF coin that visits any cache that I'm FTF on. I keep a list of FTF by only having it visit those caches. Easier than going through a bunch of logs or trying to keep a list. I have a link to it on my profile page.
  8. I was so surprised and excited to see small white package in the mail. My kids could hardly wait for me to open it. With so much going on right now, it came as a reminder to enjoy the season. Thank you so much for including me. Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to each of you and especially to the generous mystery coiner!
  9. If you drop the actual coin in another cache and wait a few days before logging it, someone else may pick up the coin and grab it from you before you have a chance to log a drop into the cache where you left it. THEY SHOULD wait a few days or try contacting you before they grab it but some people are very inpatient.
  10. I'm also locked out of my account. can't even change password.
  11. I see you were able to correct it. What did you have to do?
  12. If you go to your coin or TB's page, on the right hand side yu can click on edit and correct the spelling.
  13. fortunately "J" was able to get these in the mail to you before it was completely to late for him and you. I hope the warding stone will help preserve your sanity and somehow the generosity of "J" will help restore his.
  14. STORIES??? These are all facts, I know because I read them on the internet. And they can't put anything on the internet if it isn't true. CONGRATULATIONS LionsLair are your find.
  15. Sorry you're having trouble. It's working fine for me. Windows XP and Firefox 14.0.1
  16. luckycharmer


    It sometimes does the same for me but I'm still on dial-up and it's when the page hasn't completely loaded.
  17. Yes. Same information but a new expiration date.
  18. I just did a 1 year renewal using credit card, Firefox and a dialup connection and it went right through. No problem for me.
  19. Since you are a newer cacher another options is to do what I did. I purchased a Signal FTF coin and it only visits caches that I can claim FTF. I then linked it to my profile page. Now I have a permanent record of all my FTFs. Whenever I dip it into a new cache, it's fun to go back and look at some of my other FTFs.
  20. First check if you're reading the number correctly. Easy to confuse o0 5S il D0 On some I have to use a magnifying glass to make sure the number is correct.
  21. Congratulations Dancing Duo! THANKS for the cointest.
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